Best in the World 2013 Results

Quick Results:

  1. BJ Whitmer def. Mike Bennett  via an Exploder Suplex
  2. American Wolves def. ACH & TaDarius Thomas via a rollup
  3. Roderick Strong vs. Adam Cole via countout 
  4. Michael Elgin def. Tommaso Ciampa  via short-armed lariat
  5. TV Title: Matt Taven def. Jay Lethal and Jimmy Jacobs via Hoopla to RETAIN the ROH World TV Title
  6. Tag Titles: reDRagon def. C&C and SCUM via kick to Alexander’s head to RETAIN the ROH World Tag Team Titles
  7. Matt Hardy def. Kevin Steen via Twist of Fate on two open chairs
  8. World Title: Jay Briscoe def. Mark Briscoe via the Jay Driller to RETAIN the ROH World Title


“Best in the World 2013” opens up with a recap of Jay Briscoe capturing the ROH World Title from Kevin Steen at “Supercard of Honor VII” and his younger brother Mark Briscoe challenging him for the title.

Kevin Kelly and Steve Corino welcome us to the show and hype the main event and run down the card.

BJ Whitmer def. Mike Bennett w/ Maria and Brutal Bob

The action immediately spills to the outside and the brawl in on. Whitmer gets control when Bennett misses a charge and crotches himself in the corner. Bennett gets the advantage following a distraction from Brutal Bob. The stream keeps cutting out and buffering. Shocking, I know. Whitmer fights out of a headlock only to walk into a dropkick. Whitmer responds with a powerslam and a combination of suplexes for a two count. Whitmer picks up the win with the exploder suplex. Sadly, buffering issues caused most of the match to be unwatchable.

After the match, Bennett and Maria walk out on Brutal Bob.

American Wolves def. Adrenaline RUSH

The stream picks back up to see Thomas unleashing a series of kicks on Edwards, but it quickly cuts out soon after. The stream comes back with the American Wolves in control. This stream is completely unacceptable from Ring of Honor. The feed comes back to a “This is awesome” chant, but we’ll have to take the Baltimore crowd’s word on it. Richards hits a missile dropkick on Thomas as the stream has to cut out once again. The feed comes back just in time for us to see ACH miss a 450 on Richards, which allows Richards to roll him up for the pin.

 Adam Cole def. Roderick Strong

The stream issues are so bad at this point, it makes writing a live report impossible. Adam Cole superkicked Strong through the ringside table. He thought about being a sportsman and helping Strong back into the ring, but Cole dropped him and was content with the countout victory.

Michael Elgin def. Tommaso Ciampa

After more buffering issues through the first few minutes of the match, the stream returns with Elgin powerbombing Ciampa into the barricade on the outside. Elgin catches a running knee attempt and drive Ciampa hard into the mat. The buffering issues are still lingering throughout this match. Ciampa fights out of the deadlift superplex and connects with the Project Ciampa! Elgin’s foot reaches the bottom rope just before Todd Sinclair’s hand hit for the three count. Ciampa hits the Air Raid Crash on the apron! Elgin fights out of another Project Ciampa attempt and connects with the Elgin Bomb. Ciampa reverses the pin into a triangle choke. Elgin fights out with another bucklebomb. Ciampa connects with a knee strike and Elgin pops out of the pin at one! Elgin unloads three spinning backfists and a short-armed clothesline to pick up the pinfall victory!

QT Marshall comes to the ring. If he did anything, buffering issues kept us from seeing it. Elgin and Ciampa shake hands as the show goes to intermission.

We’re back from intermission and Kelly welcomes Nigel McGuinness to the commentary table.

ROH World TV Title
Matt Taven (C) w/ Truth Martini and the Hoopla Hotties def. Jay Lethal vs Jimmy Jacobs

The action immediately spills to the outside and they brawl around the ringside area. Martini distracts Jacobs, which allows Taven to hit a powerslam from the apron to the floor. A death valley driver gets a two count for Lethal on Taven.  Jacobs snaps off a hurricarana on Lethal. Jacobs sends Taven to the outside, but the camera cuts away before we see what happens. Lethal hits a combination move that takes both Jacobs and Taven out and all three men are down. Jacobs connects with Sliced Bread No. 2 on Taven and follows it up with a spinning headscissors on Lethal. Lethal connects with Hail to the King on Taven, but Jacobs breaks up the pinfall. Lethal sends them both to the outside and takes Taven out with a suicide dive. Scarlett gets in the ring and slaps Jacobs behind the referees back. Lethal rips Scarlett’s top off! Why is the stream buffering now? Martini distracts Lethal and Jacobs spears him. Martini then distracts Jacobs and the other Hoopla Hottie gets in the ring. She picks Jacobs up and then something happens. The stream cuts back in as Taven goes to the back holding his title over his head.

ROH World Tag Team Titles
reDRagon (C) def. SCUM and C&C WrestleFactory

Both ROH teams go after the SCUM representatives to start the match. Alexander flies over the top with the help of reDRagon to take out SCUM. This allows them to isolate Coleman in the ring, but Alexander connects with a double dropkick. Coleman and Alexander go for a high-flying combination, but SCUM cuts them off to gain control of the match. Titus delivers a big boot to Coleman as SCUM is manhandling him. Alexander finally tags himself in, as O’Reilly gets the blind tag on Titus. C&C send Titus flying over the top onto Compton on the floor. They connect with Overtime on O’Reilly but SCUM try pulling him out of the ring. Alexander climbs to the top and dives onto them on the floor. Alexander hits O’Reilly with a brainbuster but Fish unloads a vicious kick to the back of Alexander’s head. Fish pulls O’Reilly on top of Alexander to pick up the pinfall.

Before the match, Steve Corino gets on the microphone and says Matt Hardy is an icon. He runs down the Baltimore sports teams, including a Ray Lewis joke. Corino better watch his back now. He introduces Hardy in the most entertaining way I’ve ever heard. Kevin Steen takes the microphone and asks McGuinness to make it a No DQ match, and McGuinness obliges.

Matt Hardy def. Kevin Steen

They immediately start brawling and Hardy takes out Steen’s knee. Hardy rolls to the floor and they fight around ringside. Steen grabs a crutch and hits Hardy low. The stream is still screwing up, which is making this almost impossible to watch. Hardy slams Steen’s head repeatedly into the barricade. Hardy gets a trashcan and slams it against Steen’s back. Corino brings a ladder to ringside as Hardy connects with a series of neckbreakers. Steen fights back and hits the cannonball in the corner. He wedges the trashcan against Hardy and hits the cannonball once again. Steen sets up a table at ringside. Rhett Titus tries to interfere, but gets met with a Package Piledriver. This gives Hardy to opportunity to hit the side effect. Steen rolls to the apron and attempts to hit the Package Piledriver through the table, but Jacobs knocks it over. Steen hits him with two powerbomb in the apron before hitting Hardy with one of his own. Steen plays to the crowd and Compton hits him in the back with a chair. Steen hits a codebreaker using the ladder and follows it up with the F Cinq, but Hardy kicks out. Hardy hits a side effect on the ladder and it gets a two count. Hardy hits the Twist of Fate across two open chairs to pick up the pinfall victory.

ROH World Title
Jay Briscoe (C) def. Mark Briscoe

They fight to a stalemate in the early minutes of the match and Mark busts out a chicken dance. Mark sends Jay to the floor and a diving dropkick rocks the champion. Mark has been in full control of the match and he gets a two count following a couple of suplexes. Jay pulls out a table and discusses it with Mark. They then work together to set it up at ringside. They slug it out on the floor. The stream skips ahead to where Jay is in control of the match in the ring. An exploder suplex and mule kick gives Mark the upper hand once again. Mark sends Jay to the apron and they fight over the table they set up earlier. Marks sends Jay to the floor and connects with a slingshot dive. He lays his older brother across the table and climbs to the top, but the stream skips ahead again before we get to see what’s happening. This is inexcusable! A reverse death valley driver type move gets Mark a two count. Apparently Mark has sent Jay through a table and has connected with a Froggy ‘Bow. Mark breaks out some Redneck Kung Fu, but Jay fights back and hits the Jay Driller for a two count. He hits a lariat and a second Jay Driller, but Mark kicks out at one! They exchange superkicks and Jay hits a third Jay Driller to retain the belt.

Jon Shumake

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