11th Anniversary Results

Quick Results:

  1. ACH def. QT Marshall, Silas Young, Mike Sydal, Adam Page and Tadarius Thomas via cradle DDT on Young
  2. SCUM def. Coleman & Alexander via spiked piledriver
  3. BJ Whitmer def. Charlie Haas via ref stoppage
  4. American Wolves def. Forever Hooligans  via powerbomb/backstabber combination on Koslov
  5. 2 Out of 3 Falls: Michael Elgin def. Roderick Strong via Crossface in the third fall
  6. TV Title: Matt Taven def. Adam Cole via modified DDT to become NEW ROH World TV Champion
  7. Tag Titles: Fish & O’Reilly def. The Briscoes via Chasing the Dragon to become NEW ROH World Tag Team Champions
  8. World Title: Kevin Steen def. Jay Lethal via Brainbustaaaaah


Kevin Kelly and Caleb Seltzer welcome us to the show and it’s right to the first match of the show.

ACH def. QT Marshall, Silas Young, Mike Sydal, Adam Page and Tadarius Thomas

The match starts off fast with everyone getting some moves in. Sydal hits a shooting star press off the apron onto Marshall. ACH tries to get momentum for a dive but RD Evans grabs his foot and trips him. Thomas hits a handspring somersault onto everyone on the floor. Sydal goes up top and connects with a moonsault. ACH finally connects with Air Jordan. Evans goes to the top to get a better look at the action, and Young suplexes him from the top onto the crowd of wrestlers below. Sydal gets a two count with a standing moonsault, but Young breaks up the pin. Young goes for his finisher on Sydal, but ACH meets him with a cradle DDT to pick up the pinfall!

S.C.U.M. def. Cedric Alexander and Caprice Coleman

The brawl starts before the bell rings. Alexander flies over the top and hits a huge dive on S.C.U.M. Coleman and Alexander hit a nice series of suplexes and sentons on Corino. Jacobs eats a huge springboard elbow from Alexander. S.C.U.M. gets the advantage when Corino illegally blindsides Coleman. Coleman reverses a clothesline attempt from Corino into an ace crusher and tags in Alexader. Alexander connects with a hufe springboard clothesline and almost gets a pinfall on Jacobs. Coleman hits a series of Norther Lights suplexes on Corino, and Alexander joins him with one of Jacobs for the third one. Jacobs spears Coleman on the apron and Corino clotheslines Alexander in the ring. Corino hits the Texas Lariat, but Alexander kicks out. C&C go for OverTime on Jacobs, but Corino breaks it up. They hit a nasty spiked piledriver on Alexander to pick up the win.

BJ Whitmer def. Charlie Haas

Haas meets Whitmer at the top of the entrance and the brawl is on! Whitmer sends Haas into the barricades. Whitmer drills Haas with a trashcan before putting over his head and stomping on it. Whitmer slides a ladder into Haas’ crotch and the hits the end of the ladder with a chair. Whitmer sets up a table between the apron and the barricade. Haas backdrops Whitmer across the barricade to get control of the match. Haas rests a ladder on top the ringpost and turnbuckle and he whips Whitmer face first into it. Cheesburger grabs Haas’ foot and flips him off! Haas belly to belly suplexes Whitmer over the top rope and through the table! Haas lays a ladder across a prone Whitmer and hits it repeatedly with chair. It had to have been at least 15 times, but Whitmer kicks out! Haas lodges a chair into the corner and throws Whitmer head first into it. Haas pulls out another table and sets it up in the ring. Haas belly to belly suplexes Whitmer from the top through the table, but Whitmer kicked out again! Haas grabs some more chairs and bridges a ladder between them. Whitmer counters and hits an exploder suplex through the ladder bridge, but Haas kicks out! Whitmer hits some knees strikes and the referee stops it!

The American Wolves def. The Forever Hooligans

Koslov gets on the mic before the match and says hello to Chi-Town and asks the crowd to stand up out of respect for the Russian National Anthem. And he actually sings the entire thing. Romero and Richards start the match off. This should be good. Richards connects with a dropkick following a fast-paced exchange. Romero wants a handshake and Richards falls for it. Richards catches Romero’s kick, and he and Edwards trade chops on Romero. The Wolves send the Hooligans to the floor and connect with stereo suicide dives. A shining wizard gets two on Koslov for Edwards. Koslov drapes Edwards across his knees and Romero hits a springboard double stomp on him to give the Forever Hooligans control of the match. Romero hits a series of splashes in the corner, but Edwards ducks the last one and connects with a clothesline. Edwards powerbombs Romero across Koslov and tags in Richards. Richards and Koslov slug it out and Richards hits a handspring dropkick. Richards hits an awesome looking Northern Light Suplex and pinning combination on both of the Hooligans. Koslov avoids a double stomp attempt and answers back with an enziguri on Richards. Koslov ducks an enziguri by Edwards, but it connects on Romero. Richards holds Koslov in a Tombstone attempt and Edwards hits a superkick before Richards drops him. They hit the tandem double stomps but Romero breaks up the pin. Romero crotches Richards on the top rope and Koslov plants Edwards with a DDT. Romero hits a super hurricarana and Koslov follows it up with a frog splash, but Richards kicks out. The Wolves hit the alarm clock on Koslov and follow it up with a powerbomb/backstabber combination to get the win!

Michael Elgin def. Roderick Strong 2-1

Strong works over Elgin’s left arm to start things out, but Elgin shows great agility reversing out of it. Elgin destroys Strong with a backfist and connects with the Elgin Bomb to get the first fall.

Elgin 1-0

After brawling around ringside for a bit, Strong connects with a belly-to-back suplex from the apron to the floor. Strong gets a two count following a dropkick. Elgin catches Strong charging him in the corner and drives him into the mat. Elgin goes to the top but Strong cuts him off. Elgin fights him off and hits a diving shoulder block. Elgin gets a two count following a Black Hole Slam. Elgin continues to channel his inner Abyss with a Shock Treatment. Strong connects with a super kick but Elgin kicks out at two. Strong drops Elgin across the turnbuckle and follows it up with a suplex backbreaker to tie the match at one fall.

Match tied 1-1

Strong wastes no time and hits a gutbuster, but Elgin gets his shoulder up at two. Elgin fights back with a Death Valley driver into the corner. He goes up top and Strong cuts him off once again. Elgin fights him off and connects with the corkscrew senton for a near fall. Elgin shows off his strength with a pair of dead lift German Suplexes. Elgin goes for the deadlift superplex but Strong reverses it into a powerbomb for a two count. Elgin answers back with another Elgin Bomb and locks in the crossface and Strong taps!

Before the ROH World Television Title match, Matt Hardy comes to the ring and says he will be the next ROH TV Champion. He joins the commentary team for the match.

NEW ROH World TV Champion Matt Taven def. Adam Cole

They exchange holds before Taven recollects himself on the outside. Cole catches Taven with an inverted atomic drop and follows it up with a neckbreaker. Taven sends Cole to the floor, but gets caught with an enziguri when he tries a suicide dive. Cole goes for a springboard move, but Martini grabs his foot allowing Taven to clothesline him. Cole chases Martini around the ring and Taven catches him with a spinning kick. Taven is in full control and connects with a corkscrew lionsault-type move. Martini chokes Cole as Taven distracts the referee. Taven gets a two-count after connecting with an enziguri. Cole fights back with a clothesline and a backdrop. Cole connects with the fireman’s carry neckbreaker, but Taven gets his shoulder up at two. Cole dropkicks out of midair as Taven was coming off the top turnbuckle. Taven responds with a spinning neckbreaker for a near fall. Cole fights off a superplex attempt and drop Taven head-first with a sunset flip powerbomb. He follows it up with a shining wizard, but Taven kicks out. Taven hits a springboard enziguri for another near fall. Cole connects with a sick springboard DDT onto the ring frame! Cole locks in the Figure Four but Taven gets to the bottom rope to force the break. Martini cracks Cole across the back with the Book of Truth and Taven hits a modified DDT to pick up the pinfall to become the NEW ROH World TV Champion!

NEW ROH World Tag Team Champions Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly def. The Briscoes

Mark and O’Reilly start the match off for their respective teams. Mark lands a spinning heel kick and O’Reilly tags in Fish. Jay gets tagged in and unloads a series of jabs on Fish. Fish and O’Reilly hit a nice series of tag team moves on Mark to gain control of the match. Fish kicks Jay’s leg out from under him on the apron and begins working on the left knee in the ring. Fish connects with a huge headbutt behind the referee’s back. O’Reilly throws Jay to the outside. He tries the dropkick from the apron, but Jay cuts him off with a clothesline. Jay tags in Mark who displays some Redneck Kung Fu. Mark hits a dragon suplex but Fish kicks out. Jay hits a big frog splash but O’Reilly breaks up the pinfall.  Fish and O’Reilly connect with Total Elimination on Jay and Fish goes for the pin, but Jay kicks out. Mark pushes Fish off the top rope to the floor. The Briscoes hit the Doomsday Device to O’Reilly on the floor! Back in the ring, Mark hits the froggy ‘bow on Fish, but Fish kicks out! They go for the Doomsday Device, but O’Reilly pushes MArk off the top rope. Fish throws Mark over his head off the apron and onto the floor! Fish and O’Reilly hit the Doomsday Device on Jay, but he kicks out! They hit the Chasing the Dragon and Fish pins Jay and redDragon are the NEW ROH World Tag Team Champions!

ROH World Champion Kevin Steen def. Jay Lethal

Jay Lethal and Kevin Steen slug it out to start the match and the action immediately spills to the outside. Lethal connects with a dropkick from the floor to Steen. Lethal sends Steen to the apron an hits a springboard dropkick. He follows it up with a series of two suicide dives, but Steen cuts off a third attempt and powerbombs Lethal into the ring frame. Steen drives Lethal crotch-first into the ring post. Steen flattens Lethal with a back senton and gets a two count. Lethal momentarily fights back by biting Steen, but the champion quickly puts him back down. Steen goes for the senton bomb, but Lethal gets his knees up. Lethal hits a backstabber and gets a near fall. Steen hits a pumphandle suplex into a neckbreaker. Ouch! Steen goes for the cannonball but Lethal moves and hits a pop-up neckbreaker for a two count.

Steen picks Lethal up on his shoulders, but it knocks down Todd Sinclair. SCUM hit the ring and spike piledrives Lethal. Lethal is able to kick out! Jacobs hits an elbow drop on Sinclair and Corino tries to use a chair but Nigel McGuinness stops him and sends him to the back. Lethal hits a series of Dragon Suplexes, but Steen kicks out! Steen hits a pop-up powerbomb. Lethal connects with five devastating superkicks before hitting the Lethal Combination. He goes up top for Hail to the King and it connects. Steen kicks out! Lethal locks in the Koji Clutch, but Steen finds his way to the ropes.

Steen rolls to the apron and Lethal joins him. Steen hits the F Cinq through the ringside table! Lethal barely makes it back in the ring as Jacobs grabbed his legs. Package piledriver, but Lethal kicks out! Steen tells Jacobs to leave, and Lethal rolls him up for a two count. Superkick by Lethal, but Steen responds with a clothesline and both men are down. Lethal puts Steen back down and slowly makes his way to the top, but Steen cuts him off. Steen crotches him and hits a top-rope  brainbuster to retain the title.

Rhino and SCUM attack Lethal and the Briscoes try to make the save, but they both get quickly beat down. Coleman and Alexander try to fight SCUM off. Jimmy Rave returns and is a member of S.C.U.M. Rhett Titus and BJ Whitmer. Titus turns on Whitmer and joins SCUM! The fight continues, and here’s Cliff Compton to join SCUM! Adam Cole tries to help with the fight, but here’s Matt Hardy to fight him. Matt Hardy joins SCUM! Steve Corino says you are witnessing the evolution of SCUM and the destruction of Ring of Honor. Kevin Steen hasn’t taken part in any of this and looks displeased. Corino says tonight honor died and SCUM raise their hands in victory as the show goes off the air. Steen never joined SCUM in any of the post-match brawl and stood in the corner the entire time.

Jon Shumake

Jon has been with ROHWorld since March 2011. The American Bearded Nightmare is one half of ‘Team America’ on ROHCast, which is available every week on ROHWorld, iTunes and Stitcher.