Davey Richards Apologises to Kevin Steen

After making some controversial statements regarding Kevin Steen in recent interviews with Highspots and ROHWorld.com, Davey Richards issued the following statement yesterday to PWInsider.

“I want to publicly apologize for the comments I said in my shoot interview about Kevin Steen. I was very angry and bitter at some things that were said and done by him during my time as champion.

As different as me and Kevin are professionally, personally I hurt a friend and a very good person. Nonetheless, it’s no excuse and I want to apologize to Steen and his fans and wish him and ROH the very best.”

It has been rumoured that Kevin Steen will also be filming an interview with Highspots, so it will be interesting to see if Steen shares any opinions/thoughts on Davey’s comments.

Harry Turner

Harry is the co-owner and web designer of ROHWorld. He founded the website back in February 2011 with Steven. Harry was the host of ROHCast from Episodes #1 - #111.