Colby Corino responds to Kevin Steen

In response to Kevin Steen’s extremely controversial letter, Steve Corino’s son, Colby, has replied with a letter of his own. Here it is:

My name is Colby Corino. Some Ring Of Honor fans may know me as the 14 year old son of Steve Corino.

I have grown up in a wrestling family. My father has done this for 17 years. My aunt (Allison Danger) and uncle (Ares) are wrestlers. Even the other wrestlers are my extended family. It’s all I have ever known.

In the ring my father is Evil. I know. It’s natural to him. Over the years I have seen him do things that has made me cringe, but even when I was little, I knew he did what he did inside the ring to provide for us outside the ring.

The Steve Corino that fans see in the squared circle is much different then the Steve Corino I know at home. That man is caring, loving, and even funny. Although he loves pro-wrestling he understands that it is a tough sport and you have to have be tough to survive. But still, he never brought his work home. I can’t tell you how many times he has come home from a tour of Japan, beat up, cut up, and tired but we’d go for ice cream or a movie.

But that all ended on June 26.

June 26 was supposed to be his day of Redemption. Every bad thing he ever did, every loss to Mike Bennett, and every insecurity he had was going to be worth it.

He knew he was going to have Jimmy in his corner. And he knew that Kevin Steen was watching his back. Or so we thought.

My friends and I watched as we saw Kevin attack Jimmy, ROH, and my dad on iPPV.

How could you do this Uncle Kev? I looked up to you. My dad looked up to you. Last year, he would tell me how much your passion and drive reminded him of himself 12 years ago. He said that you would be the ROH World champion one day. I knew you would be.

It’s been almost two weeks now. He won’t talk about it. To anybody. Not me, not Guillotine LeGrande, and not ROH Officials. I have seen the caller ID on the home phone and his mobile phone. I know that Jim Cornette has called him a half dozen times. He won’t pick up. It’s like he is in denial.

This was not part of the plan Uncle Kev. You guys were going to rehab together. You were going to get better. You were going to be the World Champion. But look what you did. You really are the Anti-Christ of, not only ROH, but all of pro-wrestling.

It’s not too late to say you’re sorry.

Although the other ROH wrestlers won’t forgive my father, and I don’t blame them, he is a very forgiving person.

Its not about wrestling Uncle Kev. This affected our personal life. Please Uncle Kev, admit that you were wrong. Wrong to turn on El Generico. Wrong to do what you did to Colt Cabana. Wrong for what you did to Jim Cornette and ROH. And wrong for what you did to my father.

My dad admitted he was wrong. Jimmy admitted he was wrong. I admit, I was wrong for doing what I did.

My father always tells me, “Every action, good or bad, has a consequence”. You know that unless you change, this can only end badly for everyone.

Be the role model I know you are, Uncle Kev. It’s not too late.

It’s never too late until the end.

Colby Corino 
Twitter: @CCorino

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