Eddie Edwards : Road to the Triple Crown DVD Review

by Anthony Miletic

OK, I finally got done watching the DVD set again and I think it’s a really well done compilation of Eddie Edwards’ matches. The earliest match on there is his debut against Austin Aries at ‘International Challenge’ in 2006 and the latest match is his World title win over Roderick Strong at ‘Manhattan Mayhem IV’. I like that they did that, start with the debut and end it with his title win; it really makes the title of the DVD fitting. The matches in between are great too. I don’t want to review them one by one because basically I liked them all. I don’t know that Eddie Edwards ever had a bad match (at least all the ones on this set are good).

Disc 1 has a mix of singles matches and tag matches with Davey Richards as the American Wolves. Among the singles matches are his debut against Aries, match vs Jigsaw at ‘Bedlam in Beantown’ in which Larry Sweeney recruits him to Sweet & Sour (both matches were pretty short) and a very good match with Bryan Danielson from ‘A Cut Above’ in 2009. Also featured is the classic HDNet match with Davey Richards in which he won the TV title to become the first ever champion. Even though this is already on The Best of HDNet Volume 6, it was very necessary to add to a Best of Eddie Edwards set. The Wolves matches on here are the title win over Steenerico, Danielson and Black, and the Young Bucks. All the matches from Disc 1 show him as a heel.

Disc 2, unlike the first disc, is all singles matches – most of which are of Eddie as a babyface. The best matches are against Roderick Strong at ‘Manhattan Mayhem IV’ where he completed the Triple Crown and against Christopher Daniels at the ‘9th Anniversary Show’ in a good bour. The rest of the matches are against the likes of Colt Cabana, Erick Stevens, The Necro Butcher, Sonjay Dutt, and Michael Elgin. Again, I didn’t want to review the matches one by one because personally I liked every match on this set – just like I did with the Davey Richards and Roderick Strong sets.

If you are a fan of Eddie Edwards and you are a new fan to ROH that hasn’t seen most of the matches on this set then I highly recommend it. For the long time fans who have seen more or less every ROH show, they are probably not going to be to enticed by this but there’s something for everyone. Two things I would have added to the set are 1) Just for a laugh, the 10 minute challenges Eddie used to do on HDNet. 2) A highlight video to the tune of his awesome entrance music.

Harry Turner

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