Death Before Dishonor IX Results

Ladder War 3
The All Night Express defeat the Briscoes

There is a reason this is only the third ladder war in company history, and the two teams proved why tonight. It was a brutal match that saw all four men put everything on the line to try and get the their teams the title shot at Glory By Honor X. The match started off with both teams brawling around rinside and King was backdropped through a table on the outside which took him out of the match for a few minutes. The Briscoes double teamed Titus, but Titus was able to suplex Mark Briscoe off the apron and through a ladder on the outside. Back in the ring, he and King dropkicked a ladder into the crotch of Jay Briscoe. They then put the ladder around the neck of Jay and sent him into the corner, jarring his neck in the ladder.

The Briscoes battled back and double hip tossed King into a ladder set up in the corner. The fans wanted King to bleed, and the Briscoes did everything they could to try and make King bleed, but to no avail. The Briscoes went for a spiked Jay Driller, but Titus pushed Mark Briscoe off the top and through a table on the outside. This gave the All Night Express the time to hit Jay Briscoe with a powerbomb and springboard neckbreaker combination onto Jay Briscoe through a table. Titus tried to climb a ladder and reach the contract, but Mark Briscoe dropkicked the ladder and sent Titus tumbling to the mat.

The Briscoes pulled out a massive ladder and Mark Briscoe climbed to the top and hit a splash on Titus through a table on the outside, which took him out of the remainder of the match.

Back in the ring, King connected with a beautiful shooting star press onto Jay Briscoe. He set the ladder up and said he was going for another one, but Jay Briscoe met him at the top of the ladder. They slugged it out for a few moments and King was finally able to knock Jay Briscoe off the ladder and grab the contract. The All Night Express will receive a tag team title match at Glory By Honor X in Chicago!

Ringmaster’s Challenge
Eddie Edwards defeated Roderick Strong

After a brief feeling out process that showed how well these two wrestlers knew each other, Strong rolled through a roll up and connected with a super kick. He worked over Edwards for several minutes until Edwards hit a huge German suplex to even the match up. Edwards connected with a Code Breakers type move, but Strong answered right back with the End of Heartache to pick up the pin and the first fall.

After a 30 second rest period, Strong jumped all over Edwards and tried to pick up the second fall quickly with a LeBell Lock. Edwards missed a slingshot move to the outside and Strong connected with a big knee to the face. Strong body slammed Edwards onto a chair set up in the corner of the barricades. He follows it up with a back drop on a chair. Strong locks in the Strong Hold, but Edwards reaches the ropes. He locks in a Boston Crab, but Edwards reached the ropes again. They exchanged shots and Strong went for a backbreaker, but Edwards rolled through and locked in the Achilles Lock and Strong tapped. The Ringmaster’s Challenge is tied at one fall a piece.

Both wrestlers pulled out all the stops in the final fall of the match. Edwards started the final fall with a suicide dive onto Strong. Edwards controlled the early part of the match, until Martini interfered that allowed Strong to hit a backbreaker on the top rope. He connects with a Gibson Driver on the entrance ramp and tries for a count out, but Edwards makes it back into the ring at the count of 19. They counter a number of pin attempts before Martini holds Edwards foot down to allow Strong to pick up the three count and the first fall of the Iron Man match. Martini tried to interfere again and hit Edwards with the Book of Truth, but missed. Edwards hit the Die Hard and picked up the three count to tie the match, ending it in a 1-1 tie.

Jim Cornette came out and said the match will be restarted and will not stop there is a winner. The match restarted with both wrestlers slugging it out in the middle of the ring. Strong got the advantage, but couldn’t put Edwards away.  Strong connects with the Sick Kick, but couldn’t pin Strong immediately which gave Edwards enough time to kick out. Strong went for a top rope Gibson Driver, but Edwards fought it off and hit a double stomp from the top onto Strong on the apron. He hit another double stomp, but Strong kicked out. Edwards connected with the Die Hard one last time to pick up the pinfall and win the Ringmaster’s Challenge.

Charlie Haas defeats Michael Elgin with Truth Martini

Early in the match, Haas went for a springboard from the apron, but Martini grabbed his foot. Haas chased Martini around ringside, which gave Elgin the opportunity to dive off the apron onto Haas. Back in the ring, they began exchanging right hands and Haas got the better of the slugfest. He goes on to connect with four German suplexes. He connects with a drop kick to Elgin to send him to the floor. Elgin fought back and tried to hit his running powerslam on the floor, but Haas countered it into a backdrop across the barricade. Elgin once again fought back but could never put Haas away. Elgin went to the top rope, but Haas hit a German superplex and followed it up with a lariat to put Elgin away for the three count.

Jimmy Jacobs vs El Generico – No Contest

Jacobs is filling in for Steve Corino, who felt he was unable to compete against Generico due to the history between the two. The match was fast-paced and hard hitting while it lasted. Generico tried for the top rope Brainbustah several times, but Jacobs was able to fight it off each time. The final time Generico tried for the Brainbustah, Jacobs countered it into a top rope tornado DDT, sending both men crashing to mat motionless.

It was during this time that Kevin Steen made his way to ringside from the crowd. He grabbed a microphone and told Generico that he was never leaving. His microphone was cut off and Jacobs went to ringside to fight him off. Members of the Ring of Honor locker room broke them up, but Generico dove from the ring to the outside. Steen avoided the dive, however, and entered the ring where Cary Silkin tried to talk him down, but Steen attempted to hit the package piledriver on him before the locker room broke it up and held Steen back. Jim Cornette tried to take a shot at Steen during this time. Steen was eventually removed while Jacobs and Generico tried to fight him still.

Young Bucks defeated Future Shock and the Bravados

The first part of this match was chaos, as no team was able to mount any kind of sustained offense before another team would interfere. There was a sequence of the match that saw members of every team dive to the outside to take their opponents out. Future Shock eliminated the Bravados first after hitting their finisher.

The match finally had some flow to it once it was down to the Young Bucks and Future Shock. There was a sequence in which Adam Cole traded super kicks with the Young Bucks before Kyle O’Reilly turned the Bucks inside out with a vicious clothesline. The Young Bucks picked up the victory after hitting More Bang For Your Buck on Cole. After the match, Future Shock wanted to follow the Code of Honor and shake the Young Bucks’ hands, but the Bucks just blew them off.

Shelton Benjamin defeated Mike Bennett

Early in the match, every time Benjamin started gaining any kind of momentum, Bennett would retreat to the floor. Eventually Benjamin got sick of it and followed him to the ringside area, which played right into Bennett’s strategy. Bennett worked over the lower back of Benjamin for a majority of the match, before Benjamin made his comeback. Benjamin had Bennett beat after a super kick, but Brutal Bob Evans placed Bennett’s boot on the bottom rope. Benjamin then chased Evans around ringside and back into the ring where he tried to kick him, but Evans caught the kick. He tried to throw the Benjamin’s foot away, but it went right into Bennett. Benjamin then connected with a super kick to Evans and hit Bennett with Pay Dirt to pick up the victory.

Tommaso Ciampa and Rhino with the Embassy defeated Homicide and Jay Lethal

Rhino and Ciampa spent most of the match working over Lethal with power moves. Lethal was finally able to tag in Homicide who made the comeback for their team. Lethal hit Rhino with a hurricarana over the top and to the floor, which gave Homicide the time to attempt the Gringo Killer on Ciampa. Ciampa was able to fight it off and connect with the Project Ciampa to pick up the win in the opening match of the night.

The Embassy continued to beat down Homicide, but Lethal made the save.

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