Exclusive Interview With Tommaso Ciampa

Tommaso Ciampa is slowly looking like he could become one of the most dominant forces in Ring of Honor. Ciampa has been in ROH for around two months and has yet to be pinned or submitted. “The Project” made his iPPV debut in Atlanta at ‘Honor Takes Center Stage’ where he defeated Homicide with help from The Embassy. The two will face off in a rematch at ‘ROH Revolution: USA’ and we were lucky enough to get Ciampa’s thoughts on this, The Embassy and his goals in ROH. Here is the exclusive interview:

ROH World – You’re relatively new to ROH, how have you enjoyed the experience so far?

Tommaso Ciampa: ROH is a dream come true!

– You’ve worked for a lot of different promotions, how does ROH rate alongside them?

ROH is in a league of their own. The talent in that locker room is so hungry and creative. When you are looking for the future stars of this business, you need to look no further than the ROH locker room. I imagine it has a similar feeling to that of the original ECW locker room years ago.

– You recently won the Super 8 tournament, are you confident that you can be successful in ROH too?

The Super 8 was a tremendous experience – one of many that I feel have prepared me for ROH. Over the last few years I have really felt myself developing as a professional wrestler and I have no plans to slow down any time soon.

– What are your goals in ROH?

My ultimate goal is to capture the ROH World Title. I realize this is a big statement, but there is no reason I cannot make it a reality. I feel that I have all the tools necessary – I can adapt and excel in all styles of wrestling and I have no problem backing it up on the mic. I think over time my intensity will set me apart in ROH.

– Is there anybody you’d love to face on the current roster?

Tons of guys! I would love to look across the ring and see guys like Claudio, Hero, Edwards, and Davey – just to name a few.

– If you could pick one guy from the current roster to join The Embassy, who would it be and why?

I think I would actually have to venture away from ROH for this one. I would love to see Bobby Fish join along with the Embassy. He is one of my best friends both in and out of the ring and I think our chemistry could lead us to both tag and singles titles in ROH. Not to mention he is an amazing talent.

– Prince Nana has a proven track record in ROH, was it an easy choice to make when he offered you a spot in The Embassy?

I have known Prince for a little over three years now. We first met when I worked a “pre show” match for ROH in Boston in 2009. We then both competed in the 2009 Super 8. Ever since meeting, Prince has been recruiting me for The Embassy – just waiting for the right time to strike.

– Do you think being a part of The Embassy will increase your chances of success in ROH?

Of course. Any time you are able to affiliate yourself with a proven manager like Prince your chances of success are elevated. Add along to it the vicious kicks of Mia, the brilliant mind of RD Evans, and the distractions of Ernesto – we can play the numbers game and we can do it very well.

– This weekend you face off against Homicide at ‘ROH Revolution: USA’, what are you thoughts on him?

Homicide was another victim of the numbers game in Atlanta, and I don’t predict anything being different this weekend. I have a feeling The Embassy may not be able to get rid of Homicide as easy as we had hoped. But in the same regard, I don’t think Homicide quite understands what he has gotten himself into. I think I am going to shock Homicide and a lot of the ROH faithful when I stand toe to toe with the infamous 187.

– Finally, have you got any words for the Ring of Honor fans?

I think the fans are going to be surprised by Project Ciampa more and more every time they see me. I have been doing this for nearly seven years now. With that said, the ROH fans have barely seen the tip of the iceburg with me. I earn respect everywhere I go, and that’s exactly what I plan to do in ROH. You don’t have to love me, but you will sure as hell respect me.

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