How the King of Old School Is Working Perfectly

Throughout 2012 Ring of Honor suffered an epic downfall. From head-scratching booking decisions, to mind-numbing creative fumbles; Jim Cornette brought ROH down to a low that none of us wanted to see.

Throughout it all, Kevin Steen and his two SCUM co-workers became great parts of an otherwise botched product. And after Hunter Johnson took control of booking, Ring of Honor returned to the product that we fell in love with. Great wrestling, combined with entertaining storylines to keep the audience gripped.

The biggest of these major creative overhauls was the evolution of SCUM. A stable that had a goal for about a year, but due to incredibly illogical booking was unable to even try and accomplish the goal they set out to do: kill ROH. When Hunter Johnston added four new members and a brilliant mouthpiece, you knew things were going to get good.

For so long Kevin Steen was the centerpiece of SCUM. That is what should happen when you have a heel stable: the dominant champion should be the main focus. That, however, left the tremendous workers in Jimmy Jacobs and Steve Corino without a real direction or focus. When SCUM evolved, that all changed.

Steve Corino was thrust in a high-pressure situation. You have six great wrestlers in a stable, and you have to put them over as the most dominant group in ROH history. You have to get the point across that this group could legitimately threaten Ring of Honor.

Basically, you have to hold the biggest angle in the company on your back. And Steve Corino has done it in style.

For a guy that has to cut ten promos at every television taping, live event, and iPPV, he has truly been able to make his words meaningful. A group trying to take over a company? Been there done that, but Steve Corino is able voice his opinion, that ROH needs to die, in a way that you might actually believe this guy is crazy enough to kill the company.

Corino could’ve been the main mouthpiece for SCUM throughout all of 2012, but Kevin Steen was the main man doing the talking. Now, Hunter Johnston has taken a man with so much talent, experience, and knowledge, and he has made him the biggest heel in the company.

And no, this isn’t me kissing the King of Old School’s ass. This is me praising one man who was suddenly positioned to carry a massive storyline, and has done it to perfection. I mean, the first sign that he is doing something right is that the ROH crowd actually gives him heel heat when he comes out. For a crowd that just cheers wrestlers for being great wrestlers, they are actually giving heat to a man that they all respect.

ROH fans love Steve Corino, but his material, the way he is verbalizing his words is just forcing them to buy into the angle and boo him. Ring of Honor is back to the ROH of old. And if Delirious has restored honor, then Steve Corino has made sure it stays.

Logan Randall

Logan is a big ROH fan who has used his passion for the company as the basis to write articles on a variety of ROH related topics. He regularly writes for, and has now brought his fandom to ROHWorld.