It was the biggest event of the year for ROH, Final Battle, and The All Night Express were on top of the world.  With a string of impressive matches and a Proving Ground-earned title shot in their pockets, ANX looked poised to break out of the pack and establish themselves as the team to beat in ROH.  As in most cases, the fall from the top was sudden and without mercy as The Young Bucks took advantage of a Rhett Titus damaged knee, furthering the injury and putting Titus on the shelf for over two months.

Unfortunately for the rest of the teams in ROH, The Bucks didn’t finish the job.  Rhett Titus will make his return this Sunday in NYC, as ANX take on Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team in a Glory By Honor X rematch.  While WGTT won that particular battle, ANX defeated them in a Proving Ground match to earn a title shot, making the 10th Anniversary match a definitive rubber match.  Will The ANX be able to re-establish themselves as top contenders to the tag titles or will Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team prove that they are exactly what their name implies?  We’ll find out as ROH presents its 10th Anniversary!

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Landon Sands

Landon is the former news writer of ROHWorld.