Corino & Jacobs discuss Cornette & Delirious

In a shoot interview that has just been released on, SCUM members Steve Corino & Jimmy Jacobs talk at length about Ring of Honor and the creative situation over their years in the company. You can pick up the ‘Full Case of Tales with SCUM’ at Highspots for $9.99.

When asked about his views on working with Jim Cornette in ROH, Corino said: “I was always a Jim Cornette guy. I met him in 1995 or ’96 and he was working for the WWF at the time and got me a tryout and job matches. He also helped me get into Puerto Rico and Memphis, I was a real Cornette guy. I was excited when he came back to ROH as a consultant, I thought it was going to be good for me as he’d always liked me and helped me. It went to sh*t real quick, he wasn’t a fan of Kevin (Steen) and me versus El Generico and (Colt) Cabana and I’ve no idea why because it was the hottest thing in the company. Jim hated it.”

“At ‘Final Battle 2010’ Steen and Generico are beating the p*ss out of each other, me and Cabana are waiting for our cues behind the curtain and Jim was going crazy saying this was garbage wrestling and was ruining pro wrestling. I was getting hot at that point and remember wanting to quit, this wasn’t the Cornette I remembered. When the company was sold, Jim said I was a little too old to be in the ring and wouldn’t be offered a contract. What Jim thought ROH should be and what the fans and wrestlers thought it should be is totally different. You could see it was frustrating to him and frustrating for the wrestlers. I saw the different side of Jim Cornette and I think it’s good that he’s gone now. Time heals wounds and I’m sure I’ll be cool with him again but he broke my heart.”

On whether he agrees with the majority of ROH’s fanbase being anti-Cornette, Corino added: “I agree with the fans. As a fan of ROH and wrestling, a guy like Hunter (Delirious) can give fans what they want. Jim’s style of wrestling is very 1992. He just didn’t evolve. He didn’t understand how important internet presence is. We alienated them for the TV audience. He underestimated the internet, that was his problem.

“Hunter is so creative. He’s fun to listen to and when he’s talking about a story, he really gets into it. He won’t tell us exactly what we’re going to do, just bits and pieces. It’s a tough job but he’s doing well.”

Regarding Cornette, Jacobs added: “Cornette has tremendous upside but shouldn’t have been the guy calling the shots. He’s a great mind but he was booking to get angles over rather than characters over like Gabe (Sapolsky) did. He was booking for the angles and they don’t normally get over like they used to because they’ve all been done to death. I loved Adam (Pearce) and Delirious and I think Jim was a great mind. Gabe was the only guy who I could contact any day or night, my job was 24 hours when he was there. When he left it became a sort of ‘you show up, do what you’re told’ and that’s it.”

Steven Coney

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