Edwards To Face O’Reilly at Glory By Honor X‏

They are two competitors similar in style and belief.  They are both also linked by a common ally.  When Eddie Edwards meets Kyle O’Reilly on November 19th at Glory By Honor X, it could, in fact, be like looking into a mirror.

As singles competitors, the two will be meeting for the first time in Chicago Ridge.  However, as part of their respective tag teams, Edwards an American Wolf, O’Reilly half of Future Shock, the two have locked horns before.  At Tag Team Turmoil 2011, Edwards submitted O’Reilly with the Achilles Lock, inadvertantly causing a bit of friction with tag partner Davey Richards, also a training partner of O’Reilly.  Due to a botch by the timekeeper, the bell didn’t immediately ring following the submission, and Edwards, like any good wrestler, did not reliquinsh his hold.  Since that night in Richmond, O’Reilly has longed for the opportunity to prove himself one-on-one against the former ROH World Champion.

With his training alongside Davey Richards, one has to wonder if O’Reilly will have Eddie’s number.  After all, what better teacher could he possibly have in this situation?  As Edwards prepares for Richards himself at Final Battle 2011, he looks to notch another big singles victory en route to his World Title rematch. Added to all of this is the question of where exactly Davey Richards’ allegiance will lie in Chicago Ridge.  Hopefully, all of these questions will be answered at Glory By Honor.

Landon Sands

Landon is the former news writer of ROHWorld.