Charlotte, NC : July 9th Results

Steel Cage Match
El Generico defeated Roderick Strong

Generico has been wanting to get his hands on Strong since he and his friend Colt Cabana were attacked by the House of Truth at ‘Honor Takes Center Stage’. At ‘Best In The World’, Generico beat Christopher Daniels for the ROH World TV Title while Strong was competing in Japan. Generico then challenged Strong to a match – one that would take place inside a steel cage. With escaping the cage not an option, Generico proved once again why he is one of the most durable athletes in the company and got the win with a Brainbutahhhh on the turnbuckle.

World’s Greatest Tag Team defeat The Bravado Brothers

Coming off a hollow victory last night in Richmond, Haas & Benjamin wanted to stamp their authority on the ROH Tag Team division with an impressive victory of the Bravados. The cocky Bravados fancied their chances but never really stood a chance and WGTT eventually won the their Broken Arrow finisher. Following the match, the Briscoes came to the ring and challenged the champs, with Charlie Haas being put through a table. Eventually, Kenny King hit the ring to make the save.

Chris Hero w/Shane Hagadorn defeated Colt Cabana

Talk about a contrast in styles, Chris Hero is very hard-hitting while Cabana prefers the more technical European style of grappling. This was sure to be an interesting contest and it turned out to be just that. Both men put on a clinic but it was Hero who managed to get the win after a Roaring Big Boot. It appeared that Hero also had a loaded pad on his boot which gave him extra impact and kept Cabana down for the pinfall.

The C&C Wrestle Factory (Caprice Coleman & Cedric Alexander)
defeated The House of Truth (Michael Elgin & Chase Owens) w/ Truth Martini

The C&C Wrestle Factory were involved in Richmond last night but went out in the semi-finals of the Tag Lottery after a hard-fought match against Adam Cole & Kyle O’Reilly. They once again impressed the ROH crowd and picked up a big win that could see them being booked more frequently in the future. Truth Martini was showcasing his latest pupil – Chase Owens. Unfortunately for Owens, it was him who was pinned after a hurricanrana from Coleman followed by a Frog Splash by Cedric. After the match, Owens got the thumbs down and was hit with a Bucklebomb & Spinning Powerbomb by Elgin.

The American Wolves defeated Adam Cole & Kyle O’Reilly

Adam Cole & Kyle O’Reilly won the Tag Lottery last night in Richmond, winning $5,000 and a future ROH Tag Team Title shot. Before that, they were charged with facing The American Wolves who were also victorious last night. The Wovles made it two in two after winning the match by TKO. The referee stopped the contest with Edwards having O’Reilly in the Achilles Lock, he then proceeded to stamp on his head which forced the referee to step in. After the match, Davey argued with Eddie about the finish with O’Reilly being part of Richards’ training team. Davey sent Eddie to the back and then he and Cole helped O’Reilly to the back.

Jay Briscoe & Rhett Titus fought to a no contest

The Briscoes were looking to get a couple of victories over the All Night Express after being eliminated by them in the big ROH Tag Team Title match at ‘Best In The World’. The second of the two singles matches descended into chaos after Jay freed Mark from his handcuffs with a bolt cutter. Titus – till handcuffed – was being whipped by the Briscoes and the referee rung the bell to signal a no contest. Fortunately for ANX, WGTT came down to the ring to make the save.

Kenny King defeated Mark Briscoe

Jay & Mark were obviously frustrated about not getting the titles at ‘Best In The World’, especially considering how they were eliminated. They have been getting the better of ANX despite Titus & King deserving a victory over them on more than one occasions. With both partners handcuffed at ringside, Kenny King managed to pull off the victory on behalf of hid team with a rolllup on Mark Briscoe.

Mike Bennett defeated Andy Ridge

Bennett was coming into this match having lost his previous three matches and was in danger of being embarrassed by Andy Ridge. Ridge competed in the ‘Top Prospects’ tournament that Bennett eventually won and “The Prodigy” showed why he won that tournament with a dominating victory over “Right Leg”.  Bennett got the victory after his patented Piledriver kept Ridge down for the count.

It was reported that the arena was absolutely packed with about 500-600 fans in attendance.

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