Assessing The Gold

ROH recently announced that all three titles in the company are going to be defended at the ‘Best In The World 2011’ iPPV on June 26th in New York City.

At the moment we’re not aware of who will challenge for the belts but we can have a good idea of potential challengers from recent events. Here I will assess each champion and say who I think will challenge for the title.

ROH World Championship

Eddie Edwards shocked the world when he beat Roderick Strong at ‘Manhattan Mayhem IV’ to become the new ROH World Champion. So much so, in fact, that his name trended worldwide on Twitter – the first in the company to do so. Edwards’ win was a surprise to many seeing as it was his American Wolves partner Davey Richards who was getting the “Next World Champ” chants from the ROH fans. Eddie has always been a tough competitor though and earned his title shot by winning Survival Of The Fittest 2010, even with an injured elbow. In his short time as champion, Edwards has defeated Christopher Daniels, Chris Hero and former champion Strong. All three of these matches were terrific and really showed why Edwards is a worthy champion. With Strong’s rematch out of the way, Edwards now looks towards ‘Best In The World 2011’ and his next challenger. The most obvious choice would be Davey Richards. Richards saved Edwards from a beat down by the House of Truth following his title defence at ‘Supercard of Honor VI’ and this led Edwards to say that he won’t have another match in ROH unless it’s against Richards. The men agreed to a future match and shook hands. With the title scheduled to be on the line and Edwards saying he won’t face anybody else until he’s squared off with Richards, everything is pointing towards an all American Wolves title match.

ROH World Tag Team Championship

The Kings of Wrestling broke the record for the longest ever Tag Team title reign and were set to make it a whole calendar year with the belts until Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team – Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin – dethroned them at ‘Honor Takes Center Stage: Chapter One’. The Kings had defended the belts against every team in ROH and a few outside teams too but it was WGTT who were their main threat. Ever since losing the titles, Shane Hagadorn has been working tirelessly to try and get his men a rematch for the belts but so far he hasn’t succeeded. The Kings’ case wasn’t helped at ‘Supercard of Honor VI’ after Shelton Benjamin defeated Claudio Castagnoli in a singles match and there are plenty of other teams who could get a shot. The Briscoes and The All Night Express are both up there at the top of the tag team pile but it would seem that we will see another instalment of their bloody feud in New York so they’ll be otherwise engaged. Adam Cole & Kyle O’Reilly are another exciting young tag team but you’d think that they haven’t won enough matches yet to warrant a title shot, the same goes for The Bravado Brothers. So as it stands, The Kings of Wrestling  look the most likely to be challenging Haas & Benjamin in New York and what a match it should be if their past bouts are anything to go by.

ROH World Television Championship

The TV Title was introduced last year and Eddie Edwards became the first ever champion after winning a tournament on ROH on HDNet. Edwards eventually dropped the belt to Christopher Daniels on HDNet in January and “The Fallen Angel” has held the title since then. April 4th marked the last ever episode of ROH on HDNet and with this, the future of the ROH TV Title was thrown into jeopardy. ROH Officials announced that until another TV deal was announced, Daniels wouldn’t be defending the belt. After Saturday’s massive announcement that ROH had been sold to Sinclair Broadcasting Group and that the new TV show would begin airing in September, ROH Officials quickly made it clear that the TV Title would start being defended again. The two men who deserve a shot at the title are El Generico and Colt Cabana. The pair have had some disagreements with Daniels after he turned on them and joined the House of Truth at ‘Honor Takes Center Stage’. Generico beat Daniels at ‘ROH Revolution: Canada’ and then Cabana defeated “The Fallen Angel” at ‘Supercard of Honor VI’. It looks likely that Daniels will drop the belt soon as he won’t be allowed on both TNA and ROH TV shows. I would personally give Generico the shot at Daniels in New York, he’s a man that definitely deserves a title run of some sorts after all the fantastic matches he has been in during the last 18 months. Saying that though, Cabana also warrants some appreciation in the form of some gold so it will be interesting to see who ROH decide to pick to face Daniels.

So there you have it, all three titles will be on the line and we have three potential awesome matches in store for us. We will also see the return of Jay Lethal to ROH in what is shaping up to be another brilliant event in New York City. If you can’t be at the show, you can watch it on iPPV at

Steven Coney

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