Blood feud will end at DBD IX

For the best part of a year, a bitter feud has rumbled it’s way around the ROH circuit.

A First Blood Match, a pair of Handcuff Matches and a Match of the Year Candidate Street Fight have punctuated one of the most heated rivalries in recent wrestling history.

The Briscoes-ANX conflict has, at times, boiled over, breaking down into extra-curricular activities beyond the confines of the ring.

The most recent of these incidents occurred outside of the Frontier Fieldhouse, in Chicago, on the night of the first of ROH’s all-important television tapings for the Sinclair Broadcast Group. ANX man Kenny King physically assaulted the Briscoe Brothers, using a ladder that he’d taken from a parked ring truck.

It’s evident that formal warnings and fines aren’t going to bring the two parties under control. Needless to say, ROH officials are looking to end this issue, once and for all, before any further damage is done.

According to sources within the organisation, the four bloodthirsty individuals will be given one final opportunity to put their personal issues to rest. The added incentive, for burying the hatchet, will be a special one. On September 17th, the ‘Death Before Dishonor IX’ event, the winning team will become mandatory contenders to the ROH World Tag Team Championships.

Rumours have begun to circulate, fueled by Jay Briscoe’s comments, both on Twitter and in a recent ROH Videowire. Many fans and commentators are speculating that September 17th will see the return of the infamous Ladder War.

This ultraviolent stipulation match has long since been outlawed by ROH management. The health and safety of the athletes is paramount in Ring of Honor – a promotion that has always prided itself on pure competition. Indeed, only twice previously, in it’s near decade-long history, has ROH seen fit to sanction such a contest.

With new ownership now on board, in the shape of SBG, at this juncture, it seems certain that the ROH booking committee would want to avoid the negative press that is often associated with extreme levels of brutality in professional wrestling.

ROH officials are currently deep in discussions, as they try to find the most suitable stipulation possible, for this bout. One thing that’s clear is that there will be a decisive end, in this main event calibre showdown.

Which stipulation should ROH management use? Leave us a comment, below, and let us know your thoughts.

Dave Wood

Dave is a former member of the ROHWorld team who wrote feature articles on a semi-regular basis.