*Spoilers* March 3rd 2013 ROH TV Tapings

– Before the tapings, Adam Cole, the Briscoes, Jay Lethal, and Bobby Cruise signed free autographs for everyone who attended.

– Estimated attendance: 350-400.

Episode 1 (March 16th 2013)

– Nigel McGuinness leads the entire ROH roster out to the ring. They stand on the apron, while he takes his place in the middle. He’s holding the ROH flag that SCUM vandalized at the 11th Anniversary. Nigel’s says  “S**t just got real.” He counters Steve Corino’s claim that there are no real contenders left for the ROH World title. He first points to Adam Cole and promises him a future World title shot. He also announces that the winner of next week’s match between Cole and Matt Hardy will get a World TV title shot at Supercard of Honor VII.

Then Nigel points to BJ Whitmer, who is promised a title shot. Then he mentions Jay Lethal and Michael Elgin, both of whom have come up short in their opportunities. He then announces Lethal vs. Elgin at Supercard of Honor and the winner will get a future World title shot as well.

Nigel then mentions the founding fathers of ROH, the Briscoes. Mark will get his shot on March 30 in Asheville, NC. Nigel says he was going to give Jay his chance, but due to Jay’s separated shoulder, he just can’t give it to him. Jay enters the ring and insists he wants his shot. Nigel gives in and makes the match for Supercard of Honor. It will be Kevin Steen vs. Jay Briscoe for the ROH world title. Then everyone begins entering the ring, standing behind Nigel. He concluded his remarks by saying “We are Ring of Honor. We will fight and honor will live.”

– The American Wolves def. ACH & Tadarius Thomas (8:20). The Wolves nail ACH with the powerbomb/double knee backbreaker combo for the pin in a very exciting opener.

– BJ Whitmer def. QT Marshall via Referee Stoppage (4:44). Whitmer picked up the victory by referee stoppage with repeated knee strikes to Marshall’s head, the same way he defeated Charlie Haas.

– Truth Martini hosts Hoopla Uncut with ROH TV Champ Matt Taven and some Hoopla Hotties. Martini asks Taven how it feels to be the most important champion in ROH since ROH is a TV product. Taven responds by saying actions speak louder than words and he is going to whip it out. He lets the TV title belt dangle from the front of his pants while the Hoopla Hotties begin dancing around him. Truth interrupts, realizes something  is missing, and orders the girls to take their pants off. They remove each other’s pants revealing short shorts. Music plays while they begin dancing with Taven before ROH officials rush out with towels and cover the girls up. Bobby Cruise apologizes saying ROH was not aware of what was going to happen while the crowd boos.

– Jay Lethal def. Roderick Strong (8:08). The end of the match saw Strong set Lethal up for the Gibson driver, but Lethal catches him in a huracanrana before nailing the Lethal injection for the victory.

Episode 2 (March 23rd 2013)

– Michael Elgin def. Silas Young (7:33). Jay Lethal was on commentary for this as he’ll be facing Elgin at SuperCard of Honor. Elgin hits Silas with two spinning backfists, followed by a buckle bomb, and then the spinning powerbomb to get the win. Before Elgin leaves, he looks down at Lethal and says “I want that belt Jay. You failed twice!”

– Charlie Haas comes to the ring to a chorus of boos and immediately starts running down Chicago sports teams. He proceds to rip into Shelton Benjamin, insisting he carried his ex-partner for ten years and he will never team with Shelton ever again. Also, he says there’s a rumor Nigel wanted to make a Haas vs. Benjamin match at Supercard of Honor, but it won’t happen because Shelton is gone. Haas then challenges Nigel and anyone in ROH or SCUM to fight him. The sound of a chainsaw fills the arena and Grizzly Redwood has answered the challenge.

– Charlie Haas def. Grizzly Redwood (1:27). Haas locks in the Haas of Pain and won’t let go. All of a sudden, out comes Mike Mondo for the save.

– Veda Scott interviewed Mondo. He’s happy to announce that what should have been a 12-month recovery, he did in only 4 months. He then declares he is officially back in Ring of Honor. Suddenly, SCUM hit the ring and beat down Mondo and Grizzly. They hold Veda as a hostage as they demand a SCUM show next week. Corino says it will feature matches between ROH and SCUM, and Nigel can make any matches he chooses. He accepts Corino’s offer and they all leave. It should be noted that Steen wasn’t part of this SCUM segment.

– Adam Cole def Matt Hardy via DQ (14:30).  This was for a shot at Matt Taven’s Title at Supercard of Honor VII. Outside the ring, Hardy goes for a twist of fate, but Cole counters it into a German suplex onto the floor. As the crowd erupts, Rhino sneaks in through the Crowd and wipes Cole out with a gore and the referee calls for the bell. The rest of SCUM comes in the ring before ROH Evens up the odds and ROH clears SCUM out of the ring as the episode comes to an end.

Episode 3 (March 30th 2013)

– Kevin Steen starts the show by coming out but before he can talk, Jay Briscoe comes out too. Jay explains to Steen that ROH has been his livelihood for 11 years and if SCUM wants to kill ROH, that means Steen is trying to kill his livelihood. He warns Steen that he will win his world title in New York. As Steen is about to respond, Steve Corino appears from the crowd again. He asks Jay who he think he is to challenge Steen, the greatest champion in ROH history. He insists Jay has always been a bridesmaid, that he will never be the man. Jay ignores him and asks Steen when he became Corino’s bitch? Steen answers he’s proud to be ROH World champion and he will be proud to defeat both Briscoes in singles matches, before leaving.

Corino gets in Jay’s face again, berating him, before finishing with “Isn’t that right Kevin?” He turns around, but Steen is gone. Corino whips back around and Jay has produces a railroad spike. SCUM enters the ring, but Jay waves the spike. Mark, Cedric Alexander, and Caprice Coleman enter the ring and we have our first match.

– Rhett Titus & Cliff Compton def. Caprice Coleman & Cedric Alexander (6:30). Alexander climbs to the top rope, but Jimmy Rave pushes him off to the floor. Jimmy Jacobs appears and hands powder to Compton, which he hurls in Coleman’s face. Titus delviers a dropkick on Coleman and SCUM has won the first battle.

– Jimmy Jacobs def. Mike Mondo (7:38). With SCUM still in the ring, Mondo charges the ring and Jacobs takes him on. Jacobs controls the early going, sending Mondo face-first intot he guardrail twice. In the end, Jacobs goes for the contra code, which Mondo counters into a roll up. Jacobs counters into his own roll up and grabs onto the rope to secure the pinfall.

– Rhino, Matt Hardy & Steve Corino def. Jay Lethal, Michael Elgin & BJ Whitmer after a Twist of Fate from Hardy on BJ (9:39). Steen has apparently been given the ‘night off’ by SCUM. All of SCUM came out to the ring, handcuffed Lethal & Elgin and attacked BJ. That leaves Corino, Hardy, and Rhino to triple team Whitmer. Hardy nails him with a Rude Awakening and SCUM gloats. BJ fights back, clearing Hardy out before getting Corino alone. Corino is caugh in a corner and begs for mercy. He gets outside the ring, Whitmer turns around, and is met with a nasty gore from Rhino. Hardy delivers the twist of fate and SCUM has completed the sweep.  They leave and Jay Briscoe re-enters the ring. He promises that at Supercard, ROH will kill SCUM. To Steen, he promises “This sling comes off of me and that belt  comes off of you.”

Episode 4 (April 6th 2013)

– Tadarius Thomas & ACH def. Mike Sydal & Adam Page (4:19). ACH picks up the win for his team as he delivers his Orange Crush to Sydal.

– Athena def. MsChif, Cherry Bomb & Scarlett Bordeaux after hitting the O Face on Cherry Bomb. Following the match, Veda gets in the ring and wants to ask MsChif just one question. Now that she’s had her first loss since returning to ROH, will she change her strategy? MsChif turns to leave, but Veda grabs her shoulder and the crowd is stunned. Veda has one more question. What happened? MsChif mists Veda and storms off.

– Roderick Strong def. Pepper Parks via submission (7:05). Strong hits a knee strike and gutbuster. He locks in the strong hold and Parks is forced to tap.

– ROH World Tag Team Title Match: reDRagon (Bobby Fish & Kyle O’Reilly) def. The Forever Hooligans (Rocky Romero & Alex Koslov) (15:00).  The American Wolves join Kevin Kelly for commentary. reDRagon retained their titles with the head kick/brainbuster combination on Rocky. The American Wolves entered the ring only to be insulted by Fish. Richards promptly challenged reDragon for the tag titles at Supercard of Honor, to which the champs walked off. Richards and Edwards then proceeded to thank Koslov and Romero for coming as the show came to a close.

Thanks to @wa2k1999 for the detailed results

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