Exclusive Interview with Adam Pearce

We recently asked our followers on Twitter (@ROH_World) if they would be interested in interviews with some ROH alumni and the answer was a resounding yes! So here we are with our first of many more interviews with guys from Ring of Honor’s past. Adam Pearce is a man who had very little booking experience when he was given the job of head booker and was known more for his in-ring work beforehand. But he acclimatised well and held the position for almost two years before he and ROH parted ways due to a ‘difference of opinion’. We were lucky enough to get a quick interview with ‘Scrap Iron’, here it is:

ROH World – You’ve worked in a lot of different companies throughout your career, what makes ROH different?

Adam Pearce: The most passionate and rabid fanbase. Uniquely supportive and obsessed.

You had a great run in ROH inside the ring before becoming booker. What was your favourite match in ROH?

Death before Dishonor VI, losing the NWA title to Brent Albright. So much was right about that match.

When you were offered the book in ROH, did you have any reservations before accepting?

Sure, it was entirely new territory for me, and add onto that taking over for an ROH ‘icon’. Lots and lots of reservations.

What, in your opinion, are the key rules to successful booking?

Depends on your definition of success.

What was your favourite/least favourite angle you booked in ROH?

I don’t really have ‘favorites’ or ‘least favorites’. Everything we did was to try and make money for the company. Some worked brilliantly, others not so much.

Was it disappointing to be let go just before your 2nd anniversary as booker? What sort of things did you have planned for the future?

It was an interesting mix of disappointment and relief. Most of what I wanted to do ended up happening, and I’m personally happy about that.

Is there anything you regret during your time as booker?

Working with that locker room was a pleasure and an honor every day. In hindsight, I wish I’d have taken more time to tell everyone involved in what we did how much I appreciate them.

Do you think any type of ROH return for you is possible?

I’d welcome it with open arms. With the company sale, I’m not at all in tune with how the place is being run, and have no idea if that’s a possibility. I know they need a color commentator…

Finally, have you got any words for the Ring of Honor fans?

I just want them to know that I give them profound thanks for 5 great years. Without them, we have no ROH.

We’d like to thank Adam once again for the interview. You can catch up with Adam over on Twitter: @scrapdaddyap

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