Collinsville, IL: November 6th Results

Ring of Honor returned to the St. Louis area for another action packed show. The Cardinals recently won the MLB World Series so ROH was hoping to keep up the local success with a good show and certainly had the card to do so, here are the results:

All Night Express defeated The American Wolves

ANX came into this one knowing they had a war on their hands and a win would give them a massive boost as they prepare for their ROH World Tag Team title shot at ‘Glory By Honor X’. This was said to be match of the night by those in attendance with ANX really putting on a show. The end came when Rhett Titus hit a frog splash followed up by a perfect shooting star press by Kenny King. After the match, Richards put over ANX and said they’ve solidified themselves as a team to face in ROH.

El Generico defeated Mike Bennett w/Brutal Bob Evans

This was the match of the TV Title contenders. Generico got his last night after losing the belt to Jay Lethal on ROH TV. Bennett then got a shot but walked out after the time limit had elapsed. This was a great opportunity for both guys with Jay Lethal keeping an eye on this one. Despite constant interference from Evans, Generico was able to pick up the win when he hit the second brainbuster of the night. After the match, Evans and Bennett beat down on Generico with Bennett hitting the ‘Box Office Smash’.

Jay Lethal defeated Mark Briscoe

This was a ‘Proving Ground’ contest with Briscoe aiming to get a TV Title shot somewhere down the line. This was said to be a solid match with lots of back-and-forth action with either man looking likely to win it. Both men hit their signature moves before Lethal hit the ‘Lethal Combination’ followed by the diving elbow drop off the top rope for the win.

MsChif defeated Mia Yim

This was Yim’s debut inside an ROH ring despite her being a part of The Embassy for some time now. MsChif is from St Louis so a nice little home town crowd for her. This was a last minute addition to the card and MsChif picked up the win with the ‘Desecrator’ following several minutes of dominance.

ROH World Tag Team Title Match
Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team defeated Future Shock

This was a great opportunity for Cole & O’Reilly as they get their Tag Title shot that they won in the Tag Lottery in Richmond, VA. Shelton Benjamin was sporting bandages around his waist/ribs and it looked to hamper his movement at times. Haas did a lot of the wrestling for WGTT as Future Shock really looked like equals in this one. The ending came when Haas locked in the ‘Haas of Pain’ on O’Reilly who had no choice but to tap out. Haas put over Future Shock after the match.

Michael Elgin w/Truth Martini defeated Grizzly Redwood

This was the match of the ‘Unbreakables’. The terrifyingly strong Michael Elgin and the always plucky Grizzly Redwood. People were expecting a pretty quick squash match but after an initial onslaught, Grizzly fought back and used his speed and determination to get in some offense. Unfortunately for the ‘Littlest Lumberjack’ he got locked in a Boston Crab and had to give up.

Steve Corino & Jimmy Jacobs defeated The Bravado Brothers

Jacobs had a knee brace on for this one and it held him back on a few spots he attempted. Said to be a fun match between the two teams. Corino used the ol’ ‘Thumb in the Bum’ on Harlem as Jacobs used the same ‘manoeuvre’ on Lance. Corino & Jacobs got a good reaction from the crowd and Corino picked up the win for his team after the ‘Eternal Dream’. Kevin Steen was nowhere to be seen.

Jay Briscoe defeated TJ Perkins

TJP has only recently signed with ROH and is looking to stamp his mark on the roster. This was a tough test though as he faced off against one half of ‘Dem Boys’, Jay Briscoe. TJP was said to have held his own in this one and came close to victory on numerous occasions. However, it would be Briscoe who picked up the win after a devastating ‘Jay Driller’.

Tommaso Ciampa w/The Embassy defeated Andy “Right Leg” Ridge

Ciampa was initially scheduled to face the returning Delirious but he had to pull out towards the end of the week after ROH claimed a ‘conflict of interests’. In his place was top ROH academy student Andy Ridge. Ciampa dominates the early goings but Ridge fights back as The Embassy try to interfere. Delirious comes out and starts to chase Prince Nana and the rest of the Embassy around the ringside area. Back in the ring, Ciampa takes control once more and hits the ‘Project Ciampa’ to pick up the win and remain undefeated.

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