Christopher Daniels speaks on ROH

Christopher Daniels is often considered as one of the founding fathers of Ring of Honor having competed in the company’s first ever main event at ‘The Era of Honor Begins’.

‘The Fallen Angel’ wrestled on and off for the company up until 2007. However, after a three year absence, he returned full-time in April 2010 at ‘The Big Bang!’. He went on to wrestle for the company up until ‘Best In The World 2011’ and managed to capture his first singles title in ROH, the ROH World TV title, along the way.

Jason of Alternative Wrestling Magazine sat down with Daniels and he discussed several topics regarding ROH.

On Ring of Honor’s beginnings:

“I feel that when Ring of Honor started they had a really specific mindset of their fan base. I think they were looking at that hardcore wrestling fan in the same way that ECW did, and they catered to them. Over the course of the 10 years now they had opportunities, given opportunities to guys who never had the opportunity for that spotlight to be on them, you know for them to make their name.

“Look at the guys who have or are holding world titles in TNA and WWE. Guys like Samoa Joe, Daniel Bryan, CM Punk, AJ Styles, and now Austin Aries. All of them guy’s first opportunity of extended period in the spotlight was in Ring of Honor.”

On whether ROH can succeed as a television product:

“I feel that this has to do with how Ring of Honor’s main platform of getting shows out was for so long. Their main outlet for the fans to be seen was through their DVDs. They did not have a weekly television show, so there is no need for them to run television style angles, and so when your main outlet is the live events format then you have to cater to that format.

“Since they have got their television show, I feel that Ring of Honor have slowly but surely started to have more of a television style of feel to it. They are managing to still have good in-ring action at that high quality level.

“I think the character development is why Kevin Steen has found the success that he has found. As far as his character goes, as far as he goes, he has cultivated not only in the ring, across the internet, and across
his fan base. He has become a character that these people can get behind or root against, then once he gets to the ring he can back it up with his skill.”

On ROH expanding under SBG:

“Sinclair Broadcast Group have bought Ring of Honor and opened the floodgates as far as their television show. They are trying to expand that audience, at the same time they have to keep that audience that they have got happy and content with what is going on. It is a hard road to walk, to keep the fans you have got happy, and at same time open your eyes to get your fan base growing. It is a tough battle. You can see in this first year, you know their growing pains you can still see but they are improving slowly but surely.”

On his time back in ROH during 2010 and 2011:

“I feel that it was good for me personally just because it challenged me to work with a different crew, different wrestlers, to go back to a style that I had not necessarily gotten away from just had not concentrated on. I feel like that year working with Ring of Honor working with guys like Davey Richards, Eddie Edwards, and Roderick Strong, that period of time challenged me to step up my game.

“That all goes back to what I said before about being well rounded, I know if I have to wrestle an 8 minute TV match I can. Then at the same time if you tell me I have to wrestle a 30 minute live event type of match, I definitely know I can do that as well. That year in Ring of Honor reaffirmed my belief in myself that I could go out and put all them types of matches together.”

To the read the full interview and to also see a chat with ‘Unbreakable’ Michael Elgin, click here to view the magazine.

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