Christopher Daniels joins The House of Truth

In what was a fantastic weekend of Ring of Honor shows, the most shocking incident was Christopher Daniels joining The House of Truth.

Daniels had been in possession of the Book of Truth for just over a month after he had saved El Generico from a beat down by Michael Elgin and Truth Martini in Dayton. Martini and Elgin had fled the ring and left the book behind.

Thanks to a couple of videos on Ring of Honor’s website, we saw that Daniels was reading through the book in his preparation for his ROH World Title match with Roderick Strong on Night One of ‘Honor Takes Center Stage’. That wasn’t to be though as Strong lost the World Title to Eddie Edwards at ‘Manhattan Mayhem IV’ and Daniels challenged The American Wolf for the title.

Despite a great effort, Edwards showed why he is being billed as the ‘best in the world’ with a show of skill and endurance as he eventually got the win in his first title defence. “The Fallen Angel” was obviously disappointed but Edwards showed what respect he had for Daniels by offering a handshake after the match but Daniels rejected it and walked off to the bemusement of the crowd.

Daniels was in action on Night Two as well as he took on House of Truth member Michael Elgin. Elgin has been very impressive so far in ROH and continued his good form against Daniels. He performed some excellent power moves but in the end, Daniels was able to get the crafty win after hitting Elgin with a low blow whilst the referee’s back was turned. He then delivered the Best Moonsault Ever for the victory. During the whole match, Truth Martini was stationary which was unlike his usual animated self.

In a ‘SoCal Showdown II’ rematch, Roderick Strong took on El Generico. Despite interference by both Truth Martini and Michael Elgin, “The Generic Luchadore” was able to pull off the victory with a brainbuster. After the match, The House of Truth attacked El Generico until Generico’s friend Colt Cabana came down for the save.

Cabana and Generico were unable to overcome the numbers game but looked to be saved when Daniels came running to the ring with the Book of Truth in hand. Daniels stood in the ring for a moment before nailing Generico with the book. Daniels and The House of Truth continued to beat down on Generico and Cabana before leaving. It now looks as if Christopher Daniels is a member of The House of Truth.

The House of Truth was looking very bare a few months ago. Just Roderick Strong and Truth Martini remained until they added Michael Elgin. Since then, Martini has made it clear that he wanted to add another guy to the House of Truth. Martini has been staging ‘trials’ and the likes of Caleb Konley and Mike Mondo have not shown enough to be accepted into the group.

Now Martini has really secured a feather in his cap with the arrival of Daniels into the House of Truth. Martini is a self proclaimed ‘life intervention expert’ and helped Roderick Strong become the ROH World Champion. Daniels is already the ROH TV Champion but the belt he really wants is around the waist of Eddie Edwards.

Daniels has read the Book of Truth and obviously feels confident that it will give him the edge needed to become the ROH World Champion. The House of Truth now look like a dominant force in ROH which is bad news for everybody on the roster. One questions remains unanswered though, will the Book of Truth do for Christopher Daniels what it did for Roderick Strong?

Steven Coney

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