Exclusive Interview with The Bravado Brothers

The Bravado Brothers are one of many great tag teams in Ring of Honor. They have been trying to make themselves a regular part of the ROH roster and it finally looks as if they have been able to achieve just that.

Their biggest victory in ROH has to be against the Briscoe Brothers whom they beat back in Richmond as part of the Tag Team Lottery. The Bravados would eventually lose in the final of the lottery to Future Shock.

With the backing of their Grandma, the Bravados have quickly put themselves in the ROH Tag Team shuffle and their bandwagon is gaining more fans every day. We were lucky to chat with the Bravados about that bandwagon and more, here it is:

ROH World – You’ve wrestled for other companies but what makes ROH different to all the rest?

Lance Bravado: To me the biggest difference between Ring of Honor and every other promotion in the North America is the Love that every Wrestler on the roster has for the Sport and the passion they bring every time they compete. Wether it be Grizzly Redwood or Davey Richards everyone leaves it all in the ring every night out.

What are your thoughts on Sinclair Broadcasting Group’s takeover of ROH?

Harlem Bravado: I don’t see it as a takeover because it has really been business as usual. SBG set us up with the tools that we will need to succeed, but they have left the Wrestling to the professionals.

Lance Bravado:
 I think it is the right step to push Ring of Honor to the next level. Any Promotion would love to have the ability to control their own broadcast and now that is exactly what we have.  Over the next several months everyone is going to see ROH transition from being a mostly regional Independently run promotion to a Nationally recognized brand. This will obviously take some time, but C.O.O. Joe Koff and the fine folks at Sinclair have done plenty of homework and know all the ins and outs of what it will take to make us a success.

Are you excited that you’ll be back on TV to showcase your talents?

Lance Bravado: Absolutely, this is going to be a huge deal not just for the Bravados, but for ROH. Some math was done and on September 24th when ROH debuts it will reach more people with one broadcast than ROH has if you combine all DVD sales, live attendance, and PPV buys ever. So to say we are excited would be an understatement.

Harlem Bravado: I am very excited that we will be able to preform on TV because Lance & I are perfect role models for the youth of America. We will get to lead by example with with our sportsmanship, politeness,  and manners that our Grandmother has instilled in us.

How do you think ROH’s tag team division ranks up against others across the world?

Lance Bravado: Unarguably Ring of Honor has the Best Tag Team division in North America, but I also believe it stacks up against any Tag Division in the World. Hopefully over the next year we will get to see more international competitors venture in to the ROH ring.

Harlem Bravado: The ROH tag division is the best is the best in the world hands down. You have the elite teams such as Worlds Greatest Tag team, All Night Expess, The Briscoes , and The Bravado Brothers. Add that with teams who have yet to reach their full potential like Future Shock & the Young Bucks and you are looking at a division head & shoulders above the competition.

What do you the Bravados bring to ROH that no other tag team does?

Lance Bravado: The most obvious answer would be class and sophistication, but stylistically we are different from most of the other teams as far as influence goes. Most of the wrestlers draw inspiration from a Japanese strong style. They try to prove their manhood every time they compete by giving and taking as much punishment as possible. We are very sure of ourselves and our manhood and chose to inflict as much punishment as possible without risking life and limb to do so.

Harlem Bravado:
 Lance & I are bringing “Honor” back to Ring of Honor. Just because you shake hands before a match doesn’t make you an honorable person.  Future Shock knocked my brother out, gave him a concussion, and still continued to pummel his lifeless body. Is that honorable? The Briscoes curse every other word while Rhett Titus & Kenny King brag about having premarital relations on a regular basis. It doesn’t get more dishonorable than that. If this is the perception of the ROH tag division then it needs a facelift. That is where the Bravados come in. As the leaders of the ROH revolution we are going to be the proverbial “poster children” that Sinclair Broadcasting wants for ROH.

You will be facing Future Shock and the Young Bucks at Death Before Dishonor IX, what are your thoughts on the two teams?

Harlem Bravado: My thoughts on both teams are the same. Too much too soon. Future Shock have been getting so many undeserved opportunities that should have been giving to us because we have earned them. For example, at Honor takes Center stage weekend we put In request to  face the Kings of Wrestling or the Briscoes. Instead these matches were granted to Cole & O’Reilly who couldn’t cash in on these opportunities and ended up losing both matches. When we were finally giving a shot at the Briscoes we came out victorious.

Then at Best in the World we challenged Future Shock to a Grudge match for almost ending Lancelot’s career. Unfortunately, that request was ignored and the match was giving to the Young bucks. The problem with that is they quit ROH about a year ago. Then they show back up and ate just a match they did nothing to earn.

Lance Bravado:
 Future Shock ( Adam Cole & Kyle O’Reilly) is a team we have become very familiar with over the last year. Individually they are two great competitors. Adam Cole has competed and held titles all over Europe and North America. Kyle O’Reilly is a fighter, a ferocious striker and he trains with Davey Richards, the ROH world champion, so you know he always brings his A-game.
We have fought all over the country. We have exchanged wins and yet somehow they seem to keep gaining the favor of the Ring of Honor office and we somehow have not. They have been on good run since they have became a team, but they have disrespected us and shown poor sportsmanship too many times for us to forgive. So at Death before Dishonor  we are looking to make an example out of them.

That leads us to the Young Bucks (Generation Me) one of the best young tag teams in the world to day. They have been successful in multiple promotion all over the world, but they have yet to find a place to call home. Well, Ring of Honor welcomes the best  and the brightest talents with open arms, but if they think they can come in and reestablish their names at our expense they are going to be in for a rude awakening.

A year from now I believe you will be able to look back at the match and pinpoint that this is the moment that lead one of these teams to Tag Team Gold and I believe that will be The Bravado Brothers.

Are you confident of a win?

Lance Bravado: I have never been so sure of anything in my life.

Harlem Bravado: Not only am I confident of a win, but we are coming to make a statement. We plan on eliminating both teams on our road to victory just so there is no doubt I. The ROH officials minds who the best young tag team in the world actually is.

Do you feel that ROH officials haven’t treated you with the respect you deserve?

Harlem Bravado:I feel like they have not up to this point, but after out dominate performance we are going to display at Death before Dishonor they will have no other choice than to start to put us in title matches and main events from here on out.

What are your goals in ROH as a team?

Lance Bravado: To be the Ring  of Honor world Tag Team Champions.

Finally, do you have any words for the Ring of Honor fans?

Bravado Bandwagon, our numbers are growing everyday. I’m sure you have all received your September news letters by now, but for everyone who has yet to sign up be sure to catch the debut of the new ROH TV show on September 24th and be sure to cheer us to victory by ordering Death Before Dishonor this Saturday night.  Let your voices be heard. This is our debut on I-PPV and it is long over due. Let’s make this the best selling iPPV yet to let everyone in ROH that you want The Bravado Brothers to get everything we deserve.

We’d like to once again thank The Bravados for taking the time to answer our questions! Be sure to follow them on Twitter @LancelotBravado and @HarlemBravadoNC!

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