Exclusive Interview with Kenny King

Kenny King has been in Ring of Honor for three years now and is finally being recognised as one of the promotions top stars. King has a lethal mix of strength and athleticism that makes him a hard opponent to beat. He also forms one half of the All Night Express with Rhett Titus (read Titus’ interview here). They are yet to capture gold in ROH but have recently been involved in a bitter feud with The Briscoes. King alongside Titus will help ROH introduce itself to broadcast TV when ROH’s new TV program airs on 9.24.11. We were lucky enough to have a chat with Kenny, here it is:

ROH World – You’ve wrestled for other companies but what makes ROH different to all the rest?

Kenny King: I think there are two things that make ROH different. 1, we don’t stray from what made our sport great. Wrestling. Wrestling in itself is entertainment. Wrestlers who have mastered their craft and perform it at a high level is entertaining enough without having to add a lot of fluff and things that may confuse the fans. The second thing is our fans. The word rabid is a great way to describe them. During my try out period, listening to the sound of those fans banging guardrails, yelling and screaming is what made me say “I gotta work here”.

– What are your thoughts on the Sinclair Broadcasting Group’s takeover of ROH?

I believe its a great opportunity for a group of guys who have put their everything into this company. We now have an opportunity to be seen in front of more people than ever before. There seems to be a general feeling that wrestling is underachieving. We plan to fix that.

– Are you excited that you’ll be back on TV to showcase your talents?

I believe that TV is the only way to properly showcase my talents. Like I said, SBG has provided us with an amazing opportunity. Just like I became a star on HDNet, I’ll show the world what makes Kenny King a star on this program.

– How do you think ROH’s tag team division ranks up against others across the world?

While there are great tag teams in other promotions, There isn’t a focus on an actual division. In ROH we have 6 Tag Teams that can beat any of the others on any given night. These are some of the best wrestlers in the world competing against each other for a tag team championship that means a great deal. The ROH World Tag team champions can honestly say they are the best tag team in the world. 

– What do you and Rhett Titus bring to the tag team division that nobody else does?

In a word: Swagger. Rhett and I have a presence and a chemistry that you cant find anywhere else. When you hear our music hit you know you’re about to witness something special. On top of the fact that our athleticism is second to none. We pride ourselves on being just a little bit quicker and more precise than whoever we look across that ring at.

– What sparked you and Rhett to start putting business before pleasure? Are you glad you did?

It just came down to looking at where we were and if we were happy with that. Yeah, we pull women in every city. Yeah, we shut down the club where ever we go. We were doing all of that, but we didn’t have any belts, everybody was calling us unrealized potential. So we decided to show everybody what time it was. And since then win or lose we’ve smacked everyone in the mouth that’s stood in our way. 

– You’ve been involved in a bloody feud with The Briscoes and have deserved a victory over them on more than one occasion, how does it feel to have the fans backing you against a team that have been in ROH since day one?

The Briscoes are the standard. They’ve been around the longest, won the most championships, won the most wars. You can’t take that away from them. What you can take away, is class, decency, hygiene,and ironically, honor. These guys are sour because everybody is now talking about the ANX. How the ANX could be the biggest thing in ROH. They don’t like it one bit. They see us as how hot they used to be and wanted to take us out. What they have realized is that there is no punk in Rhett Titus or Kenny King and you will get your ass kicked coming at us. 

– How are you looking to resolve the Briscoes problem?

Violently. As you can see, the Briscoes aren’t much for conversation.

– Many people talk about Kenny King v Shelton Benjamin being a ‘dream match’, who would you like to face off against one-on-one on the roster and why?

Shelton is definitely a dream match. Our names have been linked for most of my career for obvious reasons, so I’d like to give myself a test and the fans what they want to see. I’d like to put my quickness up against Michael Elgin’s power. I would also like to get Claudio Castagnoli in the ring one on one. For myself and Rhett, after we win the tag belts, Id like to put them up against the American Wolves and see what they got.

– What are your goals in ROH for the All Night Express and yourself personally?

Gold. Tag first, then World title. I’ve been in ROH for 3 years now and it’s time to start sitting at the top of the heap.

– Finally, have you got any words for the Ring of Honor fans?

I want to thank all the fans the come to our live shows, buy our DVDs and iPPVs and support us in any way. Your energy is what keeps us going. You keep giving us your hearts and we will keep giving you our bodies. ANX For Life! 

We’d like to thank Kenny once more for taking time out to answer our questions and for being a fan of the site (his words!). You can follow what Kenny is up to over on Twitter:@KennyKingpinAnX.

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Steven Coney

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