Exclusive Interview with Kyle O’Reilly

Kyle O’Reilly is one of the brightest young wrestlers not only in Ring of Honor, but the entire wrestling business.

Kyle, along with Adam Cole, form Future Shock – an exciting tag team that have taken ROH by storm. They may not have gotten as many wins as they would like but they put on performances that made them firm fan favourites among the ROH faithful.

We have already interviewed Adam which you can see HERE, and now you can read his partners’ views below. He talks about their upcoming match at Death Before Dishonor IX later today, training with ROH World Champion Davey Richards and Future Shock’s future in the company. Here it is:

You’ve wrestled for other companies but what makes ROH different to all the rest?

Kyle O’Reilly: ROH is a place where pure wrestling still lives stronger than anywhere else. I’m able to wrestle with freedom and with passion more so than anywhere else I’ve ever competed. I’m proud to be a member of the hardest working roster in the sport.

What are your thoughts on the Sinclair Broadcasting Group’s takeover of ROH?

I think it’s an exciting time for everyone involved. Hopefully ROH keeps growing, gaining more and more well deserved exposure to the world.

What was the main reason you returned to ROH?

ROH is somewhere I’ve always wanted to be since becoming a professional wrestler in 2005. It’s been my goal to perform, grow and develop within this company so I feel extremely privileged to be given the opportunities I’ve been given.

Are you excited that you’ll soon be shown on TV around America and the World?

I just hope Adam Cole and myself keep getting to wrestle the best tag teams in the sport whether it’s on TV, house shows or iPPV.

What do you think you and Adam Cole bring to ROH that nobody else does?

I feel Adam and myself have a drive and passion unlike many other teams in wrestling. We’re both constantly striving to improve and enhance our ability as a tag-team.

How strong is the tag team division in ROH in your opinion?

ROH is home to the best tag division in wrestling. With teams like the Briscoes, the All night express, World’s greatest tag team, Kings of Wrestling, Young bucks, HOT, American Wolves, the list goes on and on. There’s so many fresh matches and talent amongst these teams, it makes for an undeniably strong division.

If you had to pick one tag team in the world to face, who would you choose and why?

I know both Adam and myself would like another crack at the American Wolves, that is one loss we’ve found hard to come to terms with and would like to avenge.

You will be receiving your title shot in St Louis in November, how excited are you for that?

Yeah, Our ultimate goal is to become ROH World tag team champions and we’re on the cusp of making history. Can’t wait!

Has the backing of the ROH fans helped you Adam improve in the company?

Feeling the vibe and energy from the crowd is always a positive thing and pushes you beyond the threshold of pain to new limits every time.

You’re training partners with Davey Richards, how much of an inspiration is he to you?

Davey is the hardest working wrestling in the sport. Training with him helps us both reach new heights of athletic prowess and I’m constantly finding myself motivated and inspired to improve.

Finally, do you have any words for the Ring of Honor fans?

Please keep supporting Ring of Honor and check out the iPPV Death before Dishonor this weekend from New York City!

We’d like to once again thank Kyle O’Reilly for taking the time to answer our questions! Be sure to follow him on Twitter for all the latest updates: @ROHOreilly. You can also follow his tag team partner, Adam Cole: @AdamColePro

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