The Colony Comes to ROH

Ring of Honor and CHIKARA will team up to present “Synergy” April 28 in Chicago Ridge, Ill. “Synergy” will feature a double header with a CHIKARA show in the afternoon and a Ring of Honor show at night. It will be a great day for wrestling fans in the Chicago area as each show will feature wrestlers from both companies. One match on Ring of Honor’s “Unity” event that involves CHIKARA talent was announced weeks ago when Hallowicked and Jigsaw earned the right to challenge Jay and Mark Briscoe for the ROH World Tag Team Championships. Another match featuring CHIKARA talent was announced recently. It will be The Colony taking on the Ring of Honor team of TJ Perkins, Adam Cole and Jay Lethal.

Ring of Honor fans may not be aware of who The Colony is, but they will soon find out what the trios of ants can do inside the wrestling ring. The Colony is made up of Fire Ant, Soldier Ant and Green Ant, and together they are one of the most dynamic trios in the world of wrestling.

Although there have been other incarnations of The Colony, Fire Ant and Solider Ant have been the constants since the group’s debut at “Tag World Grand Prix 2006.” Fire Ant and Soldier Ant have had a lot of success as a tag team since their debut. They won the “Tag World Grand Prix 2008” by outlasting 11 other teams and winning a triple threat tag team match in the tournament’s final. They would win CHIKARA’s tag team championships, which are known as the Campeonatos de Parejas, in November 2009 when they defeated the Osirian Portal, and they held the belts for 188 days before losing them to the Bruderschaft de Kreuzes.

The Colony added Green Ant in the summer of 2009, and the group’s success only continued. They reached the finals of the 2010 King of Trios tournament, but were defeated of the Bruderschaft de Kreuzes team of Claudio Castagnoli, Ares and Tursas. They would once again enter the King of Trios tournament in 2011. The Colony emerged victorious when they became the King of Trios after surviving a tournament consisting of 16 trios. They defeated F.I.S.T. in the finals of the tournament to become the King of Trios.

The three members of The Colony work well together and they each bring something unique to the group. Fire Ant, who has recently competed for Ring of Honor at “Showdown in the Sun Day Two,” is known as the “Energetic Insectoid Grappler.” He is known for his high energy and his high risk maneuvers. He is also the only current member of The Colony to have won a singles title, as he was the sixth person to hold the Young Lions Cup. Soldier Ant has been referred to as “The Militant Mat Mite” and he brings the military discipline to the trios. Since he is a soldier, he often incorporates saluting into his offense. Green Ant, who has been called “The Resilient Rookie,” is a submission specialist. After returning from a devastating elbow injury, he has become a great technical wrestler and a mat technician. Green Ant introduced a new submission hold, which is a variation of the CHIKARA Special called the CHIKARA Special: GREEN, and it has become his go-to hold.

The Colony represents the essence of what CHIKARA is about: great wrestlers who have fun characters that put on entertaining matches. The Colony’s match at “Unity” is going potentially be the sleeper hit of the night as they wrestle TJ Perkins, Adam Cole and Jay Lethal. The Colony has to have the advantage in this match as they have been teaming together and winning championships for years, while this is the first time the three Ring of Honor wrestlers will be teaming together. The match will also be held under Lucha rules, which also has to benefit The Colony. No matter which team wins or loses, the fans will be in store for a fun, fast and exciting match when these two teams match-up April 28 at “Unity.”

Jon Shumake

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