Briscoes-Bucks Set for 10th Anniversary‏

At Glory By Honor X last November, The Briscoes met The Young Bucks in a highly anticipated tag team match.  After an incredible encounter, The Briscoes were not to be denied, as they continued to roll towards Final Battle and a tag title match.  At Final Battle, The Briscoes accomplished their goal, winning the ROH Tag Team Titles for the 7th time, but The Young Bucks were not to be denied on that night either.  Coming off of that loss to The Briscoes, The Young Bucks upped their intensity, going into Final Battle and walking out of the tag team gauntlet match with a guaranteed title opportunity.  This time, the Bucks will be more prepared than ever.

On March 4th at ROH’s 10th Anniversary event, these two teams will meet again and, should The Briscoes retain against Team Richards on February 17th, this time it will be for the ROH Tag Team Championship!  The Briscoes have proved time and time again that they are without a doubt the greatest team in ROH history.  The Young Bucks, however, have gone a long way towards proving that they are the future.  When these teams meet again, it will be a newfound aggression from the Bucks that the Briscoes have yet to encounter.  Will it be enough, however, to propel Matt and Nick Jackson to the biggest win of their careers?  We’ll find out in NYC as ROH presents the 10th Anniversary!

Landon Sands

Landon is the former news writer of ROHWorld.