Exclusive Interview with Rhett Titus

Rhett Titus has been a part of Ring of Honor for five years now and is finally looking like a star. It might have taken Titus a while but with his partner Kenny King, Titus helps form one of the best tag teams in ROH.

Titus started training at the ROH Wrestling Academy when he was just 17, how did he enjoy the experience? “Very Good. I’ll never forget my try-out to get into the school with CM Punk and a singapore cane swinging Samoa Joe. It was very intimidating for a 17 year old kid but I didn’t let it get in the way of my passion and I was the only one to make it through and into the school that day.”

For a while, Titus was seen as a bit of a joke character but has since proved all his critics wrong by putting on some brilliant matches. After working so hard to get into ROH, is he pleased to be a part of the company? “Very Pleased. I remember being a student watching the shows and just thinking to myself “Damn I’m never going to be able to perform on the level with these guys”. Well here I am and even though the guys who came before me have set the bar very high, I plan to take it to another level.”

Titus was the last holder of the ROH Top of the Class Trophy but received a lot of help from Austin Aries. How much does Titus owe to Aries? “I owe almost everything I know to Austin Aries. Not only was he a great teacher, trainer, mentor and friend but then later on a great manager and leader. It was pretty cool because all the stuff he taught me and told me about in training, I later got to be at his side and learn from him in the live shows. It kinda felt like graduate school of some sort being at his side through his big matches and being in big tag team matches with him. It always felt like a test and Mr. Aries always provided me with the answers.”

Titus and Kenny King were both singles wrestlers but started teaming together from time to time. They started making it a more permanent thing and that’s when the All Night Express was created. “Well we had been teaming for a while and were just known as Rhett Titus & Kenny King. We had a talk and realized every great tag team has had a tag team name and if ROH officials were to ever take us seriously and put us in high profile matches we needed a joint identity. The All Night Express was born.”

King and Titus have always been known for their partying. Recently though, King and “Addicted to Love” Rhett Titus have started putting their wrestling first and their parties second, has this helped them? “The ‘business before pleasure’ motto has really helped me out. I kinda would just throw the biz and the pleasure all into one and not think too much about it and was on the losing side more often than not. And now when I’m handling biz first and the partying later it has done a lot of great things for me.” Despite the improvement, some ROH fans still consider ANX as ‘prospects’, do they deserve more respect than that? “For sure! Kenny and I have been an active part on the ROH main roster for about 3 years now. Anybody who can keep and solidify their spot on the ROH roster for that long is a little bit more than a ‘prospect’.”

The All Night Express got their first shot at the ROH Tag Team titles at the ‘9th Anniversary Show’ when they took on The Kings of Wrestling. The Kings were the longest reigning Tag Team Champions in ROH history so are they the best team Titus has faced? “While I think both men are outstanding athletes and great wrestlers, I don’t believe that they are the best team that we have faced. Reason being they needed a loaded elbow pad to defeat us and when you’re “the best in the world” you shouldn’t have to resort to tactics like that.”

Titus and King rebounded from that defeat with a much needed victory over The Briscoes at Manhattan Mayhem IV. After the match though, The Briscoes attacked ANX and the two teams haven’t seen eye to eye since. They faced off in a very bloody fight at ‘Honor Takes Center Stage’ but this feud is far from over. Why did The Briscoes attack ANX? “I know the exact problem. Here is the Briscoe Brothers: ROH legends. They’ve been with ROH since day one. They have set the bar time in and time out when it has come to tag team wrestling not only in ROH but all of wrestling. Then here is the ANX, we’ve been coming up for the past few years and we’re now hungrier than ever. They see the changing of the guard happening right in front of their eyes.

“They were probably hit with a lot of emotions in NYC that night as not only did they lose to the ANX they also lost the fans. If I was them, I’d be pissed at us as well. We’re coming for their spot and they don’t want to give it up. But at the same time we’re not going to stop or hold back to get what we want.”

After their controversial loss to The Kings, will ANX be looking for another shot at the titles?“The ROH Tag Team titles never get off the ANX radar. That’s been the goal since day one but it appears that The Briscoes are standing between us and another shot at the belts. We beat them in NYC, they beat us in ATL. I can smell some rubber coming up and I ain’t talkin’ about the Magnums that Kenny King uses!”

There are so many good tag teams in Ring of Honor; ANX, The Kings of Wrestling, The Briscoes, new Tag Champions Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team, Adam Cole & Kyle O’Reilly and even The American Wolves. What are Rhett’s views on the Tag Team division in ROH? “ROH hands down has the best tag teams anywhere! Nobody can touch ROH when it comes to tag team wrestling. I was very disappointed watching WrestleMania this year and never mind there being no tag team matches, they didn’t even have the Tag Titles defended. But one thing is for sure, when you come to ROH you will see the best tag wrestling going today!”

Having faced so many brilliant teams in ROH, are there any teams out there that Titus would like to face? “I think an All Night Express vs a combo of the Midnight Express would be very cool. Watch as the old men turn into frogs come midnight and Kenny and Rhett do what we do best and that’s all night long!”

With tag team action firmly on Rhett’s mind, is there any chance we could see a Rhett Titus singles run in the future? “Rhett Titus started out as a singles wrestler as well as Kenny. We were two singles wrestlers teaming up to help each other get ahead. We still wrestle singles occasionally and we will continue to do so. But for now, sights are set solely on the ROH World Tag Team Titles!”

And finally, any words for the Ring of Honor fans? “Yes; I don’t have any form of Hepatitis! Thank you all for the support!”

Steven Coney

"Stuff Pants" Steven is the co-owner and editor of ROHWorld.com. He founded the website in February 2011 with Harry. Last spotted trying to take down ROHCast with his SCUM faction.