Charlie Haas Retires in Asheville?

The biggest and most shocking news to come out of Saturday’s War had nothing to do with in-ring action, but from a surprising announcement from Charlie Haas.

At the show, Haas cut a pre-match promo and tells everyone in the audience that he’s given it all to wrestling, and that all his friends have died (naming his brother Russ, Umaga, and Lance Cade) and this is his last match. He apparently told Kevin Kelly to go f**k himself about ten times and then the match began. He was said to be visibly crying following the match, with the fans chanting “Thank You Charlie.” He did another promo without a microphone, putting over the ROH locker room, but insulting Kevin Kelly, Delirious and Nigel McGuinness. He thanked the fans, and said he’s ready to be a good father and husband. He then hops out of the ring and gives Kevin Kelly the finger very aggressively and walks out.

Haas then took to Twitter to make a major announcement.

There are some rumblings that this may be a work, based on the individuals he insulted during his promo. All of them are one’s that his character has always insulted.

His retirement comes with weird timing, as it comes less than a week before the perfect opportunity to do so when he was scheduled to wrestle longtime partner Shelton Benjamin at Supercard of Honor VII.

Haas has been one of the most entertaining Ring of Honor personalities for at least the last year, and we’d hate to see him leave so abruptly. We wish Haas the best in whatever his future holds.

Toot toot.


Jon Shumake

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