Edwards vs. Generico Signed for Southern Defiance‏

The night was November 13, 2010.  The event: Fate of an Angel II.  On that night, the ROH fans in Mississauga, ON were to be treated to a first time singles meeting between Eddie Edwards and El Generico.  Unfortunately, an injury the night previous at Survival of the Fittest put the match on hold indefinitely, robbing ROH fans of what was sure to be a classic encounter.

December 3rd in Spartanburg, SC this situation gets rectified once and for all as Edwards and Generico finally do singles battle at Southern Defiance.  Both Edwards, on his way to Final Battle for his ROH World Title rematch, and Generico, fresh off his World Title shot, come into this match with much to prove.  Neither man wants to be the loser of this first-time meeting, and neither man can afford the loss of momentum that this match could potentially cause.  Outside factors for both men may also be a distraction during this epic contest.

For Edwards, trying to keep his focus on the task at hand while Final Battle looms in the distance could be a problem.  For Generico, the threat of a possible invasion from a lost friend hangs in the air like a specter.  The intensity will most definitely be at its peak as these two go to war at Southern Defiance.

Landon Sands

Landon is the former news writer of ROHWorld.