Cary Silkin talks about the sale of ROH and more

Cary Silkin had his first interview after yesterday’s announcement that ROH had been sold to the Sinclair Broadcasting Group. The interview was conducted by Joel Allen over but read below for the most important snippets:

On the announcement and how last night’s show went: “It was very emotional. We had the meeting during the day with the whole staff and all the wrestlers and this will probably go down as one of the best kept secrets in Pro Wrestling history. There was a lot of speculation and intrigue and I don’t think we disappointed anybody with our announcement. It made for a really special night. I was surprised the show started with Jim Cornette coming out and announcing the sale and the TV taping and then he singled me out sitting at the ringside table and then all the wrestlers came out and joined in with the fans. It was very nice, it was very emotional. It was a great night of wrestling, tremendous matches.”

On how the deal with SBG came about: “It was a very long process. Jim Cornette had brought Gary Juster in to some shows and he was very successful with the old NWA and he went on to work for WCW and was one of their main promoters. He is a friend of Joe Koff’s (new ROH COO)  and he has a history in wrestling, he’s a massive wrestling fan. I met with Joe Koff and he went back and presented it to his company, they thought it was viable and came back in December and we began to negotiate. We had to go through a long process of legal mumbo jumbo. I’m very happy Ring of Honor is going to move on to bigger and better things, that’s for sure. It’s great for the future of Pro Wrestling and Ring of Honor.”

On Sinclair Broadcast Group: “I’ve dealt with Joe Koff and he’s a great guy. They’re a large company, they’re serious players, they’ve been in business for many years. They cover 22% of the US which I believe is 57 television stations. They’re on broadcast and cable TV, wrestling and TV has always been a match. They’re very professional people, very nice people. They’re not looking to change the face of the Ring of Honor ethic. They were attracted because they really liked the Ring of Honor product and you won’t be seeing much change in the current Ring of Honor style of product.”

On Joe Koff and his experience: “I don’t want to speak for Joe Koff but I think it’s safe to say that as far as a businessman and a television man, he’s got it. As far as a wrestling guy, he has a really good idea of what is going on but that’s why Jim Cornette and Delirious are remaining with the product. All of the backroom staff are remaining with the company. Joe’s company will not only bring ROH to the public on television but also to new markets that they are in and have been in for many, many years.”

On his new role in ROH: “I’m still here as an advisor so to speak. I’m still here to be visible to the fans and I’m still going to be at the matches and I’m looking to enjoy this new era. I’ll be throwing my two cents in where I can. I’m still involved.”

On the new TV show: “A lot of it is to be determined and I don’t want to speak on behalf of Sinclair. There will be a press conference in Baltimore on June 24th. A lot of the questions about where and when ROH will be broadcast will be answered better then.”

On ROH iPPVs: “We’re still going to do the live internet PPVs. You can really draw some people to the internet PPVs. Sinclair are on 57 stations and I’m not saying we’re going to be on every single one of them but we’ll be able to bring more people to the PPVs.”

On his favorite ROH memories: “There are so many. The trips overseas were wonderful. Tokyo twice, the UK twice. Who ever thought we would be able to do that? Meeting the fans in markets we’ve been doing for almost 10 years now. There have been dozens and dozens of those moments. This has been a wonderful opportunity to be involved in Pro Wrestling that I like and to be able to make a contribution to the Pro Wrestling world and to keep Pro Wrestling alive. At the moment, my favorite ROH memory is to know that this is a new dawn, this is not an end, it’s a beginning. Now I’m looking forward to New York City on June 26th.”

Thanks again to Joel Allen and for conducting the interview and for allowing us to use it.

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