Boiling Point 2012 Results

ROH World Title Match: Kevin Steen w/Jimmy Jacobs defeated Eddie Kingston

Before the match, Bobby Cruise announces that this match now has no rules! Steve Corino joins Kevin Kelly & Nigel McGuinness on commentary. As the bell rings, Kingston goes right after Corino and Jacobs before he and Steen battle on the outside, then Kingston takes out all three with a dive. Kingston takes Corino & Jacobs to the back and it now looks like we have a one-on-one match. Steen hits Kingston with a chair and then hits a leg drop with the chair over Kingston’s face. Steen sets a table up on the outside but Kingston fights back and suplexes him through it. Steen sets another table up over the ring apron and barricades and powerbombs Kingston through it. Kingston looks in a bad way and several referees come down to help him out. Meanwhile, Steen gets a mic and trash talks a fan who shouted stuff at him.

With Kingston being stretchered out, Steen reminds him that he dedicated this match to the late Larry Sweeney and that Larry thinks he’s a pu**y. Kingston snaps and runs back to the ring. He goes for the spinning back fist but it’s blocked and he hits a half nelson suplex instead for two. Steen comes back with a DDT on top of a chair before hitting the cannon ball in the corner into Kingston who was covered by a chair. Kingston half sets up a table and hits a backdrop driver through it but Steen just kicks out. Kingston hits another backdrop onto a chair but Steve Corino comes down to break the count. Rhett Titus hits the ring to take him out before Jacobs distracts Kingston. Steen hits a low blow for two and then hits the F-5 but Kingston somehow kicks out. Chairs get set up, Steen kisses Kingston and then hits another F-5 onto the chairs to retain.

Eddie Edwards & Sara Del Rey defeated Mike Bennett & Maria Kanellis

Edwards and Bennett start us out with “Die Hard” dominating with a shining wizard and plenty of hard chops. Del Rey gets tagged in and she and Edwards take turns to kick Bennett, Del Rey stays in the ring and Bennett manages to tag Maria in who gets a few kicks in before Bennett is tagged back in and Edwards also gets tagged. Edwards again has Bennett’s number and hits two dropkicks to him while he was in the tree of woe. Bennett fights back briefly as both men take each other out. Maria tagged in and Del Rey hits three big boots before Bennett tags himself in only to be on the end of a suicide dive from Edwards. Backpack chinbreaker gets Edwards two before he locks in the Achilles Lock and Del Rey the Ankle Lock on Maria before they disappear under the ring. Bennett puts the Achilles Lock on Edwards before Del Rey comes out from under the ring with Maria’s top. A shocked Bennett lets go of the hold before Edwards takes advantage to lock it back in for the submission win.

Two out of Three falls: Jay Lethal defeated Tommaso Ciampa w/RD Evans

Ciampa seems to injure his knee early on and Lethal takes advantage with a Lethal Injection but Ciampa kicks out. Lethal then hits the Lethal Combination for a very early first fall (Lethal 1-0). Ciampa ia struggling with his leg and Lethal continues to dominate and hits a suplex to the outside. Ciampa exposes the floor outside and goes for a suplex but Lethal reverses it with a suplex of his own before he hits another on RD Evans. Lethal reverses several Project Ciampa attempts before Ciampa hits a jumping knee and finally hits Project Ciampa for the pinfall (1-1). Lethal fights back with some intense strikes before a double axe handle from the top and a pop-up neckbreaker gets him two. He takes out RD Evans with the suicide dive before hitting the Hail To The King for a very near fall. Ciampa comes back with an Air Raid crash on the ring apron as both men make it back into the ring on 19. Both men exchange strikes with neither able to get a clear advantage until Lethal hits two superkicks for a near fall. Ciampa hits a low blow on Lethal as RD Evans distracted referee Todd Sinclair. Prince Nana comes out and attacks Evans as Ciampa takes out Nana with a clothesline. With Sinclair’s back still turned, Lethal hits a low blow of his own before hitting the Lethal Injection for the win (Lethal 2-1).

The Briscoes defeated S.C.U.M (Jimmy Jacobs & Steve Corino)

This is a ‘Relaxed Rules’ match meaning the referee won’t be as strict as normal. Match goes to the outside early on with some great action and then Mark Briscoe hits a moonsault onto the other three guys from the top rope. Both teams continue to do battle on the outside before the action returns to the ring and Jay Briscoe clears house after a hot tag but Jacobs & Corino soon regain control. Mark then gets another hot tag and hits some redneck kung-fu on Jacobs followed by the running knees. Corino fights back with a high backdrop driver for two before Jay comes in and hits a Death Valley Driver for two before running into a spear from Jacobs. Mark takes out Corino on the outside before hitting the froggy elbow drop on Jacobs but Corino comes back to break it up. Jacobs hits an Ace Crusher from the second rope for two but then the Briscoes take out Corino and manage to hit the Doomsday Device on Jacobs for the win.

Charlie Haas defeated Michael Elgin w/Truth Martini & Roderick Strong

The House of Truth come out for a promo. Truth Martini says Kevin Steen will retain the World title tonight and will go on to lose to Rhino at ‘Death Before Dishonor X’. Elgin then gets the mic and says he has signed papers to confirm his World title shot for ‘Glory By Honor XI’ but Strong says Martini promised him the title shot. Strong says he’s on strike from the House of Truth and says he’ll watch Elgin fail in Canada.

Elgin starts the match on top, hitting a diving shoulder block off the second rope and then hitting an impressive stalling suplex. Strong comes out to ringside and Haas uses the distraction to attack Elgin from behind as Roddy gets a seat and watches from ringside with a beer or three. Haas goes to work on the left leg and knee of Elgin and uses the steel ringpost to his advantage. Elgin takes a lot of punishment before finally fighting back with a running knee for two before sending him to the outside with a kick. Elgin considers going for a dive but Strong gets in the way which allows Haas to take advantage. Elgin spears Haas who in turn knocks Strong over and Elgin pours beer on him. Back in the ring, Strong sprays beer in Elgin’s eyes and Haas with a rollup for the victory.

Proving Ground: Adam Cole defeated Brutal Bob

Brutal Bob cuts a pre-match promo saying he’s going to humble Cole as he’s a kid in a man’s world. Cole dominates the early goings against the grizzled veteran. On the outside, Bob hits a backbreaker on Cole and he lands on the ring apron and continues to work him over back in the ring. Bob starts to dominate the match until Cole tries to fight back with an enziguri and then a shining wizard for two. Bob evades the crossbody off the top and then hits a running shoulder block for a near fall. Out of nowhere, Cole hits a superkick but Bob manages to kick out. Bob blocks the Floriday Quay but then Cole locks in the Figure Four Leglock and Bob eventually taps. After the match, Mike Bennett and Maria hit the ring to beat down Cole before Sara Del Rey and Eddie Edwards make the save.

Winner gets an ROH Contract: QT Marshall defeated Matt Taven, Antonio Thomas & Vinny Marseglia

All four guys get some time in the ring early on and it’s clear that Thomas and Marshall will be the heels in this one as they begin to work over Taven and Marseglia. With Marshall and Thomas on the outside, Taven hits a big dive to take out both guys on the outside. While Marshall goes for a stalling suplex on Marseglia, Thomas hits a nice crossbody from the top rope before he suplexes Marseglia and locks in a leglock on QT at the same time. From nowhere, Taven hits a frog splash from the other side of the ring to break up the count! Taven takes out both Marshall and Thomas with ease but can’t get a pinfall on either guy. Big tornado DDT from Taven on Marshall but he just gets his foot on the ropes. Marseglia takes out Marshall and Thomas with a dive before Marshall comes back and pulls him groin first into the steel ringpost. QT gets back in the ring and hits a modified inverted running powerslam on Taven for the win and an ROH contract.

Roderick Strong w/Truth Martini defeated Mike Mondo

The match started off with plenty of heavy strikes as both guys tested each other. Out on the outside, Mondo busts Strong’s nose with a headbutt and that seemed to fire him up as he came back with a string of strong strikes and a suplex back on the outside. Mondo comes back and hits a moonsault off the top rope for two before hitting a head scissors which sent Strong into the barricades. Mondo stops Sinclair from stopping the match after he seemingly injures his shoulder but Strong hits a running knee into the corner and then a backbreaker for a very near two. Roaring elbow from Strong is followed up by a gutbuster but again Mondo kicks out. Strong goes for a suplex but Mondo with a rollup that gets him two. After some jousting, Strong manages to hit the Sick Kick for the victory in a very good opener.

Dark Match: The Bravado Brothers defeated Mike Sydal & Jorge Bryant

It was announced that tonight’s show would be used for Road Rage TV episodes in the future. We also understand that the show was a complete sell out.

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