Creative Direction : The Embassy

The Embassy are the most famous stable in Ring of Honor history and now they are back and are focusing on being better than ever.

The stable was the brainchild of Prince Nana and he has been behind the faction since its inception in 2004. Originally, Nana was the manager of Xavier but decided to expand and eventually, The Embassy had the likes of Jimmy Rave, Abyss and Alex Shelley within its ranks. The group eventually started to fizzle out and was disbanded after Nana left ROH in 2006.

After Nana returned to ROH in late 2008, The Embassy was then reformed in 2009, this time with Nana alongside Bison Smith and Ernie Osiris. They were then joined by former member Jimmy Rave as well as Claudio Castagnoli, Joey Ryan, Erick Stevens, Shawn Daivari and Necro Butcher. Yet again though, The Embassy failed to reach the heights that Nana thought were achievable and the group fell apart.

Prince Nana brought the group back with the intentions of exceeding the limited success that previous versions of The Embassy had experienced. So far, so good for Nana and his group as they look very dominant. This is mostly down to Nana’s ‘project’ Tommaso Ciampa. Ciampa is yet to lose in a singles match and this includes a very impressive win over Homicide at ‘Honor Takes Center Stage’.

Nana also introduced veteran Dave Taylor in to the fold and the Brit put on a good match with Colt Cabana in Atlanta. Prince Nana isn’t the most liked guy on the roster and wouldn’t have trouble in finding some enemies for The Embassy.

Homicide and Cabana look like they have problems with The Embassy and this could lead to a potential feud. The Embassy has struggled in the past due to a lack of legitimate enemies in my opinion and either of these men would be a good foil for the likes of Ciampa.

What I’d love to see happen is the return of Jimmy Rave. Rave was known as “The Crown Jewel” of The Embassy and Nana told us that he’s one of the best. You can read our exclusive interview with Prince Nana here: We could have Nana tease the introduction of yet another Embassy member and at the next iPPV in New York, Rave would return. They could maybe set up a Homicide & Cabana vs. Ciampa & Taylor match for the iPPV and Rave could interfere but he would attack Ciampa and Taylor leading to a loss for The Embassy.

This would infuriate Prince Nana and Rave could say it’s because of the way he has treated him in the past. He could also make reference to the Necro Butcher incident where Nana said he had re-signed Rave but instead, it was just Necro dressed up as Rave. This could lead to a bitter feud between the former ‘crown jewel’ of The Embassy and Nana and his ‘project’ Tommaso Ciampa. Cabana and Homicide could also play a role in this feud and this could set up a potential six-man tag match somewhere down the line.

The new version of The Embassy could really work. Prince Nana is brilliant on the mic and is one of the best managers in Professional Wrestling today. Ciampa looks like a brilliant addition and Taylor is a seasoned veteran. Nana might have to add somebody else but with some good opposition, The Embassy could become a really hated heel stable in Ring of Honor once again.

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Steven Coney

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