Rumor: Cornette on Sabbatical from Ring of Honor

Jim Cornette will take an extended leave of absence from Ring of Honor, according to a report on the Wrestling Observer website.

Cornette, 51, decided to take a sabbatical from pro wrestling after the latest television taping from Pittsburgh, PA., where he delivered the latest in a string of backstage tirades about the state of Ring of Honor outside the ring, reports said. Reports went on to say Cornette had originally decided to skip Final Battle in New York on Dec. 16, but recently opted to step back entirely.

He was written off television at the Rahway show on Oct. 8, with the belief he would continue his duties backstage under head booker Delirious. On that same night, Cornette and Delirious announced to the locker room that Delirious would once again assume duties of head booker, presumably to lessen Cornette’s workload.

Cornette assumed the position of Executive Producer for Ring of Honor in 2009, remaining a fixture backstage and, along with Delirious, steering the company’s creative direction.

There is no time table on Cornette’s return to the company. We will have more here on as developments are made available.

Des Delgadillo

Des writes a variety of articles for ROHWorld, including a weekly round-up of the news that is published every Friday. He also makes regular appearances on ROHCast alongside other members of the ROHWorld team.