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Adam Cole is one of the brightest young talents on the Independent circuit and the Ring of Honor fans are now understanding why. Cole has had a lot of success in other promotions but it’s as part of a tag team where Cole has impressed most so far in ROH. He and partner Kyle O’Reilly have put on some terrific matches since joining the roster and are quickly becoming crowd favorites. We had the chance to chat with Adam about why he became a wrestler, his toughest opponents, his future in ROH and more.

ROH World – Was there a particular wrestler who inspired you to become part of the business?

Adam Cole: Well this is actually kind of a two part answer for me. The guy who made me want to be a pro wrestler, was Stone Cold Steve Austin. I got goosebumps at WrestleMania 17 when he came out that night, and I wanted to be just like him. As far as my true inspiration though, Shawn Michaels is my biggest influence. The guy just never settled for anything less than the best, and he achieved it. He’s a guy that made so many guys want to be wrestlers, and for good reason.

You’ve wrestled for a number of different promotions, how does ROH compare to the others? 

Ring of Honor is so special. You have a locker room full of guys all with the exact same goal, and that is to be the best professional wrestler that they can be. That creates a really cool atmosphere, and it also creates some really great wrestling shows. Everyone feeds off each other to have the best match that they can, and the fans are so passionate about supporting ROH and what it stands for. That’s what pro wrestling is all about.

 In other promotions such as CZW, you’ve had lots of success as a singles competitor. Could we see a singles run from Adam Cole in ROH somewhere down the line?

I definitely think that a singles run could happen for me in Ring of Honor, and someday, I would like to have one. But for now, I love tagging with Kyle O’Reilly. We have a chemistry together that you don’t find very often, and we are dead set on becoming ROH World Tag Team Champions, so my full focus right now is tagging with Kyle and being the best tag team that we can be.

What do you think you and Kyle O’Reilly bring to the ROH Tag Teams scene?

I think me and Kyle bring that young hunger to the tag team division in ROH. There are a lot of teams in ROH that have been all over the world, and have such great experience under their belt. ROH has THE BEST tag team division in the world, so to be a part of that is an honor (no pun intended haha). Me and Kyle are that young hungry team who is literally growing before the ROH fans eyes, and they have been nothing but supportive of us, which is something that truly means the world to both me and Kyle.

So you would say that ROH has the best Tag Team Division around today?

Like I mentioned above, ROH has the best tag team division in the world. With teams like the WGTT, the KoW, The Briscoes, the ANX, it’s tough to argue that statement. It’s intimidating for me and Kyle, but we know we have to step up, or we’ll get eaten alive. We’ve worked too hard to be a part of ROH, and there’s no way we’re letting this opportunity slide.

You’ve faced off against all the top teams in ROH, who were the toughest? 

It’s tough to say who was the hardest opponents for us, because all the teams that we’ve faced have been quite the challenge. Wrestling Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas was a huge test for us, being that they are the current ROH World Tag Team Champions. Even though they have done practically everything in pro wrestling, I could feel when I was in there with Shelton and Charlie how much being ROH tag team champions means to them. It’s something that me and Kyle want to feel too, and I know if we keep working hard and improving, we are capable of being the best.

Despite getting lots of praise, you haven’t won that many matches recently in ROH, do you think that may harm you and Kyle?

Absolutely. The fans support means everything to me and Kyle, but that won’t win us the ROH Tag Team Titles. We really need to get some wins under our belts. We’ve been training and preparing harder than ever, and we won’t let these losses affect our motivation. There have been many greats in ROH who have been knocked down, but they rose up and became legends in this company. Me and Kyle have that same mind set. We want to be the best, and we won’t let these losses take away from our focus. We will start winning and getting those much needed victories, because there is no other choice!

Do you think there’s any chance of you and Kyle getting a ROH Tag Team Title shot before the end of the year?

I definitely think it’s a possibility. I strongly believe in our potential, and even though we’ve lost, we’ve been very close to winning lots of big matches. A tag title shot is something me and Kyle really want by the end of the year, and I can only hope we get that opportunity.

Is there anybody who you you’ve yet to face that you’d love to wrestle in ROH?

Me and Kyle have always been about facing the best, so we can learn from the best and test ourselves. If we could face any team in ROH, it no doubt would be the American Wolves of Davey Richards and ROH World Champion Eddie Edwards. As far as a singles match, I would love to face Christopher Daniels. He’s a guy that I grew up idolizing, and I would love to have the chance to get in the ring with him.

Ultimately, what are your goals for you and Kyle as a team and for you personally in ROH?

I know it’s cliché, but it’s true for everyone here. For me and Kyle, we want to be the tag team champions. For me personally, I would love to become ROH World Champion someday. Until then, I want to continue to grow as a wrestler, and do all that I can to be the best that I can.

You’ve toured to a lot of different countries, where is your favorite and why?

My favorite country to tour was England. It was awesome getting to wake up every morning and know that I was wrestling that day. The first 11 days I was there I had 13 matches, and it was such a great experience. The crowds were also very similar to the ROH crowd, in that they were so appreciative of what we were doing. I can’t wait to go back!

Finally, have you got any words for the Ring of Honor fans?

I seriously can not say this enough. Thank you so much to each and every one of you who have supported me and Kyle. You guys have created so many moments in my life that I will never forget, and you make the ROH experience that much more special. Keep supporting us guys, we are so close to finally getting that big win, and getting to celebrate it with you guys will be awesome. Thank you for supporting me and Kyle, thank you for supporting ROH, and thank you for supporting pro wrestling!

We’d like to thank Adam once again for taking time out of his schedule to talk to us. You can keep up to date with him by following him on Twitter: @AdamColePro. You can also find his official website at AdamColePro.com

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