Death Before Dishonor XI (9/20/13) Results

Quick Results:

  1. Jay Lethal def. Silas Young
  2. World Title Tournament: Adam Cole def. Tommaso Ciampa
  3. World Title Tournament: Michael Elgin def. Kevin Steen
  4. IWGP Jr. Tag: Forever Hooligans def. American Wolves
  5. Adam Page def. RD Evans
  6. Roderick Strong def. Ricky Marvin
  7. C&C Wrestle Factory & Adrenaline RUSH def. reDRagon, Matt Taven & Michael Bennett
  8. World Title Tournament: Adam Cole def. Michael Elgin *NEW CHAMPION*

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It was revealed that ROH will return to Philadelphia on February 22nd for the ’12th Anniversary Show’

Jay Briscoe kicks off the show

The show begins with former ROH World Champion Jay Briscoe coming out. He’s still in possession of the World Title belt, which he’ll be handing over to the winner of tonight’s tournament final. He talks about how he was stripped of the ROH title due to his shoulder injury earlier this year, telling Nigel that the situation is bull***t. Jay says he’ll man up and hand over the belt to whoever wins the tournament, but only if they win it like a man with no short-cuts.

Jay Lethal def. Silas Young

Lethal controls the early goings of this match with some really fast paced action, including a trio of dives to the outside. Silas was able to regain the advantage by using the referee for an assist. Lethal hits a Lethal Combination but only scores a two count as Silas was able to grab onto the bottom rope. Lethal goes for a Lethal Injection but Silas manages to counter it into a brutal German Suplex for a near fall. Young goes for his signature headstand top-rope moonsault, but Lethal avoids it and capitalises with a Lethal Injection for the win! Silas refuses to adhere to the Code of Honor after the match. Great match that was a good way to kick off the show!

World Title Tournament Semi-Final 
Adam Cole def. Tommaso Ciampa

Match kicks off to a hectic start as both men try to win the match as quickly as possible. Ciampa starts by attacking Cole in the corner of the ring, the match then spills to the outisde with Cole hitting a dive. Ciampa powerbombs Cole onto a steel chair on the outside, and then follows it up with a brutal running knee strike. Ciampa begins moving all the ring mats, exposing the hard floor of the arena. He then give Cole a suplex on the floor, throws him back into the ring but only scores a 2 count. Ciampa hits a Kryptonite Krunch from the second rope, but only gets a near fall. Both men are trying to end this match as soon as possible to advance to the final, but neither will quit. Cole has now turned his attention to Ciampa’s previously injured knee, first with a vicious superkick, then repeatedly slamming it into the steel ring post. Cole keeps focusing on the knee, locking in the figure four leg lock. Cole almost wins the match by exposing his knee and hitting a devastating knee strike. Ciampa hits his signature Project Ciampa, but only scores a 2 count! Cole locks in another figure four, and repeatedly kicks Ciampa in the head, knocking him out and getting the 3 count for the victory. Cole now advances to the finals of the ROH World Title Tournament. This match was fantastic, and is definitely worth checking out.

World Title Tournament Semi-Final 
Michael Elgin def. Kevin Steen

We see both men go for their signature moves towards the start of the match, trying to end it early. However both men are able to escape and Steen heads to the outside to avoid the Elgin Bomb. Elgin hits a second rope moonsault for a 2 count, followed by a devastating black hole slam. Steen tries to regain control with a brutal middle-rope DDT on Elgin. Steen then gets a near fall with an impressive top rope crossbody. Both men attempt to gain submission victories with a Sharpshooter from Steen, and a Crossface from Elgin. Steen hits a top rope senton onto Elgin for another nearfall. Elgin then goes for his own corkscrew senton from the top, but Steen puts his knees up and follows up with an F5 for another close 2-count. Elgin shows his crazy strength by hitting a deadlift german suplex on the 260lb+ Steen! Elgin hits a buckle bomb and attempts to follow up with the Elgin Bomb, but Steen counters and locks in another sharpshooter, but Elgin manages to escape. Steen hits an incredible Sleeper Suplex on Elgin, but still doesn’t get the victory! Steen attemps to hit a Package Piledriver but is unable to pull it off, so instead hits Elgin with two more Sleeper Suplex, he then goes for a fourth, but Elgin comes back with a vicious clothesline. Steen goes for the Package Piledriver again, but Elgin counters it into a Crossface, and is able to pickup the victory via submission! So we’ve got Cole vs. Elgin in the finals for tonight’s main event. This match was very good, but I think having it immediately after the fantastically chaotic other semi-final match may have been the wrong move.

IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Tag Titles
Forever Hooligans (c) def. American Wolves

Before the match we get Koslov’s rendition of the Russian National Anthem, and the crowd respond with a ‘USA’ chant. We see the Wolves hit double suicide dives onto the Hooligans on the outside. Hooligans look to wear down the Wolves with simultaneous submission holds, with the Hooligans then taking control of the match and keeping Edwards in their corner. Eddie fights back and hits a backback stunner, allowing him to tag in Davey. Wolves are then able to take control, hitting stereo superkicks. However, this doesn’t last as the Hooligans use a 2-on-1 advantage against Richards to regain control. Koslov then puts on his signature Ushanka hat and does some Russian dancing. We see Richards hit a brainbuster on Romero, but before he can try and score a pinfall, he’s immediately hit with a frog splash from Koslov. The Wolves almost pick up the win after both hitting top rope double stomps onto Koslov. They follow this up by attempting to hit the powerbomb/backstabber combo, but Romero makes the save and hits Davey with a top rope hurricanrana. Koslov almost wins the match for his team by hitting a perfect shooting star press onto Davey. However, they immediately capitalise on the weakened Davey, hitting their signature double team move for the victory. Another great match on this show, definitely making it a recommended event already.


The show is back from intermission, with RD Evans & Veda Scott making their way to the ring. Veda reveals the sad news that QT Marshall isn’t in Philadelphia tonight. She discusses the brutal attack by Outlaw Inc. on to Marshall Law at Manhattan Mayhem V. They’re then interrupted by Adam Page, leading to an impromptu match.

Adam Page def. RD Evans

This match was too quick to actually report on! Adam Page made quick work of RD Evans, defeating him with a reverse tombstone piledriver.

Roderick Strong def. Ricky Marvin

We see some impressive fast paced action at the start of this match from Ricky Marvin as he takes control in the early goings. My stream has stopped working during this match unfortunately, so I’m unable to report for the time being. Just as the stream comes back, Roddy hits a Sick Kick for what looked like a 3-count, only to follow it up with a tiger bomb for the victory.

BJ Whitmer makes an announcement

Nigel McGuinness introduces BJ Whitmer, who is making his first appearance since being injured. He thanks the fans, the locker-room, Cary Silkin, Gabe Sapolsky and his trainer Les Thatcher. He then makes the sad announcement that he’s retiring from in-ring competition. He invites Jimmy Jacobs to the ring, and discusses their brutal feud in the past. He has one final request for Nigel before he leaves for the final time, and that’s to give Jimmy Jacobs the opportunity to get his job back in ROH. Unfortunately the stream is lagging now, so we’re unable to hear all of BJ’s words to Nigel.

C&C Wrestle Factory & Adrenaline RUSH def. reDRagon, Matt Taven & Michael Bennett

Nigel has vanished from commentary and has been replaced by Maria for this match. The stream is horrific so I’ve not actually seen any of the match. All I’ve seen so far is that for a brief period, Bobby Fish replaced Kevin Kelly on commentary, which sounds fantastic. The stream returns from the dead and ACH hits an insane dive to the outside on to Bennett & Taven! C&C then hit Overtime on O’Reilly to win the match.

Outlaw Inc. have something to say

After the 8-man tag match, Outlaw Inc. (Homicide & Eddie Kingston) appear, clear the ring, and Kingston grabs a mic. They talk about the World Title Tournament and say that the new champ, along with reDRagon are on notice.

World Title Tournament Final
Adam Cole def. Michael Elgin *NEW CHAMPION*

It’s main event time, let’s hope the stream holds out for this one! Nigel introduces a panel of three judges, who will be used if the match ends as a 60 minute time limit draw. The judges are Cary Silkin, Joe Koff & Prince Nana. Elgin is showing signs of a damaged neck from his earlier match with Kevin Steen. Cole capitalises on this with a DDT and follows it up with a sleeper hold. The stream has stopped working again in the middle of the match, so it’s impossible to see what’s happening. The stream returns with both men laid out on the floor with a broken table next to them. And it cuts out again. Elgin gets his knee caught in the rope while trying to get back in the ring from a Cole drop kick. Cole locks in the figure four, but Elgin is able to make his way to the ropes. The stream comes back just in time to see Cole hit the Florida Key and become the NEW ROH World Champion!

Previous ROH World Champion Jay Briscoe comes to the ring with the belt. Briscoe hands Cole the belt, but the new champion blasts Briscoe in the back of the head with a superkick. He then hits Elgin with the belt, and stands their taunting the crowd, as the arena is filled with boo’s. The stream then completely dies to end the show.

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