Briscoes vs HoT Signed for Baltimore‏‏

There’s never a second to rest when you compete in ROH.  Fresh off of winning the tag team titles for a 7th time, The Briscoes have laid down an interesting challenge to Roderick Strong and Michael Elgin.  Stemming from their 8 man tag team loss at Northern Defiance earlier this month, The Briscoes have asked for a match with the House of Truth that will put each team’s MONEY for the night on the line.

$10,000 dollars was the prize for the winning team at Northern Defiance, and the Briscoe/House of Truth team came up short.  The HoT never paid up, and now The Briscoes are hellbent on making them pay in Baltimore.  Due to the circumstances surrounding the match, it will not be for the titles, and there will be no Proving Ground stipulation.  Both teams will still have a lot on the line, however; bragging rights, and, should the HoT accept the challenge, quite a bit of extra cash.  This unresolved situation will come to a head as ROH invades Baltimore January 7th!

Landon Sands

Landon is the former news writer of ROHWorld.