Creative Direction : The Briscoes and The All Night Express

When you think about tag team wrestling in Ring of Honor, one name springs to mind – The Briscoes.

The Briscoes have been in Ring of Honor for almost its entire existence and according to them, they don’t raise the bar; they are the bar. There are plenty of other great tag teams in ROH though and one team that has really started to make waves are The All Night Express. Rhett Titus and Kenny King have been teaming for a couple of years now and are finally being considered as one of he best in ROH.

After starting to focus more on business and less on pleasure, ANX started racking up the wins and they were subsequently given a title shot at the ‘9th Anniversary Show’. They put up a great fight but were ultimately defeated by the loaded elbow pad of Chris Hero. The Briscoes were also in action in Chicago as they took on Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team (Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin) for a shot at The Kings of Wrestling. The Briscoes came up short and were put in a match against Titus & King at ‘Manhattan Mayhem IV’. Both teams wanted to rebound with a win but it was The All Night Express that managed to pull off the victory and The Briscoes were not happy. After the match, they attacked Titus & King and the two teams brawled to the back.

It’s not entirely clear what The Briscoes have against ANX but Rhett Titus thinks it’s because they are taking The Briscoes spot and they don’t like it. You can read our exclusive interview with Titus here. The only way to settle the dispute was to put both teams in a match at ‘Honor Takes Center Stage’ that turned into a bloody brawl which The Briscoes won. The Briscoes also defeated Adam Cole & Kyle O’Reilly in what was a very successful weekend for them. After the match, Jay Briscoe said that The Briscoes aren’t going to lose any more in ROH.

Recently we learned that The Briscoes had challenged The All Night Express to a match at ROH Revolution: USA in Dearborn, MI on May 6th. The Briscoes have requested a First Blood match and it’ll be interesting to see if Titus & King accept the challenge.

I like what ROH have done with these two teams, especially The All Night Express. Just last year, they were still considered as ‘prospects’, a label that Rhett Titus was quick to disagree with in our interview. After a few brilliant matches, they are now considered as legitimate Tag Team Title material by ROH fans and officials alike. By turning The Briscoes heel at ‘Manhattan Mayhem IV’ ROH pulled off a brilliant double turn in one match, something which isn’t easy to do at all. All of the tag teams in ROH apart from The Kings of Wrestling were face so another heel team was required and The Briscoes really needed a new lease of life.

Judging from The Briscoes’ words, they fully intend to go on a long winning streak and this could be used well in a storyline. There are so many possibilities to this one that it’ll be very interesting to see what road they take. In my mind, a great way to do it would be for The Briscoes to win the First Blood match. I would make it so The All Night Express come up just short and have another very close match between the two teams which The Briscoes win again. The Briscoes could taunt ANX and say they’re not good enough to be in ROH.

Ideally, I’d like to see the pay-off of this feud happen at Final Battle. To do this, we might have to use some creative matches, maybe a couple of singles matches between the four men and eventually this could lead to a big match at Final Battle to end it. You could have it so the winner of the match gets a ROH World Tag Team Title shot and maybe even throw in another stipulation such as ‘If ANX lose, they are gone from ROH’. The All Night Express would defeat The Briscoes finally and they’d really be seen as a top, top team in ROH. This could be the start of the build-up to their first ROH Tag Team Title reign, which I believe they deserve. The Briscoes could disappear for a few months and then make a return and they’d still be well received by the fans.

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