Death Before Dishonor X Results

Quick Results:

  1. Steve Corino & Jimmy Jacobs def. Caprice Coleman & Cedric Alexander 
  2. Tadarius Thomas def. Silas Young
  3. Kyle O’Reilly def. ACH via submission
  4. Rhett Titus & Charlie Haas def. The Briscoes via rollup
  5. Jay Lethal def. Homicide via cradle DDT
  6. Roderick Strong & Michael Elgin def. Irish Airborne 
  7. TV Title: Adam Cole def. Mike Mondo via submission
  8. Tag Titles: Steve Corino & Jimmy Jacobs def. Rhett Titus & Charlie Haas via Shelton Benjamin interference
  9. World Title: Kevin Steen def. Rhino via the F-5


Before the show, ROH announced they would return to Chicago Ridge, IL. on March 2, 2013 for the company’s 11th Anniversary Show.

The iPPV might have started but nobody can see it due to the stream, and ROH website, being down. Who do we blame now? It now appears that the live show has been stalled as they try and work out the stream. We really do have a state of emergency.

Steve Corino & Jimmy Jacobs def. Caprice Coleman & Cedric Alexander

The match has apparently begun. Some people can access the stream but it has no audio which is a blessing in disguise if you ask me. Apparently Corino & Jacobs have rather predictably won.

Tadarius Thomas def. Silas Young

According to various twitter reports from people lucky enough to have a working stream, Thomas versus Young is up second. Tadarius Thomas has won according to several people and will go on to face Adam Cole on September 22 in the Survival of the Fittest tournament.

Kyle O’Reilly def. ACH

Ring of Honor are claiming that the stream is now working. It is not. Another match we have missed with O’Reilly reportedly picking up the win against the newcomer by forcing him to submit.

Rhett Titus & Charlie Haas def. The Briscoes

Shelton Benjamin is back to accompany Haas to the ring. Still not working on PC but I have got it working on my iPhone but the quality isn’t great. Mark Briscoe almost gets the pin on Haas but Benjamin puts his leg on the rope to save him. Briscoes go for the Doomsday Device but Benjamin distracts Mark who goes up top. Haas capitalises and hits a belly to belly suplex off the top while Titus rolls up Jay for the victory and they will go on to face SCUM in tonight’s final.

Davey Richards then comes to the ring for his scheduled interview. Kevin Kelly asks him what the future holds for Davey in ROH and he responds by saying he’s in front of his family and this is home. He says he’s not proud of the person he has been outside the ring for the past year and apologises. He says starting now, the wolf is back. He adds that he doesn’t want belts, he wants to be the best wrestler in the world and will enter Survival of the Fittest to take on Mike Bennett.

Jay Lethal def. Homicide

It’s kind of hard to watch this on my iPhone (especially when it’s such a bad picture). Action quickly spills to the outside and Lethal hits a suicide dive. We’ve already had several ‘killer instinct’ mentions. Homicide tries to get chairs and tables involved but is thwarted by referee Todd Sinclair and Lethal himself. Homicide goes for the Gringo Killer but Lethal reverses it into a rollup for two. Homicide trash talks Lethal who comes back with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Lariat from Homicide gets him a near fall before he hits a cutter but Lethal comes back with a suplex. He follows up with the Hail to the King followed by the Lethal Combination twice but Homicide kicks out. Brainbuster from Lethal but Homicide just won’t stay down. Homicide spits in his face but Lethal then shows the Killer Instinct with a cradle DDT for the win.


Roderick Strong & Michael Elgin def. Irish Airborne 

The Crist brothers start well and dominate Roddy before he tags out to Elgin and he proceeds to deliver a stalling suplex to Jake Crist. Elgin goes to tag out but Strong drops down from the apron. They almost come to blows before one of the Crist’s gets caught in mid air by Elgin with the other hitting a diving move on both. Back in the ring and Elgin manages to pick up both guys and slam them both down before Elgin hits a Buckle Bomb and Spinning Powerbomb on one of the brothers. As he delivers a powerbomb to the other, Strong gets a blind tag and manages to sneak a pin for the victory.

Matt Hardy comes to the ring to a far from warm response and says he is interested in the next match and will provide commentary.

TV Title Match
Adam Cole def. Mike Mondo

Both guys grapple around the outside to begin with as neither man can gain a distinct advantage. Mondo seems to hurt his left leg and Cole goes right after it with submissions. Mondo then stomps on Cole’s arm and he tries to work over that with both men being very methodical with their attacks. Mondo refuses to get knocked to the outside but Cole eventually manages it and then hits a suicide dive before throwing Mondo into the ringside barricades. Mondo fights back and goes for the DDT on the ramp but Cole reverses it and hits a German suplex on the floor. They finally get back in the ring and slug it out before Cole hits a big superkick and then another German suplex into the corner. Mondo back with a DDT but Cole gets his foot on the bottom rope. Mondo takes too long and Cole goes for a superkick which sees Mondo fall to the apron to avoid it. Cole quickly drops down and locks in the Figure-four leglock; Mondo reverses it but then Cole reverses it back and Mondo eventually taps.

After the match, Matt Hardy gets a mic and congratulates both men on a great match, He then addresses Cole and says people keep telling him how Cole reminds them of a young Matt Hardy. He says the difference is that he was better than him when he was his age and he’s better than him now before storming to the back.

Tag  Team Title Match
Steve Corino & Jimmy Jacobs def. Rhett Titus & Charlie Haas

Shelton Benjamin comes out with Haas once again. Corino and Jacobs dominate the early goings and isolate Titus in their corner before they do the same to Haas who had slapped Titus to tag himself in. Titus fights back on his own and hits the Razor’s Edge on Jacobs for two. Haas takes out Corino with a big kick before an Olympic Slam on Jacobs gets them two. Jacobs tries to use the spike on Titus but can’t. Benjamin gets in the ring while the referee is distracted by Corino and Haas and superkicks Jacobs before clashing with Titus. He looks like he’ll get out of the ring but gets back in and hits the Paydirt on Titus and then leaves the ring as Jacobs crawls over and pins him for the three and we have new champions! After the match, Haas & Benjamin attack Titus.

ROH World Title Match
Kevin Steen def. Rhino

Jim Cornette comes to the ring before the match begins and says with both guys being specialists in No DQ matches, this will be an anything goes match! Surprisingly, both guys go straight to the outside where Rhino suplexes Steen before the champion comes back to whip the challenger into the ringside barricades. He follows that up with the cannonball in the corner for a two count. Truth Martini hits Steen with the book of truth after he hit Veda Scott with a superkick. Martini sets him up on a ringside table and Rhino hits a splash onto Steen through the table. Back in the ring and with a chair set up in the corner, Steen throws Rhino into it for two. Steen goes for a move off the top rope but Rhino counters and hits a superplex onto a steel chair for a near fall.

Martini gives Rhino a table and he sets it up in the corner of the ring before Corino and Jacobs hit the ring only to be gored by Rhino! Rhino also gores Todd Sinclair before Steen hits a spear on Rhino for two after Paul Turner hits the ring as a substitute ref. Martini gets a Package Piledriver from Steen and Roderick Strong hits the ring but gets sent over the top rope. Rhino goes for the gore through the table but he misses and crashes through the table before Steen hits the F-5 to retain his title.

Elgin gets into the ring and stares down Steen before going for the powerbomb but Corino throws Strong into him to break it up. Strong offers Elgin a handshake but he refuses and finally hits the spinning powerbomb on him as we go off air.

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