A Closer Look at ROH’s New World TV Champion‏

As previously reported on ROHWorld.com, Adam Cole defeated Roderick Strong for the Ring of Honor World Television championship in Baltimore last Friday as part of a Sinclair television taping.

ROHWorld.com got a chance to catch up with Adam Cole for some brief comments on his latest in a long line of impressive performances for Ring of Honor.  “Since I’ve come into Ring of Honor, a lot of people talked about the potential that I have and that someday I could become a champion,” Cole said.

Before making his mark in Ring of Honor, Cole improved his craft in various other independent promotions, most notably the Philadelphia-based Combat Zone Wrestling where he began his professional wrestling career under the CZW Academy.  He set a precedent in CZW, winning the World Junior heavyweight championship and defending the belt for 553 days, including championship defenses in Germany for the famed WXW promotion.

Before making the permanent jump to Ring of Honor, Cole reached yet another CZW brass ring, beating Sami Callihan to win the Best of the Best X tournament, one of the most highly competitive tournaments presently in wrestling.

With this impressive list of accolades, Cole came into Ring of Honor as a sure-fire star; it was just a matter of knowing when to pull the trigger and elevate the young athlete.  “I knew that I had it in me, and that if given the right opportunity, I would take full advantage and become a champion I knew I could become,” Cole said.

Cole made his first big splash at Final Battle 2010, teaming with Kyle O’Reilly in an impressive showing against the All Night Express despite coming up short.  But after paying their dues in Ring of Honor, Cole and O’Reilly – at this point re-branded Future Shock – solidified themselves as the next big team on the rise in ROH’s deep tag team division.

But the team’s ascent to the top was cut short when outside allegiances drove Cole and O’Reilly apart, resulting in a feud between the two that would span many months.  In March, in one of many encounters between the two, Cole surprised everyone when he pinned O’Reilly’s partner, then world champion Davey Richards, with acrossbody.  At that point Cole’s first wave of momentum began.

But the momentum, due in part to extenuating circumstances at Ring of Honor’s Showdown in the Sun events as well as to the company’s failure to fully capitalize on Cole’s accomplishment, petered out before it could kick into the next gear.  But in June at Ring of Honor’s Best in the World 2012 internet pay-per-view, Cole once again captured the imaginations of ROH fans the world over in an intense war with O’Reilly which pitted jiu jitsu against traditional pro wrestling, leaving Cole bloody, beaten, and wounded, but victorious.

This time Cole rode the wave of momentum all the way to Roderick Strong’s Television championship, which Cole now wears proudly.  “Being the ROH World Television Champion means everything to me,” Cole said.  “Not only does it show that all the hard work is paying off, but I feel this is the first step of many to becoming the very best that Ring of Honor has to offer.  I’ll do everything in my power to have a long, eventful, and memorable title reign, and hopefully this is the start of something very special.”

The Television title has always been presented as a potential gateway to the World title.  With that in mind, it’s easy to presume that yet another special moment is not so far off in Cole’s bright future.

A Closer Look at ROH’s New World TV Champion‏

Des Delgadillo

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