Boiling Point 2012 Preview

Ring of Honor returns to iPPV this Saturday August 8, as it makes its Providence, R.I., debut with “Boiling Point.” The show features eight matches that are sure to make this summer evening even hotter, including a gigantic ROH World Title match.

Let’s take a closer look at each match.

ROH World Title

ROH World Champion Kevin Steen defends vs CHIKARA Grand Champion Eddie Kingston

Ring of Honor invited Eddie Kingston as a special guest to the “10th Anniversary Show” earlier this year as part of the Synergy initiative between Ring of Honor and CHIKARA. He was going to address the crowd, but was cut off by Kevin Steen. After Kingston declined Steen’s offer to help destroy both Ring of Honor and CHIKARA, Steen insulted both Kingston and the company he is the Grand Champion of. This set up a bitter feud between the two. With Jim Cornette looking for anyone to take the belt off Steen, he turned to Kingston, and the feud is going to boil over in the ROH World Title match. Fans in attendance, and those watching on iPPV, should expect a wild fight between two of the best brawlers in the world. It wouldn’t surprise me if the rules are relaxed and we see weapons brought into play. It’s going to be a crazy match, and if Cornette has his way, we’ll have a new ROH World Champion.

The Briscoes vs Jimmy Jacobs and Steve Corino

Jay and Mark Briscoe recently had a match in Milwaukee where they faced Jimmy Jacobs and ROH World Champion Kevin Steen. After an initial double countout, the match went to Anything Goes rules. After an insane brawl, which included Mark Briscoe diving off the balcony, the Briscoes picked up the win. Jacobs and Steen, however, were determined to have the last laugh as they beat down the Briscoes until Rhett Titus made the save. This Saturday, Dem Boys get their chance for revenge on Jacobs and his S.C.U.M. stable-mate Steve Corino. The Briscoes are two of the most dangerous men on the roster, but at “Boiling Point,” they’re wrestling two of the most evil men in the world. With that being said, I still expect the Briscoes to “Man Up” and get their revenge for what happened in Milwaukee.

Eddie Edwards and Sara Del Rey vs Mike Bennett and Maria

Mike Bennett and Maria have been running wild through Ring of Honor by humiliating those Bennett defeats with post-match attacks. During one such attack, following a match with Adam Cole, Sara Del Rey returned to Ring of Honor to stop their bullying ways. She teams up with Bennett’s longtime rival Eddie Edwards for a mixed tag match at “Boiling Point.” In this match, men can only wrestle men and women can only wrestle women, which means it could be a long night for Maria if Del Rey remains the legal combatant. Del Rey definitely has the advantage over Maria, but Edwards and Bennett have been fairly evenly matched throughout their series of contests. This should be a fun match, and it’s nice to see Del Rey back in a Ring of Honor ring.

Charlie Haas vs Michael Elgin

The last time these two faced off in a singles match, at “Death Before Dishonor IX,” things were much different. Charlie Haas was one-half of the Ring of Honor World Tag Team Champions, while Michael Elgin was just a wrestler trying to make a name for himself. Almost one year later, Haas is a bitter veteran trying to get the titles back in any way he can, while Elgin is one of professional wrestling’s brightest young stars. Even though Haas walked away with the victory in their last match, another year of experience may be enough for Elgin to pick up the win. It’s going to come down to Elgin’s strength against Haas’s mat wrestling abilities. Whichever of those is stronger will determine who has their hand raised in victory after the match.

2 out of 3 Falls

Jay Lethal vs Tommaso Ciampa w/ RD Evans

Jay Lethal ended Tommaso Ciampa’s year-and-a-half long unbeaten streak at “Border Wars” in May, which has sent Ciampa off the deep end in recent months. Ciampa’s behavior has grown erratic, and with rumors of collusion between the Embassy and the House of Truth, Ciampa attacked Prince Nana. With RD Evans still by his side, Ciampa attempts to move forward by looking into his past; by defeating Lethal. This time, however, we’ll find out who truly is the better wrestler in the two out of three falls match. The stipulation eliminates any chance of a fluke victory by either wrestler. Lethal has been almost unbeatable during his current Ring of Honor run, but with Evans by his side, it’s impossible to count Ciampa out of any match. Whoever wins this match truly will be the better man.

Roderick Strong w/ Truth Martini vs Mike Mondo

Mike Mondo has been on a roll of a lifetime as of late. After taking former ROH World Champion Davey Richards to a time limit draw, he all but stole the show at “Best in the World 2012” with a promo that had the New York crowd coming unglued. Mondo showed the passion it took to receive a ROH World Title match against Kevin Steen, and looked impressive even in defeat. Mondo looks to continue his momentum with a win over the second Triple Crown champion in Ring of Honor history, Roderick Strong. Strong has not been impressed with Mondo’s performances as of late, and said no one is in the same league as him. Will Strong be able to stop Mondo’s roll? Or will Mondo prove to strong that he really has no fear? We’ll find out Saturday at “Boiling Point.”

Proving Ground Match

ROH World TV Champion Adam Cole vs Brutal Bob

Bob hasn’t had very many wins in the few in ring appearances in Ring of Honor, but he has taken a few top talents to the brink. Ring of Honor officials deemed this enough for the grizzled veteran to earn a shot in the Proving Ground again Adam Cole. Cole has been on fire in 2012, and following an unforgettable performance at “Best in the World 2012” that saw him covered in his own blood, Cole captured the ROH World TV Title on a recent episode of ROH on SBG. Cole looks to continue his upward momentum, while Bob tries to prove he has something left in the tank. I think Cole’s star shines too bright to be put out by anyone right now, especially by Brutal Bob.

Four Way Match

Matt Taven vs QT Marshall vs Antonio Thomas vs Vinny Marseglia

This match features four young wrestlers who are hungry to make a name for themselves and earn a spot on the Ring of Honor roster. A good performance at “Boiling Point” could turn this into a life-defining night for one of these wrestlers, as the winner will receive an ROH contract.

Ring of Honor’s “Boiling Point” airs live on the ROH website at 7:30 p.m. EST on August 11 from the Rhode Island Convention Center in Providence, R.I. Join us at one hour before the show for a live preshow to get our last second thoughts on the show.

Jon Shumake

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