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Ring of Honor return to Charlotte, NC or should I say ‘Flair Country’ with another interesting card. There’s a few matches on this one that could really be sleepers and let’s hope they are. The Briscoes and All Night Express continue their bloody feud, Future Shock take on The American Wolves and El Generico defends his newly acquired TV Title against Roderick Strong.

So, how did it all pan out? Read on and find out as reviews ROH ‘No Escape’(7/9/11):

Mike Bennett vs. Andy ‘Right Leg’ Ridge

Andy Ridge cuts a promo before hand which was half decent, his problem is that he just doesn’t have any type of gimmick which is hurting his chances of getting over. Bennett gets a bad reception as always and cuts a promo of his own, again, not too bad at all. A nice pavement slam from Bennett to Ridge that lands ‘Right Leg’ on the ring apron. Ridge came back with a number of kicks and hit an impressive springboard Ace Crusher. Bennett eventually gets the win after a piledriver – why don’t more people use that move? Ridge looked good but as I said, he really needs some sort of gimmick to back up his impressive kicks. Bennett is… growing on me. People want to see him lose, that’s for sure!

★★ ½

Mark Briscoe w/Jay Briscoe vs. Kenny King w/Rhett Titus

The continuation of this very enthralling feud. They mixed it up by going with singles matches with a bit of a twist… Jay and Rhett are handcuffed to the ring posts whilst their partners do battle. Paul Turner has a bit of trouble with the handcuffs so Todd Sinclair does both… Lots of big splashes from both men and the ring sounds a bit… creaky. Hope it lasts! Both handcuffed men try and get involved with the referee doing next to nothing to stop it. Lots of brawling in this one, especially on the outside and I kind of like the way they incorporated the guys on the outside. Mark Briscoe is awesome, some of the moves he does and the noises he makes are brilliant. They both reverse each other but King then ducks a kick and hits the Coronation for the win. This was a good brawl to kick off the mini-series between the two teams.

★★ ½

Jay Briscoe w/Mark Briscoe vs. Rhett Titus w/Kenny King

Paul Turner STILL can’t work out how to use the handcuffs! Titus dominates early on and even launches Jay into his own partner at ringside before King gets in a big boot of his own. Jay gets a few near falls and keeps moaning at the referee, he’s not having a good night! Titus fights back and hits a nice baseball slide into Jay’s face before a nice dive on the outside. Jay grabs a pair of bolt cutters from under the ring and then takes out Paul Turner, is anything going right for him? Mark Briscoe frees himself as a two-on-one beat down begins. Jay takes off his belt and begins to whip Titus before hitting the Jay Driller. Todd Sinclair comes out and rings the bell and tries to cut King free but is chased off by the Briscoes. They get Titus up and hit him with the Springboard Doomsday Device before Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin make the save. This was just a flat out brawl that served its purpose of adding to the feud. Well done all round.

★★ ½

Future Shock vs. The American Wolves

Brief promo from Cole & O’Reilly before the match as O’Reilly puts over his training partner Richards before saying he wants to beat a current and a former ROH World Champion. Davey grabs a mic and tells Future Shock they’re like the Wolves were two years ago. All four men start the match in frantic fashion putting on a really fun show early on. Davey takes some punishment from his student before a nice looking double dropkick from Davey and Eddie puts them on top. They really build up the hot tag with O’Reilly taking a lot of punishment before a double Dragonscrew Leg Whip allows him to tag Cole in.

Backpack Chinbreaker gets Eddie two, man I love that move. A nice suplex/crossbody combo gets Cole two as the youngsters take control. Edwards and Richards lock in the Achilles Lock and Ankle Lock in sync. All four men exchange super kicks and reverse hurricanranas and lariats and everything! Awesome! Springboard DDT onto the ring apron by Cole on Edwards! DDT/German Suplex combo from Future Shock followed by stereo kicks but Eddie breaks the pin! Cole misses a dive on Edwards who hits a big double stomp on O’Reilly followed by a massive lariat but O’Reilly won’t stay down! Big suicide dive from Cole on Richards but Edwards puts O’Reilly in the Achilles Lock once more and kicks him in the head which leads to Sinclair finishing the match. What a brilliant match. Future Shock came out of this one looking awesome, they kept up with the Wolves and are such an exciting young team, very bright futures.


Michael Elgin & Chase Owens w/Truth Martini vs. Caprice Coleman & Cedric Alexander

Elgin is one scary looking dude, well, apart from that dodgy mullet of his. Coleman & Alexander are usual fixtures when ROH goes west and made it quite clear in a pre-match promo that they’re not just two random guys put together. Elgin somehow hits a running powerslam on both guys AT THE SAME TIME! That guy is unbelievably strong. The best thing Kevin Kelly has to say about Owens is that “he looks like Kenny Florian”. Springboard Ace Crusher on Elgin from Alexander followed by a double stomp on Owens gets C&C a two count. Alexander takes out Elgin on the outside before a jumping hurricanrana from Coleman on Owens and then a big frog splash by Alexander on the House of Truth try-out gets the three. Not the best match ever but C&C did impress and wouldn’t be a bad addition to the Tag Team division. Elgin was great again but Owens failed to impress. Owens got the thumb down afterwards and received a Buckle Bomb followed by a twisting powerbomb.

★★ ¼

Chris Hero w/Shane Hagadorn vs. Colt Cabana

Before the match Cabana says he hopes the action stays in the ring and no outside interference occurs, hmmm…. We might not see either of these guys for quite some time in ROH so hoping this is a good one. Must say that I’m not a huge fan of Cabana, his comedy gimmick just doesn’t entertain me, I much prefer the more serious Colt. After the initial exchanges, Colt’s comedy shtick vanishes and the match improves no end. Hero hits a kind of spinning cravate from the top – that was pretty neat. Todd Sinclair gets poked in the eye by Cabana – somehow. Hagadorn tries to get involved but gets knocked off the apron by Cabana. He serves as a distraction though and Cabana walks straight into a rolling boot as Hero grabs the win. Just as it was getting good, it ended. Took a while to get going but not a bad match by any stretch.

★★ ½

The Bravado Brothers vs. Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team

The Bravados are a bit beaten up from last night’s Tag Team lottery. This seems like a bit of a mismatch but lets hope it doesn’t turn out to be. The Bravados were seen in a different light in this one as they were actually cheered! That’s what homes towns do for you… Charlie Haas got lots of heat, mainly down to the fact that he was arguing with fans whilst standing on the apron waiting for a tag! Shelton comes in and hits a couple of nice moves before he and Charlie hit a nice atomic drop/superkick combo. Haas grabs Lancelot and they hit the ‘Leap of Faith’ to get the victory. Just as I feared, way too one sided and not long enough. This match did more harm than good for the Bravados and never got out of first gear – disappointing.


The Briscoes come out after the match and Jay Briscoe tells WGTT that they should man up as they enter the ring for a fist fight. WGTT take control until Mark Briscoe hits Haas with a low blow. The Briscoes set up a table in the corner but they both end up getting thrown into it. The brothers fight back though and toss Haas through the table before continuing their beat down on Shelton. They go for the Doomsday but Kenny King saves the day with a steel chair as the Briscoes flee.

Steel Cage Match for the ROH World TV Title
El Generico vs. Roderick Strong

Both men battle it out on the outside before they even make it into the cage! Generico eats the cage door before they make it in . Once they are in, ‘The Generic Luchador’ does well and launches Strong around like a ragdoll into the steel before a big tornado DDT. Oh and Paul Turner is much better at opening/closing the cage door than he was at working handcuffs! Strong comes back with a number of stiff looking kicks followed by a nasty flying knee for two. Yakuza Kick from Generico only sees him getting suplexed into the steel shortly after by Strong who follows up with a sick kick.  Another Yakuza Kick from Generico and he finally nails the  Brainbuster after several tries but only gets two!

Strong back again with a gutbuster and then the Gibson Driver but Generico manages to kick out. Both men climb to the top of the turnbuckle and battle it out, Generico knocks Strong off but Truth Martini causes a distraction until he is kicked off by Generico. Strong is still dazed and Genrico hits his third Yakuza Kick followed by  a turnbuckle brainbuster for the three! Definitely a good match but another where you felt that they were cut short. Not really sure what the cage added to this match and in the end it was just an overdose of finishing moves. Good but another disappointing match.

★★★ ¼

Overall Thoughts: The card going into the event wasn’t great but you write ROH shows off at your peril. Whilst it wasn’t bad, it wasn’t that great either. The Future Shock vs. Wolves match was definitely match of the night with the main event coming in second. Those two matches were the only ‘must see’ matches and without it being a cage match, the main event would struggle to earn that recommendation. Disappointing show that just seemed a bit rushed although I did hear that the cage took ages to put up so that’s probably why. Wait for a sale to pick up this one.

Overall Score: 6.5/10

Steven Coney

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