Briscoes vs. Bravados Announced for SOTF ’11‏

The last time The Bravados met The Briscoes, they managed to pull off one of the greatest upsets in ROH history.  This time, with an opportunity at the ROH World Title hanging in the balance, they are determined to prove that their Tag Team Turmoil victory was no accident.  At Survival Of The Fittest on November 18th in Dayton, OH these teams will meet again in the 3rd-announced SOTF qualifier.

The Briscoes have accomplished everything imaginable as a duo in ROH.  With six tag titles and victories over nearly every team in ROH history, The Briscoes are without question the most decorated team in the company’s nearly ten year existance.  On November 18th, they look to use their tag skills once more to earn the opportunity every ROH wrestler competes for: a World Title shot.

The upstart Bravados, on the otherhand, are looking first and foremost to prove themselves.  With a victory over The Briscoes already to their credit, they hope to accomplish something few teams can claim: doing it again.  This time, however, the end reward will be much greater.  The Bravados without question will be prepared on November 18th.

Both teams have the opportunity to use what they do best, tag team competition, to propel themselves a step closer to an ROH World Title shot.  With recent history on their side, can The Bravados pull off a second huge win over one of ROH’s most elite teams?  Or will The Briscoes show the world that history doesn’t always repeat itself?  We’ll find out November 18th.

Landon Sands

Landon is the former news writer of ROHWorld.