ROH in Dearborn, MI (1/18/13) Results

Quick Results:

  1. Bobby Fish & Kyle O’Reilly def. BJ Whitmer & Rhett Titus
  2. Jay Lethal def. Steve Corino via Lethal Injection and Top Rope Elbow
  3. Roderick Strong def. Silas Young via Sick Kick
  4. ROH World Title: Kevin Steen def. Tadarius Thomas via Package Piledriver
  5. Charlie Haas def. Two Local Wrestlers via Haas of Pain
  6. Adam Cole def. Jimmy Jacobs via Florida Key
  7. Michael Elgin def. Rhino via Crossface after a Backfist
  8. ROH Tag Titles: The Briscoes def. The American Wolves via Jay Driller on Eddie Edwards


Attendance is estimated to be at least 600, and a return date of July 13 was announced for Dearborn.

Bobby Fish & Kyle O’Reilly def. BJ Whitmer & Rhett Titus

After the big loss at Final Battle, Fish & O’Reilly were able to gain some momentum with a win over Whitmer & Titus.

Jay Lethal def. Steve Corino

Lethal continued to show his Killer Instinct by defeating Steve Corino. He got the victory with a Lethal Injection followed by ‘Hail to the King’.

Roderick Strong def. Silas Young

Said to be a very good back-and-forth match with Roddy picking up the win with a sick kick.

ROH World Title
Kevin Steen (c) def. Tadarius Thomas

Kevin Steen vs. Tadarius Thomas was the “first half main event” and was said to be better than fans expected. Thomas and Steen were said to have meshed well in a fun match. Crowd was big time into TD because he’s a Detroit guy.

Charlie Haas def. Two Local Wrestlers

This match started as a singles match, but Charlie Haas interrupted about a minute into the match. Haas challenges the competitors to a handicap match, and quickly picks up the win with the Haas of Pain.

Proving Ground
ROH World TV Champion Adam Cole def. Jimmy Jacobs

Adam Cole-Jimmy Jacobs might have been the match of the night according to fans in attendance, it’s a tough call between it and the main event. Cole, as we hopefully all know, continued his 2012 streak/trend of being more and more impressive in the ring each time out. The finish of the match was especially awesome, as Jacobs attempted a spear off of reeling from a superkick from Cole, only to be smashed right in the forehead with another superkick and nailed the mark, then allowing Cole to hit the Florida Key.

Michael Elgin def. Rhino

Elgin-Rhino was surprisingly good according to a fan report. Rhino cut a pre-match promo that rallied people more behind him and he was already over to begin with, but they also weren’t against Elgin. ‘Unbreakable’ picked up the win with a Crossface after a backfist.

ROH World Tag Team Championship
The Briscoes (c) def. The American Wolves

Story of the match was the teams try to gain advantage respectively early on, but neither really being successful. Tide finally turned was the Wolves would take openings was Todd Sinclair was in the corner of The Briscoes trying to prevent either Jay or Mark from entering the ring. The Wolves used those chances to employ double-teams, but accomplished it without being overtly heelish in the context of their “rule breaking.”

The ring became more of an issue because of the increasing hole in the ring mat made finding the proper footing hard and appeared unsafe.

Late in the match, Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly came down the aisle, both in tight-fitting sweaters and each with a “fashion scarf” around their necks. They never got involved in the match, but towards the end did get closer to the ring giving the impression of a possible physical interaction.

Davey was setting up to hit a top rope move on Jay, only to see Mark shove him off the top rope and through the ringside table (where Kevin Kelly and other – Nigel, Truth Martini and Steve Corino) did live commentary for the DVD during the night. Mark then hit the Doomsday Device with Jay hoisting Eddie, but did not get the pin. Jay quickly followed up to hit the Jay Driller and get the W, sending the fans home satisfied.

Thanks to @thethomasbobo on Twitter for the results.

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