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If you’re not familiar with our Creative Direction articles, they are basically just a rundown of what I would personally do with a particular guy on the roster.

This time it’s the turn of Homicide. “The Notorious 187” made his return to Ring of Honor last year at ‘Glory By Honor IX’ when he confronted Roderick Strong after he won the ROH World Title from Tyler Black.

Homicide demanded a title shot as he never got a rematch after he lost the ROH World Title to Takeshi Morishima back in 2007. Homicide was granted his wish at the ‘9th Anniversary Show’ but came up short in a Street Fight against Strong.

It’s safe to say that Homicide hasn’t been firing on all cylinders since his return. He has failed to win big matches and his performances on the whole have been forgettable. Since his title shot, Homicide tagged with former partner Hernandez in a losing effort against The Kings of Wrestling at ‘Manhattan Mayhem IV’.

Homicide looked to have got back on the right track with a victory at ‘Honor Takes Center Stage: Chapter 1’ but the following day at Chapter 2, he lost to The Embassy’s Tommaso Ciampa. Homicide and Prince Nana do not see eye-to-eye and have been involved in some serious trash talk.

Ciampa will go up against Homicide again at ‘ROH Revolution: USA’ as Nana will be looking to help his “Project” cause another upset. A good way to play this one would be for Ciampa to win for a second time. Past versions of The Embassy have failed in my opinion due to lack of credible rivals. Homicide would give them this and would subsequently make The Embassy look better.

I’d have Ciampa winning through some sort of interference, or maybe even a DQ. The most important thing is what happens after the match. The Embassy should ambush Homicide and eventually R.D Evans could hit Homicide with a steel chair. This would avenge what Homicide did to Evans at ‘Honor Takes Center Stage’.

Homicide would be absolutely irate and send The Embassy a message saying he’s sick of messing around with nobodies and this could lead to a no DQ match between Homicide and Ciampa. The Embassy would be at Ciampa’s side and would give him help during the match but then out of nowhere, Low Ki would appear and chase them off allowing Homicide to get the victory.

We exclusively revealed that it looks as if Low Ki will be returning to Ring of Honor (you can read that story here) and this would be a great way to introduce him. This way Homicide gets the shot in the arm he desperately needs and this could lead to a Rottweilers reunion in some sort of tag match involving The Embassy. Homicide would start to look more like his old self in Ring of Honor and The Embassy would look stronger than ever.

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