Be The Booker: ‘Best In The World 2011’

I was thinking about the upcoming Ring of Honor ‘Best In The World 2011’ iPPV and was running through potential matches in my head. I thought I’d put it together in an article to see what it looks like. It’s a mixture of matches I think will be on the show and matches I want to be on the show.

ROH World Championship
Eddie Edwards (c) vs. Davey Richards

This match was announced yesterday and you can see the details here: It would seem that Davey will walk away from Ring of Honor if he doesn’t win the World Title but I just can’t see him leaving. I also can’t see Eddie dropping the belt so soon after winning it. I think that Eddie will pick up the win (maybe with a rollup) and then after the match, Davey will go crazy and attack Eddie. This would mean Davey stays in ROH and these two Wolves will start to feud over the title.

ROH World Tag Team Championship
Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team (c) vs. The Kings of Wrestling

WGTT ended KoW’s record breaking title run at ‘Honor Takes Center Stage’ and Shane Hagadorn has been trying to get his men a rematch ever since. The two teams stared down at ‘Supercard of Honor VI’ and this seems more or less a lock for the final card. These two teams have had great matches in the past so it should be a good one, WGTT to retain.

Homicide vs. Jay Lethal

Lethal will be in a Ring of Honor ring for the first time in five years and it will be interesting to see who ROH Officials put him in the ring with. It will have to be somebody big, somebody that will help Lethal put on a fantastic match and show the world what Jay Lethal is all about. That man – in my opinion – is Homicide. Homicide has been pretty flat since his return to ROH but this match could really help him out and instantly make him a force again in Ring of Honor.. In terms of who wins, it totally depends on whether Lethal will be with ROH for the future.

ROH World Television Championship
Christopher Daniels (c) vs. El Generico

These two haven’t seen eye-to-eye since Daniels turned on Generico and Colt Cabana at ‘Honor Takes Centre Stage’ and joined the House of Truth. The TV Title was thrown into jeopardy when ROH’s deal with HDNet came to an end but with the new TV show coming this September, Daniels will be defending the title once again. Both El Generico and Colt Cabana have recent victories over Daniels but I think it will be Generico who gets the opportunity. I’m not sure he’ll get the belt just yet, maybe have Michael Elgin or Truth Martini interfere to cost Generico the match.

Double Chain Match
The Briscoes vs. The All Night Express

The Briscoes and All Night Express have been involved in a bloody feud for a while now since ‘Manhattan Mayhem IV’. They have recently been involved in both a First Blood match and a Chicago Street Fight. I’ve seen calls for this to be Ladder War III but I’m not sure that’s needed just yet. I still see the payoff of this feud happening at Death Before Dishonor or maybe even Final Battle so a Double Chain match would do for now. Steel Cage match would also be cool but not sure that would be viable on internet pay-per-view. The Briscoes to steal another win (maybe they break out of the chain or handcuff Titus/King) to keep this one boiling up.

Colt Cabana vs. Michael Elgin

Cabana has been dragged into El Generico’s business once again and is going up against the House of Truth. Elgin has been impressive since debuting and is a very powerful man. With Generico going after the TV Title, I’d have Cabana get the win over Elgin despite some attempts at interference by Truth Martini.

Adam Cole & Kyle O’Reilly vs. Steve Corino & Jimmy Jacobs

This may seem like a strange match but I think it ties in nicely. Cole & O’Reilly have been awesome of late but need to start picking up some wins. Corino could plead with ROH to let Jacobs wrestle and this would continue their road to recovery. Corino has said he wants to help the young guys out and Cole & O’Reilly would get the win after one of Corino or Jacobs goes for a ‘heel’ move and stops themselves but ends up getting taken out and pinned. This would continue the Corino & Jacobs struggle to recovery and give Cole & O’Reilly a much needed win against a couple of well respected guys.

TJ Perkins vs. Mike Bennett

I’m really hoping TJP starts to get booked more regularly in ROH. Bennett is booked for the show and I don’t really see any spot for him apart from maybe against a returning guy. I’d like to say that Perkins will win and go on to solidify himself as part of the main roster but Mike Bennett’s push says otherwise.

It’s tough to book shows like this, especially when they say that some former guys will return. I’ve booked it based on who is definitely announced (and added TJP).

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Steven Coney

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