The Briscoes battle The HoT

This whole feud has revolved around money. Since back in December at ROH’s ‘Northern Aggression’ in which the Briscoes and Roderick Strong & Michael Elgin battled against Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team, El Generico and Eddie Edwards, these two groups haven’t seen eye-to-eye.

They failed to agree on how to split up the potential winning purse of $20,000 – which they didn’t win in the end – and the bad blood continued. They two teams faced off on the 2/11 episode of ROH TV with the HoT winning by DQ after Jay Briscoe had used a baseball bat. This came after he had powder thrown in his eyes by Truth Martini and the Briscoes stole the $5,000 that the HoT had put into the $10,000 pot for the winning team. The cheque unfortunately bounced after Martini cancelled the payment, and this led to more words being exchanged between the two sides, until this match was made.

It took place at the last TV tapings in Baltimore but it will not be televised. However, ROH have released the match as an exclusive for Ringside Members. If you are a Ringside Member, clickhere to watch the match. If you’re not a Ringside Member, read on for a detailed report of how the action went down!

The Briscoes (Jay, Mark & Papa Briscoe)
vs. The House of Truth (Roderick Strong, Michael Elgin & Truth Martini)

Before the match can get under way, Truth Martini gets on the mic and then spits at Papa Briscoe to rile him up. Strong and Mark start the match with Mark getting the advantage with a headbutt and a running bulldog for two. Strong manages to tag in Elgin who attacks Mark in the coener before tagging in Martini. Truth goes to the top but Mark cuts him off and he jumps off to regroup on the outside. Papa Briscoe gets tagged in but Martini tags in Elgin to avoid any contact. Papa Briscoe wisely tags in Jay to take on Elgin and he hits a dropkick. Mark tagged in and he goes to work on Elgin in the Briscoes’ corner as Papa tags in and lays in a few right hands before tagging back out to Elgin. Martini and Strong serve as a distraction to Jay which allows Elgin to hit a Samoan drop for two.

Strong and Martini attack Jay on the outside before they roll him back into the ring and Strong tags in. Strong and Jay exchange chops before Roddy gets the advantage and tags in Martini who gets in a few cheap shots prior to tagging Elgin back in. Strong tags in but walks into a snake eyes in the corner, Jay goes for a tag but Martini grabs Mark’s leg off the apron and Martini gets chased temporarily to the back. Back in the ring and Elgin hits an impressive stalling suplex on Jay for a two count. Martini misses a diving move in the corner and Jay manages to escape from both Strong and Elgin to tag in his brother Mark who delivers some redneck kung-fu. Running dropkick to Elgin floors him before Mark whips him into Papa Briscoe who hits a spear. Strong into the match and he goes for a gutbuster but Papa breaks out of it and Jay hits a superkick on Strong followed by a chokeslam by Papa Briscoe.

Mark hits a slingshot dive to the outside to take out Roddy as Martini gets in the ring. He begs for forgiveness from Papa Briscoe before Elgin blind-sides him. Mark sends him to the outside and hits another big dive onto Elgin on the outside. That leaves Martini and Papa Briscoe in the ring, Martini has some powder in his hand but Papa manages to knock it into Truth’s face before hitting a stunner for the victory. Jay gets on the mic and says they told the HoT that they were gonna beat the $5 out of them before telling the crowd that they’ll see them next month.

Winners by pinfall: The Briscoes

ROHWorld’s thoughts: I’m not really sure why this wasn’t televised as it’s not as if the match doesn’t make sense. It was a fun contest and Papa Briscoe is just great fun to watch. Not a classic by any means, but who doesn’t like seeing Truth Martini get beat up for a while?! Enjoyable and well done.

Steven Coney

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