BJ Whitmer Returns to Ring of Honor

El Generico has named who his mystery partner will be for his tag team match against Kevin Steen and Jimmy Jacobs April 28 at “Unity.” It is a man who has as much history between himself and Jacobs as Generico does between himself and Steen. The partner is someone who knows what it’s like to have a teammate turn their back on him just like Generico does. Generico’s partner has been through almost exactly what Generico has been through.

BJ Whitmer will be Generico’s partner when they team together to wrestle Steen and Jacobs in Chicago Ridge, Ill. Whitmer, who is a former four-time Ring of Honor World Tag Team Champion, returned to the company at “Rise and Prove” in a Proving Ground match against Jay Lethal. Although he came up short, he proved that he is still in fantastic shape and deserves another run in Ring of Honor.

Whitmer is getting a chance at another run in Ring of Honor when he teams with Generico to take on Steen and Jacobs, who is Whitmer’s former tag partner. Whitmer and Jacobs won the ROH World Tag Team Titles on two occasions. They won the titles for the first time when they defeated the team of Samoa Joe and Jay Lethal for the vacant titles. They held the belts for just over five months before losing them to the Carnage Crew. They won the belts back from the Carnage Crew later that same month, and held them for almost three months before losing them to Tony Mamaluke and Sal Rinuaro.

A rift eventually grew between Whitmer and Jacobs when Jacobs became infatuated with Lacey. It would lead to a year-long feud, which culminated in a cage match at “Supercard of Honor II” that Jacobs won. Whitmer is going to have revenge on his mind when he steps into the ring against his former tag partner.

Whitmer will also be in action April 29 in Dayton, Ohio, when he takes on Kevin Steen. This is a first time singles match between the two, although they’ve been on opposite sides multi-man matches in the past.

Whitmer returns to Ring of Honor on April 28 in Chicago Ridge, Ill., and April 29 in Dayton, Ohio, in two huge matchups. Tickets are still available for the shows through

Jon Shumake

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