Exclusive Interview with Prince Nana

Just over a month ago, the most famous faction in Ring of Honor history was reborn. Prince Nana announced that The Embassy would be returning to ROH.

Just a few months earlier, the group had disbanded as they failed to make an impact in ROH but Nana now thinks The Embassy is back and better than ever. “There’s lots more constructiveness versus our last run around. You gotta remember, I was not a part of the royal family for a very long time and had to rework the longevity of this faction. Thank god for Barrack Allabama!!”

Nana joined Ring of Honor in 2002 and in 2004 he started up the original Embassy. When asked about how much he enjoyed working for ROH, Nana said: “I enjoy just being a dominant factor in the overall character of the company. I’ve been with ROH since day one. I’ve seen it up down, inside out! And it’s one of the most non insulting to the intelligence type of product for true wrestling fans who admire the athleticism as well as the occasional entertainment. You idiot.”

There was a lack of success for Nana and his group though; the only gold they held was the ROH Pure Championship thanks to John Walters. Nana left ROH in September 2006 but he returned in 2008 and a few months later, The Embassy was back. The group had the likes of Claudio Castagnoli, Necro Butcher and Erick Stevens to name a few but again they failed to reach the level of success that Nana demanded.

In January of this year, Nana announced The Embassy were back. He was joined by R.D Evans, Ernesto Osiris and Princess Mia. He recently added both Tommaso Ciampa and Dave Taylor to bolster the ranks.

Nana has had the likes of Alex Shelley, Abyss and Shawn Daivari in previous versions of The Embassy, but would he consider bringing any of the ex-members back? “Jimmy Rave is very, very talented but something was holding him back. He’s definitely one of the best. I know he’s gonna kill me for the Necro gimmick! I also liked Joey Ryan after the first show we worked together.”

Although he is known best for his managerial talents in ROH, Nana is a trained wrestler; is there any chance of seeing him inside the ring? “I would say yes and no. I won’t let some punk come out of line and belittle me; therefore I’m still a dangerous man to most non wrestling personalities. Let’s put it this way; I can kick butt! But for now we will leave that to contracted talent in The Embassy.” So does he prefer managing to being in the ring himself?“I prefer being what I want to be! I’m all around talented in whatever I do.”

With this being the third formation of The Embassy, what does Nana hope this new and improved Embassy can achieve in Ring of Honor? “Championship belts number one. Number two, my athletes to be showcased internationally in film, TV and stage; look at Ciampa. And to also gain the seat they refuse to hand over me.”

The most impressive member of The Embassy so far has been Tommaso Ciampa. Nana introduced us to him on a recent episode of ROH on HDNet and he has had several impressive victories over the likes of Mike Sydal, Adam Cole and Grizzly Redwood. Why exactly did Nana bring Ciampa in to The Embassy? “He’s an Italian royal. He has also been very impressive on the east coast. He is the technical monster I’ve been in search of.”

Ciampa is in action this weekend when he faces off against Homicide on Saturday. Nana isn’t too fond of him and had this to say about “The Notorious 187”: “Scum bag. He’s a low life thug that’s got something real bad coming to him. He’s a guy I’ve wrestled before in ROH and I have a tremendous amount of respect for him. But Saturday will truly be a test he sure won’t forget taking, cause Ciampa has been waiting for this moment for a very, very long time. Homicide is a has-been, and it will be proven on Saturday night in Atlanta.”

The newest member of The Embassy is Dave Taylor. Taylor brings a wealth of experience to The Embassy, something which they were missing and Nana is pleased to have secured his services. “Dave has worked professionally for WWE, WCW and he has always been one of my favorites. I love the fact that he’s a royal and brings even more prestige to The Embassy. Should be fun to see him beat the heck out of Cabana.”

As Nana mentioned, Taylor makes his Ring of Honor debut on Friday night against Colt Cabana. Cabana just wants competition and he is sure to get it in the form of Taylor. Nana obviously doesn’t like Cabana, but why? “I truly have hate for him for many reasons; he’s just not impressive to me. I’m sick and tired of people tooting his toot. Dave will hopefully turn him into a mid-carder after this weekend, so my job is almost done with him.”

The Embassy is starting to take shape now but could maybe benefit from one or two more additions. It’s common knowledge that Nana is an Ashanti Prince and has the riches available to him to bring anybody into The Embassy. Is there anybody in ROH he’d like to sign? “For the first time, I’m interested in maybe working with an African American. Kenny King I think has grown into a serious competitor, and does great with his tag team as well. That’s a farfetched idea at the moment though.”

Finally, I asked Nana about his relationship with the Ring of Honor fans and if he would like to pass on a message. “It’s a love hate thing. In a way, because the way society is, I’m depicted as a mean person/dictator/thorn or whatever you want to say. But as a monarch of a forthcoming rebirth, it’s only my duty to serve the ROH fans and help them see the true light. But until the day they open their eyes, I will continue to fight to establish stability by getting rid of crap like “Poo Poo” Cabana.”

Steven Coney

"Stuff Pants" Steven is the co-owner and editor of ROHWorld.com. He founded the website in February 2011 with Harry. Last spotted trying to take down ROHCast with his SCUM faction.

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