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Hello and welcome to the newest article here on ROHWorld – Creative Direction. It’s quite self explanatory, I’ll pick a guy on the roster and describe how I would book them in the coming weeks and months. If people like the idea, I’ll continue the series with other wrestlers but for now, the first article will be all about Davey Richards!

Davey Richards is well known not just in the United States but across the globe for his accomplishments, but one title he has never held is the ROH World Championship. Everyone knows that whoever holds the ROH World Title has the right to call themselves the best in the world and although Richards might think he is, he needs the gold to prove it.

Richards has been with ROH since 2006 but really started to make waves in 2008. He won his first piece of gold – the ROH World Tag Team Titles – with Rocky Romero and later that year, he and Eddie Edwards created The American Wolves.

The pair were successful and became the ROH World Tag Team Champions in April 2009 after defeating Kevin Steen & El Generico in a Tables are Legal match. The Wolves were then involved in the first ever tag Team Title match that ended in a time limit draw, their opponents this time were Bryan Danielson & Tyler Black.

The Wolves held the belts for eight months but eventually lost them to the Briscoes at Final Battle 2009. After that, Edwards and Richards decided to focus more on their singles careers and this led to both men being part of the tournament to crown the first ever ROH World Television Champion. Ironically, it was Edwards and Richards who were in the final and Edwards managed to get the win to become the first ever ROH World TV Champion.

After this, Richards managed to kick on and featured predominantly in the ROH World Title picture. He faced off against Tyler Black at Death Before Dishonor VIII  but fell short. With rumours circulating that Richards was set to retire at the end of 2010, Jim Cornette announced Richards had signed a new contract. At Final Battle 2010, Richards received another title shot, this time against Roderick Strong. He was unable to win the belt again though and suffered a concussion after the match.

Richards returned in 2011 and said that he would train harder than ever as if he failed to win the belt the next time he challenged, he wouldn’t battle for it again. Richards has had some impressive victories as of late. He beat Colt Cabana at the ‘9th Anniversary Show’ in Chicago, Claudio Castagnoli at ‘Defy or Deny’ and Christopher Daniels at ‘Manhattan Mayhem IV’.

Manhattan Mayhem IV was also a big night for another American Wolf. Eddie Edwards became ROH World Champion after defeating Roderick Strong. Edwards joined an elite club of wrestlers who have won the ROH World Title at the first time of asking.

Edwards defends his title against Christopher Daniels on the first night of the ‘Honor Takes Center Stage’ iPPVs as Richards takes on Roderick Strong. On the second night, Edwards and Richards team up again as they take on Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin – Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team.

It’ll be interesting to see how the two men get on during their tag team match. Richards has got to be angry that his partner managed to become World Champion before he did. Even if he is pleased for him, there has to be some jealousy there. Not only has Edwards won the World Title before him, he also beat Richards in the final to crown the first ever ROH TV Champion.

What I’d like to see happen is Richards turning on Edwards during their tag team match. Richards could attack Edwards after the match and claim that “The hunt is on!”. This would be similar to the Kevin Steen & El Generico turn but if done right, it could easily be seen as a different story.

I know Richards is a fan favourite but he’s never really held many ‘face’ qualities in my opinion. By turning on Edwards on Saturday, ROH could build up to a big title match at the next iPPV. It’d be best not to do the match straight away as Richards surely has to win the title at the next time of asking as I just can’t see him never holding the ROH World Title.

Have Richards win the belt at the next iPPV, possibly through some sort of underhanded tactics, and then have Edwards go back after it. I know a lot of people don’t want Edwards’ reign to be a short one, but in the long run, I think turning Davey would give them a lot of options in the future.

If done right, I can see this feud being similar to the Steen and Generico one which received very high praise from fans and critics alike.

So, do you agree or not? Would you like to see Davey turn on Edwards or would you prefer to see them battle it out as The American Wolves? Let us know your thoughts by e-mailing us at

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