CMLL Informa Report: Matt Taven, Michael Elgin and Juice Robinson

Ahead of CMLL’s Gran Prix tournament on 9/1/2017, ROH’s Matt Taven and NJPW’s Michael Elgin and Juice Robinson appeared on CMLL Informa to talk about their participation in the upcoming tournament and their time down in Mexico so far. Marco Corleone served as a translator for the segment.

Each member of the panel was asked essentially the same questions, starting off about how they are enjoying their time in CMLL and Mexico.

Robinson was first to answer, saying that he did not know what to expect from the company or Mexico in general, but that he has been quite pleased with every part of being in Mexico, citing that the fans are great, the food is excellent and the women are attractive.

Matt Taven then responded to the same prompt, stating that he had traveled to CMLL for the first time last year, following the rehab to his knee injury. He said that while he was nervous about the trip, he had a wonderful time and although the men might boo him, he is satisfied in knowing that the women support him while he’s down in Mexico. Taven finished by saying that it had been a dream to wrestle in Arena Mexico and that there is no better place to be on a Friday night.

Michael Elgin was the last to answer, with the added question of what it is like knowing that CMLL fans had been clamoring for his return. He responded by saying that some wrestlers are in it for the fame, some for money and some for furthering their legacy. He spoke about the importance for him personally to be respected all around the world and knowing that the fans specifically wanted him to return is an honor for him.

The three were then asked about who they thought would be the person to watch in the tournament.

Robinson was again first to answer and he said that Volador Jr. is the man to watch because he won the tournament last year. Taven said that Rush is certainly someone to watch, but that his history with Ultimo Guerrero makes that the person he would be keeping his eye on. Elgin, to chuckles from the crowd, said that he was the man to watch, which seemed to really enthuse Taven, whom immediately said he knows Elgin would say that.

The segment ended after a few fans who were given the opportunity to declare their allegiance for either the CMML talent or the international, with two surprising the host by siding with the foreigners.

Overall, this was fun appearance for all involved and it was clear that the CMLL fans were quite familiar with Taven and Elgin, audibly reacting to both appearing on the set. Kenny King, who was not on the show, will be part of the tournament as well.

The entire clip can be viewed below, courtesy of CMLL’s Youtube page. Both the Gran Prix tournament and the 84th Anniversario will be able available through CMLL for a package deal beginning Thursday, August 24th on their website.