Exclusive Interview with Grizzly Redwood

Grizzly Redwood is a well known name among the Ring of Honor faithful. Maybe not for his wins or championships but for his heart and competitive spirit. In a way, Grizzly Redwood embodies everything ROH stands for. Wrestlers of all shapes and sizes and we all know that Grizzly is the ‘Littlest Lumberjack’. Well liked in the locker room and an inspiration not just for fans but for his fellow wrestler. Grizzly might not win very many but he wrestles because he loves wrestling. We were extremely lucky to catch a few words with Grizzly, here is the interview:
ROH World – You’ve wrestled for other companies but what makes ROH different to all the rest?

Grizzly Redwood – The atmosphere at a ROH show is like nothing else at any other wrestling show. Match that with the hardest working locker room in wrestling and it’s just something special. I would call it unmatched passion all around.

– What are your thoughts on the Sinclair Broadcasting Group’s takeover of ROH?

I think anytime you can expose ROH to a larger fan base it’s a good move. The sale to SBG will allow Ring of Honor to be seen in more homes than ever before. Giving everyone at home a chance to see pro wrestling at its best.

– Are you excited that you’ll be back on TV to showcase your talents?

Absolutely, I can not wait to have the chance to wrestle for everyone watching at home. It’s a tremendous opportunity to be the only pro wrestling show on broadcast television and one that I can’t wait to take advantage of.

– What do you think you bring to the roster that nobody else does?

FLAPJACKS!!!!  Also, I do feel like I bring a very unique personality and style to Ring of Honor. Everything I do in the ring is very unique to me and that’s something I’m very proud of.

– You maybe don’t get as many wins as you’d like in ROH but does the fact that the fans still get behind you mean a lot?

It means more to me than I can put into words. Every time I step through the curtain I’m taken back by the reaction the ROH fans give me. I may be a bit heavy in the loss column but, I’m in there with the best pro wrestlers around…..I’m only going to get better. 

– Are you confident that the ‘Littlest Lumberjack’ can overcome the odds and become a national TV favorite?

I’ve been overcoming odds my entire life sir. I was never supposed to get this far and knowing that just makes me want to go further. The sky is the limit for “The Littlest Lumberjack”

– What are your goals for the future in ROH?

As thrilling as it is to be a part of ROH it’s not enough for me just to be here and be satisfied. I’m always looking to achieve more and that’s what I plan on doing.

– Finally, do you have any words for the Ring of Honor fans?

Keep on supporting Ring of Honor!!! ROH never would have made it this far without the support of the most passionate fan base in all wrestling. Keep on choppin.

We’d like to thank Grizzly once more for taking time out to answer our questions! You can follow what Grizzly is up to over on Twitter: @GrizzlyRedwood.

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Steven Coney

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