From The Ashes Review

Ring of Honor presents ‘From The Ashes’ from Phoenix, AZ hence the name. This was part of their 2010 WrestleMania weekend shows with ‘Phoenix Rising’ coming the next day. We have a ROH World Tag Team title match as well as a two match gauntlet for ROH World Champ Tyler Black and plenty of other interesting matches so let’s take a closer look:

Shawn Daivari vs. Joey Ryan vs. Johnny Goodtime vs. Rasche Brown vs. Human Tornado vs. Colt Cabana

Six man mayhem action up first, Daivari & Ryan have Nana on the outside and will no doubt use their affiliation to good use. Two guys will start it out with the other four having to tag in to enter the ring. Tornado and Goodtime start it out and this leads to a nice comedy spot where Tornado and Cabana start dancing and then hit Goodtime with some kicks in the corner. Brown comes in and this leads to both members of The Embassy taking him out until Cabana interferes. The Embassy grab Brown and drag him to the outside where they send him into the steel barricades. Goodtime takes Daivari out with a bicycle kick but then Ryan hits a pumphandle overhead slam which sends him out of the ring. Ryan hits a suicide dive on Brown and then Nana smoothers him in the Ghana flag. With The Embassy and Brown down, Cabana hits a springboard moonsault and takes out all three guys. The four struggle to their feet but are hit by Goodtime and Tornado who both hit hilos for a nice outside spot. Back in the ring and Brown takes both Daivari and Ryan out, the latter with a massive spear. Tornado gets back in the ring and hits a backbreaker on Daivari but then is on the end of a superkick from Goodtime as all six men are on the floor. Just Brown left in the ring as the other five brawl on the outside, Brown takes the opportunity to fly and takes them all out. Cabana drags Goodtime back in the ring and locks in the Billy Goat’s Curse which gets him the victory. As six man matches go, this wasn’t bad at all. Some nice spots that warmed the crowd up, good opener.

★★ ½

Scott Lost & Scorpio Sky vs. The Kings of Wrestling

The Kings hit a double cheap shot as they shake hands and then hit a double team move on Lost. Claudio hits a nice fallaway slam and then slaps Sky but Lost & Sky get the upper hand as they send Hero out of the ring and concentrate on Claudio. Sky picks Claudio apart as he and Lost dominate proceedings for a good few minutes which includes a double dropkick to Claudio. Claudio manages to power out and tag in Hero, Claudio gets Sky and spins him around as Hero waits and then hits a dropkick. Standing senton by Hero as Claudio stalls a suplex for a good twenty seconds but then drops Sky down and hits an uppercut. Hero hits a couple of elbows but then receives a bicycle kick from Sky but Hero comes back with a big boot. The Kings keep delivering the pain to Sky with frequent tags but Sky eventually manages to tag out after a springboard head scissors. Lost kicks Hero off the apron and then sends Claudio out of the ring. Sky off the ropes and hits a big hilo to Claudio on the outside, back in the ring and he hits a tornado DDT for two. Sky walks into Claudio who lifts him up and hits a pop-up European and then tags Hero in. Sky manages to scramble over to Lost who superkicks Hero and then hits an elbow drop off the top rope for just a one count. Double team neckbreaker and Claudio has to save his partner, Claudio then manages to hold both men and hits the UFO as both Hero and Claudio drives Lost down with the KRS-1. Decent enough tag team bout, made The Kings look good going into their match with The Briscoes at The Big Bang but Lost & Sky still looked good in defeat. Another solid undercard match.

★★ ½

Rocky Romero vs. Alex Koslov

Koslov attacks Romero before the bell but gets hit with a head scissors off the top rope. Romero off the ropes but he hangs on and ducks when Koslov attempts a clothesline which sends him out of the ring. Romero follows up with a suicide dive, Koslov fights back and suplexes Romero into the front row. Koslov back in the ring and he climbs to the top and hits a crossbody to Romero who is still in the crowd. Koslov puts his Russian (Moldovan?) hat on and hits three kicks to Romero’s head, Romero comes back with an armbar until Koslov picks him up and throws him into the corner. Romero off the top rope and hits a nice DDT for a two count and then goes for a springboard move but is met with a superkick from Koslov for a two count of his own. Romero gets Koslov on the top rope and attempts the Diablo Armbar but Koslov manages to turn it into a rollup and gets the win. This should have been given more time, seven minutes of decent action but never really got going.

★★ ¼

Bison Smith vs. Necro Butcher

Prince Nana tells Necro that Bison is going to make him bleed but Butcher cuts him off and hits Bison with a chair. Necro gets sent into the crowd but comes back and sends Bison into the front row. The two start brawling in the crowd and Nana holds Necro down so Bison can hit him with a steel chair. They start fighting next to a balcony and Bison tries to throw Necro off but he fights back as he’s busted open. Necro fights back but Nana gets involved again, Bison gets back in the ring and Necro makes his way back and sends Bison into the steel guardrails. Necro gets the ringbell but Nana gets Bison and then Joey Ryan and Daivari come down to restrain him as he walks to the back. We’re notified that Necro has won the ‘match’. This wasn’t great, not one wrestling move was used, they brawled in the crowd for about five minutes then Bison just walked away.

Kevin Steen vs. Kenny Omega

Steen talks into the camera as he makes his way into the ring saying that these people have no right in touching him as he makes his entrance. Match starts and the crowd start chanting ‘Olé!’ and Steen says he’s going to leave but eventually gets back in the ring. Some nice mat wrestling to start with and Omega gets the advantage with a dropkick and then a baseball slide. Omega goes for a springboard move but Steen grabs his leg and Omega’s face meets the ring apron. Steen whips Omega into the steel barricades and then rolls him back into the ring. Omega goes for a move off the top rope but Steen grabs the arm and pulls it down on the top rope, Omega back in the ring but he gets dropped on the top rope by Steen. Steen follows up by throwing Omega into the steel ringpost and then the barricades as he continues to work the arm. Steen dominates the next couple of minutes but Omega comes back with an enziguri, Steen hits a backbreaker though to get back in control. Both guys start trading forearms but Omega gets the advantage with a jumping legdrop to the back of the had after a dropkick to the knee.

Hurricanrana followed by a urinagi gets Omega a near fall and then goes for a Dragon suplex which is blocked. Omega off the ropes but he walks straight into a powerbomb, he then gets hung on the second rope and Steen hits him with a DDT for two. Omega evades the cannon ball senton and hits a springboard dropkick followed by a reverse piledriver for a very near fall. Omega goes for the Croyt’s Wrath but walks into a superkick and Steen hits a pumphandle backbreaker for another two count. Steen goes for a senton off the top rope but Omega gets the knees up and then hits a reverse hurricanrana followed by two Dragon Suplexes, the second being a bridging one but Steen kicks out! Omega almost collides with the referee and Steen takes the opportunity to hit a low blow followed by the Package Piledriver but Omega kicks out! Steen locks in the crossface, Omega tries to get to the ropes but can’t and taps out. Great match between these two, started slowly but really gathered pace towards the end and was thoroughly enjoyable. Omega continues to impress in his return and really sold the shoulder/arm well. Steen was awesome as always and is one of the best heels in the business.

★★★ ¼

Steve Corino vs. El Generico

Corino cheap shots Generico by throwing his ring jacket into his face. Corino doesn’t have the advantage for long, Generico hits ten punches in the corner and sends Corino out of the ring. Generico gets onto the ring apron and hits a perfect springboard moonsault followed by a big crossbody back in the ring. Back outside and Generico whips Corino into the barricades twice and he brings Corino back in the ring again. Corino reverses an Irish whip into an STO as Corino this time sends Generico to the outside and throws him head first into he barricades. Corino beats down Generico for a good couple of minutes and “The Generic Luchadore” is taking a lot of damage. Corino locks in the abdominal stretch and then utilises the Thumb In The Bum. Generico eventually fights back with a springboard tornado DDT and a Michinoku driver for a near fall. Corino fights back with a Flatliner and hits a couple of lariats for a two count. Corino goes for a lariat but Generico hits a Yakuza Kick followed by a half nelson suplex for a two count. Generico gets Corino in the Tree of Woe and then he hits his patented front flip coast-to-coast dropkick. Pin by Generico but Kevin Steen pulls the ref out of the ring. Generico goes for a brainbuster but Corino rolls him up and has his feet on the ropes to steal a victory. This match was mainly for storyline purposes but was still a decent enough match. Corino dominated most of the match but Generico kept fighting back. Interference led to a sloppy ending but it served its purpose.

★★ ½

Tyler Black vs. Austin Aries

This is the first of two matches in the Tyler Black personal challenge gauntlet. Black sends Aries straight out of the ring with a kick and then hits a hilo to the outside. Black hits a forearm that sees Aries go into the crowd and then Black suplexes him back to the outside area. Black goes for an F-5 but Aries reverses it and then clotheslines Black out of the ring. Aries off the ropes and connects with the Heat Seeking Missile, back in the ring and Aries starts to pick the champion apart. Aries continues to dominate the match and hits a scoop slam, he goes to the top rope but is cut off and Black hits a Superplex followed by the F-5. Aries goes for a springboard elbow but Black catches him and drops him down with a belly-to-back suplex which he follows up with a standing Shooting Star Press. Aries hangs Black on the second rope and hits a neckbreaker followed by a missile dropkick off the top. Aries reverses a Buckle Bomb into a hurricanrana but Black gets up and hits a superkick for a near fall. Aries evades the Phoenix Splash and hits the IED, Black hits a pelé kick out of nowhere and then rolls Aries up for the three count. This was a nice ten minute match-up, obviously Tyler has another match next so they held a bit back but was still entertaining.


Tyler Black vs. Roderick Strong

Aries kicks Tyler’s arm into the ringpost and then Strong throws Aries out of the ring. Strong goes straight to work on the left arm of Black. Black fights back with a running kick and a springboard clothesline which allow him to hit The Paroxysm for a two count. Strong back into it with a backbreaker for a two count of his own followed by a snap powerslam. Strong kicks Tyler in the face on the apron and then lifts him up and drops him down on the ring apron. Strong locks in the Stronghold but Black reverses it into a rollup for a near fall. Strong goes for the Gibson Driver but Tyler reverses it and hits a reverse tombstone piledriver for two. Strong fights back with a forearm followed by a gutbuster but Black reverses the Gibson Driver into a Buckle Bomb followed by a superkick for a very near fall. Black argues with Todd Sinclair and Strong comes from nowhere and hits the sick kick followed by the Gibson Driver for the three count. Good showing by Strong and I like the way they slowly built him up to the title. Black fought valiantly considering he had two matches and if anything, gained credibility. Nice little 7-8 minute match here with plenty of big moves.

★★ ¾

Jerry Lynn vs. Kenny King

This is a No DQ match and Lynn comes to the ring with a steel chair, they fight on the outside to begin with as King gets whipped into the steel barricades. Lynn hits a plancha to King on the outside as King gets a ladder from under the ring. Lynn drives the ladder into King and then sets it up in the ring. King gets up on the apron and Lynn hip tosses him onto the ladder but misses a legdrop off the top rope. Lynn brings a chair into play but King kicks it back in his face, King rolls Lynn up but he hits him with the chair to break the pin. King sends Lynn into the corner where he connects with a steel chair that busts him open. King sends Lynn face first into a ladder and then sets up a table in the corner. King goes for a clothesline but Lynn ducks and bulldogs King onto the ladder. King reverses an attempted tornado DDT and suplexes Lynn into the ladder.

King puts the ladder over Lynn’s head and then rams it into the turnbuckle which leaves Lynn floored. King brings another table into the ring but Lynn knocks him out of the ring into the barricades. Lynn cuts off King on the top rope and hits a hurricanrana followed by the TKO. King fights back and drops Lynn down on a chair with a DDT. Lynn into the corner and King hits the double knees which sends him through a table. King sets up Lynn on the top but he reverses it and hits a powerbomb to King and he lands on the table but it doesn’t break. Lynn gets King up and hits the Cradle Piledriver through the table for the win. It didn’t quite have that big feud ending gimmick match feel but it was still a good, solid brawl. Lynn does some impressive stuff for his age and King is a good worker but it was slow in places and the sloppy ending didn’t help.

★★ ¾

ROH World Tag Team Title Match – The Briscoes © vs. The American Wolves

Richards and Mark start off and Davey gets the upper hand with a headlock and a shoulder block. Jay and Edwards in now and Jay gets the upper hand with a couple of arm drags and then The Briscoes hit a double team whip into a spinning heel kick. The Briscoes keep Edwards down and hit another double team move, a Russian Leg Sweep followed by a senton this time. Edwards manages to tag in Richards who goes straight after Mark with a handspring elbow but Jay cuts him off with a spinebuster. The Wolves get the upper hand again and start to work over the right leg of Jay by keeping him grounded in their corner. Jay hits a jawbreaker on Edwards and tags Mark in who delivers some Redneck kung-fu before hitting a Fisherman Buster on Richards for two. Mark evades a double team move but ends up getting sent into the steel barricades on the outside  as Jay gets German suplexed into the front row after a superkick from Edwards. Mark Briscoe gets to the top and hits a splash onto both Wolves and then hits a missile dropkick on Edwards for a near fall. Both Mark and Richards reverse attempted suplexes but Edwards comes in and takes out Mark as Jay is still down in the crowd. Davey drops Mark down with a powerbomb and then locks in the cloverleaf but Jay finally gets back in and makes the save.

Jay gives Edwards a superkick and then delivers a Falcon Arrow to Richards as he officially gets tagged in. Jay fights off both Wolves and then delivers a jawbreaker followed by a big boot but Richards manages to kick out. Richards off the ropes but he walks straight into a Death Valley Driver for a near fall. Richards reverses the Jay Driller and Edwards catches Jay with a kick to the head. Edwards to the top and he hits a lungblower off the top rope but Jay kicks out. Jay manages to tag out to Mark who hits a cross armed powerbomb off the top on Edwards. Running kick by Richards to Mark and then a bridging German Suplex gets him a two count. Richards hits a superplex but then the two trade forearms until Richards hits an Alarm Clock, Mark comes back with two T-Bone suplexes.

Edwards comes in but walks into a German suplex and then Jay takes him out with a big clothesline after joint kicks. Jay and Richards exchange strikes until The Briscoes hit a double superkick on Davey for yet another near fall. Briscoes hit a double team side-walk slam/elbow drop combo and then go for the Doomsday Device until Edwards interrupts it. Double team Alarm Clock to Jay and then the superkick from Edwards into the German suplex from Richards gets them a very near fall. Richards comes off the ropes and hits an insane diving move onto Mark that sees him end up about 10 rows back. Edwards hits a hurricanrana to Jay off the top rope and the Wolves hit the powerbomb/backcracker combo for two. Jay escapes the Achilles Lock and then the Wolves go for the Doomsday Device until Mark hits an Ace Crusher to Richards and Jay delivers the Jay Driller to Edwards but he kicks out! Richards is still down on the outside so The Briscoes hit the Springboard Doomsday Device for the victory. Awesome match-up between these two great teams. It started slowly but it really got going and the last 15 minutes were excellent. This really put The Briscoes over as bad ass champions but The Wolves still looked great in defeat. Terrific match.

★★★★ ¼

Considering this was one of the WrestleMania weekend shows, it was a bit disappointing. The undercard wasn’t great and apart from the Main Event, there were no must see matches. Aside from the Necro/Bison match, there were no awful matches but it lacked at least one more great match to be up to the usual WrestleMania weekend calibre. You can pick up this DVD here:

Overall Rating: 6.5/10

Steven Coney

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